Sunday, 9 November 2014

Visits from Norway!

So last week my friend Hege came over from Norway to visit me. I always love to get company and she is a good one! She came on Wednesday evening so late that in reality, we didn't expect to be able to much that day. The day after Hege went in to the center of London while I went to school. We met up after school, went to the the chineese restaurant I like for dinner and walked around the town until we were pretty tired. We walked for a long time actually, before going back home and relax. On Friday our class had a gallery trip. I asked the teacher if Hege could come as well which was no problem. I actually really liked that gallery round, some galleries more than others of course, but found a new painter that I really like now: Jonas Burgert. After the gallery trip, we had an appointment to go on a Jack the Ripper tour that I had arranged since it was Halloween. We went to the Tower of London where we were supposed to meet, but we couldn't find our group. After a long time, trying to find out where they were we gave up and decided to do our own sightseeing. Then they called me and told me where they were! I'm super happy about that, 'cause it was really a lot of fun! We had a really good guide that was quite theatrical, who brought the Halloween spirit to us. We walked around the street and places that Jack the Ripper roamed, and at one point we even sat on a bench that was placed on top of where his 3rd known victim was found. Spooky! The dark alleyways was probably the places where I could imagine the time and era best. The above photo is one of these alleyways, where I'm posing like how the ladies of that time would do for the men passing by. After the tour, we decided to walk around the neighbourhood a bit more, before going home to watch a scary film...which we never did.

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