Friday, 17 October 2014

School projects are finally happening!

I think the first week has been a bit exhausting for all students. Lots of information and no creativity. This week we finally got our first project. It's quite elaborate, and being an artist who doesn't do a lot of sketching before starting on the piece, this will be a big learning experience. We have spent a couple of days "drifting" around London to take in the city and make it inspire us. Now for some research on psychogeography, which is the theme of the project. It's very interesting, but something new to me, so I find myself reading the brief over and over again to make sure I got it right. I think also the freedom we have, might actually confuse me a little, as I know it has done with other classmates as well. But tomorrow it's time for sketching!

Freshers week!

Freshers week is the first week of University, where we have a lot of social things going on and get to meet other students. It was a really cool week, although I didn't participate in all the events as they are all optional. I think some of my favourite things to attend was the "Make your own perfume" event and the "Global Day". For the first, I went to a UAL college in the center to be part of this, where we would learn about perfume and try out some typical scents before making our own. Naturally, being the perfume fan that I am, I had to be there. It was really cool. The teacher managed to make it interesting, eventhough there was quite a bit of history involved. In the very end, we got a lot of small bottles with typical pre-blended bases to mix together. I ended up with a pretty sweet but fresh summer scent. The Global Day was actually on Monday this week. It was organized by the Student Union and was supposed to be sort of a small get together/festival celebrating the diversity of the students of the University. There was a Caribbean Society booth, a Indian booth, an Islamic Society booth and some fun things your could to. I was a bit disappointed by how small it was, I had hoped it would have more countries represented and be bigger in general. There was some cool food and drink from the different countries though, and the pizza served at the end made it all worth it. But the best part of the evening was that I made a bunch of new friends! After the event we were group of 2 Japanese, 2 South Korean, 1 Russian student and myself heading for the pub to hang out. Lots of fun, and totally worth checking out the social events only for that!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Merry Christmas!

I think I write a blog entry about this every year. THIS year Christmas has really started too early. Again. But I mean...TOO EARLY! I started noticing some Christmas cards, small stuff creeping into the stores in late August already. I thought "can't be" and sort of ignored it, like a nagging child. Doesn't deserve my attention I thought. But oh boy did that release the fury! Christmas is now everywhere! Advent calendars, chocolate, gift wrapping paper, tree decorations and signs saying "make sure you get it all in time"! I've even seen a TV commercial already! IT'S THE BEGINNING OF OCTOBER! The funny part is that I've talked to some people working in the stores here about it, and all of them are really disgusted by it. Everyone is, even those who love Christmas. It's funny how the big businesses are shoving Christmas down your throat, and we buy it, grabbing on to ANYTHING that will give us that warm Christmas feeling and spirit we crave for. Ironic. They are the ones who are taking it away from us. Only to sell it back for profit.

Finally enrolled to University!

Last week, after a lot of fixing papers and such details, I got enrolled to the University of the Arts London! But not without new problems. Simo and I showed up at the Chelsea College of Arts in the morning, and I went for enrollment. There were a lot of students there naturally, and all seemed a bit unsure and lonely in the moment. As soon as it was my turn the bad news came. I needed a paper (that I didn't have) to prove that I had applied for scholarship. They were already dismissing me, asking me to come back the week after. After so many minor things going slow during this long process, I really pushed. In the end the guy that was enrolling me was really nice and took the (over)time to go a bit of a different route to get it all done. I am now happy to say that I'm a student again!

Kew Gardens!

So Simo and I decided to check out one last garden, a little bit outside the center of London. We didn't really know much about it, only that we had to take the train there. When we arrived to the area it was super cozy; small shop and sort of calm compared to the city. The only weird thing was that it was so close to the airport that the planes were landing nearby and making a racket every 10 minutes or so. We had a drink before we went to the gardens. To our (especially mine) huge disappointment you had to pay to get in, and not a small price either; 16 pounds! I almost didn't want to go in then, but Simo sort of "made" me by paying for me. I guess I can be a bit cheap that way. And I'm really glad he did. It was really nice. We went for a walk all around the garden, which is huge, before we went to a high walk way over the trees where you could see all over the park. After that we went to the palace, that I didn' know was there! That was a really nice surprise as I love history, art and all that kind of things! We went inside and checked out all the rooms, the kitchen and servants quarter. Although this is a really small palace from royal standards, that was part of the charm really. The garden was also really nice, with interesting details like a statue of the devil. After a long day already, and no food, we went to the cafe/restaurant in the park. I have to say that that was a really big disappoinment. Really cold service, too expensive, noisy and dirty inside. Didn't impress me much. We headed to our last stop before leaving the park; the huge greenhouse holding rare and exotic plants as well as a small aquarium on the lower floor. All in all it was really worth the trip. And maybe even the price.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Museums and walks.

On the 23rd we went to the Natural History Museum. It's one of those type of museums I always like to visit wherever I go. This place looked like it was taken out of Harry Potter and it was so cool! There was lots of interesting things to check out from dinosaurs, weird marine animals to how the body work. It was a really awesome place and I highly recommend it, especially if you have a children with you. After the museum we did some more sightseeing around the place and passed Royal Albert Hall amongst some places. We ended up around Kensington Gardens again and decided to grab something to eat before going home. Another successful day.

Arrived in London!

Again the blog hasn't exactly been a priority to be for the last few weeks as I have been moving to London. I will try to write some blog posts about the different things I've done so far here. So on the Sunday 21st of September Simo and I arrived in London pretty early. We took the day to check out the neighbourhood around my school and just relax and take it easy. Since Simo hasn't been here in many years we decided to spent the time he's here on some sightseeing. As I'm kind of a Peter Pan fan and Simo loves gardens and parks, we spent the Monday in Kensington Gardens. We first saw the Kensington Palace, which is a place the royalty still likes to hang out in, especially Kate I hear (oh yeah, I'm SO into the royalty...not). It was very nice with a museum inside. But the garden of course is the thing. We worked ouselves down to the Peter Pan statue. It's beautiful, with faeries and things going on everywhere, and of course Wendy and Tinkerbell. I can really see this garden being inspirational for J.M Barrie, the writer of Peter Pan. After checking out the statue, we continued down to Hyde Park aad beyond. A whole day on nature on a very noisy and busy city. Lovely.