Thursday, 4 September 2014

Broken and repaired!

OK, so lots of things has happened lately and I haven't even told you about it! Last weekend, on Friday, my friend Hege ccame to visit me from Norway. I was pretty much cleaning the whole day, and probably half an hour before she arrived I kicked my living room table so hard that I broke my little toe! We have all kicked a corner of something and can relate to the pain - but this was so painful that I couldn't stop crying. As soon as Hege arrived, we decided that I should go to the emergency to check it out. So it seemed that my toe was really broken and they gave me a pair of crutches to use for a while. They also told me that it shouldn't take more than 3 weeks to get well as the bones are so small and easily repaired. If this would be all, and I could be home and rest there would be no problem really, but that day (and the reason why Hege came over) was Michael Jackson's birthday, and Hard Rock Cafe in Helsinki had organized a party that evening. Not going there was not really an option as we had been looking forward to this for a long time. So we limped our way over to Hard Rock Cafe to meet our fellow MJ friends. So we ate a dinner at the restaurant which was a little disappointing to be honest. Really high prices and very mediocre food. The good thing though was that the Coca-Cola was refill as any times as you wanted. I really took advantage of that for real. They played a lot of MJ music videos on the screens and even had a band playing his music in one part of the restaurant. When we finished our meal, there was a look-alike competition over at the stage and bar area which was really fun to watch. During the evening there were several bands and singers doing some Michael songs, and I don't know if it was the way the sound was rigged or what, but it seemed like they were all singing a bit off key. There was one band called Lee Angel that were absolutely amazing though! I remember saying to a friend "they have long hair. They GOTTA be good!" And I was right. They sang "Ain't No Sunshine" from Michael was little and it blew my mind. When the musical entertainment was over it was time to end the night with watching the Dangerous Tour in Bucharest on the big screen there. A really cool celebration, that I hope they would do next year as well.

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