Monday, 8 September 2014

I've been holding a secret... I'm not pregnant! Which it seems like is the only secret a woman can hold sometimes. No, this one is about education. I have been accepted in to the University of the Arts London for their Bachelor of Fine Arts programme in Painting. I haven't written about my applyind and planning for school in this blog, because I somehow would like to keep that kinda thing to a select few until I get in. I applied to 5 schools this year and this one was the one I was really hoping to get in to, so I'm very happy about that. So I will be moving to London for at least 3 years for my BA and the get the Masters when I'm done - God knows where. I realized that i order to do the kind of art and be the artist I would like to be, I needed education. At least in Scandinavia that kind of thing is very black and white unfortunately. But you can never learn enough anyway.

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