Saturday, 13 September 2014

Robin Williams speed painting video... finally up on YouTube. But you can watch it here.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Robin Williams painting is finished!

I am finally able to show you my new Robin Williams painting here. I'm very proud of this one, and I will definitely do more stuff in this style in the future! Enjoy! Video will be up soon!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

My poor sick puppy...OK, computer!

And right now, when I had so many interesting updates - finally, to share with and all! No, truths, my computer has been acting kinda badly for a while. It's been shutting off all of a sudden by itself, overheating and in general prved to be a pain in the ass. It's not old either, not even two years, but for some reason it's suicidal. So i had a 3 year deal with the place I bought it from that I can deliver it there to get it cleaned. I also bought an external hard drive that I will move most of my stuff to soon. So Simo and I delivered the computer to Gigantti last week for a little health check. Luckily, I must say, both of us got sick right after, so the seperation anxiety hasn't been too bad...whenever I wanted to surf I've been using my iPad which i rarely so, since I "only" use it as my art portfolio and tool. So anyway, that is the reason why the last few updates is without any pictures. I haven't firgured out how to add them here with my iPad yet Tomorrow i will pick up my computer, and then I have some nice things toshare with you.

IELTS test.

So the big day of the IELTS test had arrived! I am normally so nervous to get too late to things like thiso I got up early and arrived at the school it was helt at in good time. Of course then you have to wait for a while too, but that's worth it. The test started at 10.00 and there were lots of nervous people waiting. We had to leave all our belongings (they were super strict) in a locked room before waiting to go in to the class rooms. We were then plit into two groups and let it where the test was held. Very formal. First was the listening test. Easy at first, but to the end of it quite difficult. I heard later on that many people had trouvle with this one. We had to listen to a conversation and answer questions about it. They were speaking so fast that it was difficult to keep up. Let's see how that went. That's the one I'm most worried about. Then was the reading test. Kinda the same; we read a text and had to answer questionns. Some of them felt like trick questions, but I think that one went well. At the end was the writing test. We got two topics that we needed tl write about. The topics in itself sas not really things I knew about, but since that's not really the point, but the spelling, I rambled on. I think that went well. I've practised rambling on in here. ;)

IELTS Speaking Test.

The day after I came back from London I had a English test that all International students have to go through if they get into a University in England. I was lucky to find out that the part of the test that was speaking sas on a different day as the rest as I didn't know that before just a few days before going to London. So I went to the Finnbrit office in Helsinki to take the test. Since I've spoken English as my main language for the last 11 years now, I wasn't very nervous, but I got a little surprised by the questions the interviewer asked me. She opened the interview with just normal questions about me and asked me if there was something that I do ib life that is good for me, like a hobby or something. I said the gym, and she asked ne a buch of questions about health, health in politics, what shoes I wear etc. It was a bit odd, but actually also really fun! I felt like the speaking test went really well. Let's see about the rest the day after...

I got an idea...

...of the eare of while I'll live in in London for 3 years now. I'm very happy (and lucky) with the appartment, and I just love the area! We spent the last day here with walking it a bit more, checking out some stores and things. Found a really nice organic restaurant and some cool galleries, as well aswhat will be my local gym and cinema just around the corner. I feel a bit more ready to start my new studies here now.

Strolling around my new town.

I hoped to be able to check out my school while we were in London, but alas - there was no time for the people there as it's in the end of the year for the Masters students. So we decided to use our days sightseeing instrad, which I don't really mind. Mammy and I went to the British Museum, something I have always dreamt of as I am a huge museum geek! I was a bit disappointed though, because they were saying that they had 8 mummies on display. I am also a huge ancient Egypt geek and was of course thriller to see some dead corpsesn display. To my great sadness though, they were all wrapped and I couldn't see their beautiful faces. Wedidn't stay so long as we were both really hungry. We went on a restaurant hunt around the area and ended up in a really noisy place that was supposed to be Spanish, but served mostly pasta. Mammy was unfortunate to get a glimpse of the disgusting kitchen while going to the barhroom (yes it was directly and smelly on the other side of it) and OFF WE WENT, to search for another place. After a bit of searching we found a really nice Chinese restaurant that was clean and inviting. And lots of Asian people! That must be a good sign! Full and content, we decided to go wherever the road would take us and ended inside another museum: The National Portrait Museum. Really cool. When it closed we took in the architecture and art all around us and found...BIG BEN! I didn't care about the huge blister I had on my foot (the other side of the SAME foot that had a broken toe), I just had to take some pictures and walk around the area a bit. After realizing it was time to get back home we hit the metro and ended a nice evening with some indian left overs.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Hello London!

