Monday, 10 November 2014

A walk down memory lane...

On Saturday, we went to Paddington station and Notting Hill. We went to what used to be The Hempel Hotel, where we met Michael Jackson in 2006. It was nice to be there, although it was under renovation, and we don't really know if it will have it's same look when it's done. It would have been nice to go inside the lobby, where we met him. We continued on towards the center, through Kensington Gardens first, to check out the Peter Pan statue and such. While stopping in Hyde Park for a snack, we saw a blonde woman on roller ski's. Hege and I spoke in Norwegian, and true enough, the woman HAD to be Norwegian too! No other people are crazy enough to ski all year around! We walked around the center for a while. Visited the Disney store, a horrible Chinese restaurant, and ended up trying something called "Bubble Tea". I've heard people talking about if ever since I came here, and so felt the need to test it out. I went for a simple flavour; mint chocolate. I absolutely HATED it. There is nothing I enjoy about it, and least of all the disgusting little balls of whatever it is inside, that makes you feel like your sucking up bunny poo through a straw. No thanks.

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