Sunday, 2 November 2014

London Comic Con!

Last weekend was a blast! I met the Rebel Legion UK and the UK Garrison for the London Comic Con! I met some of them the weekend before, when they had a troop at Heathrow hotel for some ill children, but this would be the first time I would troop myself. I had to get up really early 5:30 to be exact, and head towards the centre. I met up with another trooper at Waterloo train station, which was good, so that I could make sure I would find the place. We got to the ExCel event area and changed pretty fast so that we could be out in costume for the people in the line, getting in. I had my Padme Arena Battle outfit, as it is the one that takes the least space...go There was some really cool costumes from the UK Garrison an Rebel Legion UK! I spend the whole weekend at Comic Con, and even bought some really cool Rebel head phones! I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Daniel Radcliffe had passed our changing room on Friday and met the RL and 501st members that were there. I would have LOVED to be there then! Just to get a better idea of the great costumes and the SIZE of the con, I share this video with you! I'm at ca. 5:00

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