Sunday, 16 November 2014

Chaplin Tour!

So after all these tours...Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper...I was really happy to hear from a Norwegian friend of mine that he and his wife was coming for a short trip to London, and particularly to check our Charlie Chaplin sights. I'm a huge fan of Chaplin, so he invited me to come along. He had organized the whole route we should take and the sights and had it all under control, but we still had to find the places that to us Norwegian, seemed to look so much alike. All the houses have the same colour and sometimes it's difficult to separate one street from the other. Good thing he had a map. He had also printed out some photos of Chaplin when he visited there places himself at an old age. He wanted to re-create First place was where Charlie saw his father for the last time. Then we continued to the other locations which were a place he used to live and where his mother used to work when they were really poor. We had some trouble figuring out where this factory was. Now it seems, there's a film museum in the building, and in November there a Chaplin festival there. I might have to check that out. We then went to another house, where his father used to live, and where Charlie used to stand outside in the evenings looking at the street entertainers. We went to yet ANOTHER home after that. This one had some signs mentioning him, as well as a little garden plant dedicated to him. Strange. But kinda cute. We ended the tour with checking out the apartment where he was born (yes, they moved around a lot!), before heading towards the center for some shopping and a bite to eat. It was a really nice experience!

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