So last Monday Mammy (my granmother) and I went to London to check out a potential appartment for my year of studying art. I have only been in London once before - in 2006 when Hege and I went to see The World Music Awards and gor do lucky as to meet Michael Jackson twice! We arrived at Gatwick airport, me, limping on one crutch...getting all the benefitsof being...well, severely injured. The customs and all wnet quick and I was delighted to have the chance to explain to my granmother what they were doing to her luggage after watching hours of airport security reality shows while painting. We arrived to the appartment after a trainride from the airport that wasn't too complicated at all. The appartment was perfect; 12 minutes from the school and on the other side of a big grocery store, cinema and gym. Lots of nice restaurants too, like Indian which we got to experience that evening. And although it's expenisive to live in London, the food is pretty cheap. At least for a Norwegian.

I've been holding a secret... I'm not pregnant! Which it seems like is the only secret a woman can hold sometimes. No, this one is about education. I have been accepted in to the University of the Arts London for their Bachelor of Fine Arts programme in Painting. I haven't written about my applyind and planning for school in this blog, because I somehow would like to keep that kinda thing to a select few until I get in. I applied to 5 schools this year and this one was the one I was really hoping to get in to, so I'm very happy about that. So I will be moving to London for at least 3 years for my BA and the get the Masters when I'm done - God knows where. I realized that i order to do the kind of art and be the artist I would like to be, I needed education. At least in Scandinavia that kind of thing is very black and white unfortunately. But you can never learn enough anyway.

Friday, 5 September 2014

"Hook" movie night.

Last Sunday I had arranged to have a movie night showing "Hook", the movie that made me a "fan" of Robin Williams. Our movie club started early, since Hege had to leave in the early afternoon. Although she had seen it before, I thought it was nice to show it while she was still here. So the girls came around 12, and we managed to start the movie around 13.00 with the help of some dark sheets over the bright light through the windows. As expected, there were a few tears at the end of the movie, but I have to say that it was a perfect end to a really nice weekend with friends.

More celebration!

So last Saturday was another day of celebration Michael Jackson, as Hege and I headed to the center to meet up the other MJ fans for the annual birthday picnic at Suomenlinna island. We went to have a little Chinese food (SO back to the 80's!) before frantically limping our way to the harbour just in time to make the boat over to the island. We met old and some new fans, some very young, which I think is always nice. It's also really refreshing as an old fan to see the sparkle in their eyes when they talk about Michael. Ah, those were the days. After hanging or at the island for a while, Hege and I had to do some shopping before the stores closed so we headed back to shore, before meeting our friends again later for a drink and a good time. As always a wonderful day to celebrate the King of Pop!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Broken and repaired!

OK, so lots of things has happened lately and I haven't even told you about it! Last weekend, on Friday, my friend Hege ccame to visit me from Norway. I was pretty much cleaning the whole day, and probably half an hour before she arrived I kicked my living room table so hard that I broke my little toe! We have all kicked a corner of something and can relate to the pain - but this was so painful that I couldn't stop crying. As soon as Hege arrived, we decided that I should go to the emergency to check it out. So it seemed that my toe was really broken and they gave me a pair of crutches to use for a while. They also told me that it shouldn't take more than 3 weeks to get well as the bones are so small and easily repaired. If this would be all, and I could be home and rest there would be no problem really, but that day (and the reason why Hege came over) was Michael Jackson's birthday, and Hard Rock Cafe in Helsinki had organized a party that evening. Not going there was not really an option as we had been looking forward to this for a long time. So we limped our way over to Hard Rock Cafe to meet our fellow MJ friends. So we ate a dinner at the restaurant which was a little disappointing to be honest. Really high prices and very mediocre food. The good thing though was that the Coca-Cola was refill as any times as you wanted. I really took advantage of that for real. They played a lot of MJ music videos on the screens and even had a band playing his music in one part of the restaurant. When we finished our meal, there was a look-alike competition over at the stage and bar area which was really fun to watch. During the evening there were several bands and singers doing some Michael songs, and I don't know if it was the way the sound was rigged or what, but it seemed like they were all singing a bit off key. There was one band called Lee Angel that were absolutely amazing though! I remember saying to a friend "they have long hair. They GOTTA be good!" And I was right. They sang "Ain't No Sunshine" from Michael was little and it blew my mind. When the musical entertainment was over it was time to end the night with watching the Dangerous Tour in Bucharest on the big screen there. A really cool celebration, that I hope they would do next year as well.