Sunday, 5 October 2014

Merry Christmas!

I think I write a blog entry about this every year. THIS year Christmas has really started too early. Again. But I mean...TOO EARLY! I started noticing some Christmas cards, small stuff creeping into the stores in late August already. I thought "can't be" and sort of ignored it, like a nagging child. Doesn't deserve my attention I thought. But oh boy did that release the fury! Christmas is now everywhere! Advent calendars, chocolate, gift wrapping paper, tree decorations and signs saying "make sure you get it all in time"! I've even seen a TV commercial already! IT'S THE BEGINNING OF OCTOBER! The funny part is that I've talked to some people working in the stores here about it, and all of them are really disgusted by it. Everyone is, even those who love Christmas. It's funny how the big businesses are shoving Christmas down your throat, and we buy it, grabbing on to ANYTHING that will give us that warm Christmas feeling and spirit we crave for. Ironic. They are the ones who are taking it away from us. Only to sell it back for profit.

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