Friday, 17 October 2014

Freshers week!

Freshers week is the first week of University, where we have a lot of social things going on and get to meet other students. It was a really cool week, although I didn't participate in all the events as they are all optional. I think some of my favourite things to attend was the "Make your own perfume" event and the "Global Day". For the first, I went to a UAL college in the center to be part of this, where we would learn about perfume and try out some typical scents before making our own. Naturally, being the perfume fan that I am, I had to be there. It was really cool. The teacher managed to make it interesting, eventhough there was quite a bit of history involved. In the very end, we got a lot of small bottles with typical pre-blended bases to mix together. I ended up with a pretty sweet but fresh summer scent. The Global Day was actually on Monday this week. It was organized by the Student Union and was supposed to be sort of a small get together/festival celebrating the diversity of the students of the University. There was a Caribbean Society booth, a Indian booth, an Islamic Society booth and some fun things your could to. I was a bit disappointed by how small it was, I had hoped it would have more countries represented and be bigger in general. There was some cool food and drink from the different countries though, and the pizza served at the end made it all worth it. But the best part of the evening was that I made a bunch of new friends! After the event we were group of 2 Japanese, 2 South Korean, 1 Russian student and myself heading for the pub to hang out. Lots of fun, and totally worth checking out the social events only for that!

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