Monday, 14 July 2014

Stevie Wonder concert!

When Hege, Laura and I went to the Aerosmith concert, we saw that Stevie Wonder was gonna come to Helsinki in July for a festival. I was sad that I couldn't afford it at that time, and Hege gave me the wonderful birthday gift of a ticket! I was so happy as he is one of the very few artist that I have on a very short list of who I want to see live in concert. And I wasn't disappointed... As you might see on the picture, we were pretty far in front and saw very well. We were lucky enough that be able to get that spot, when people moved around a lot during the shows - it was a festival. Of course the other bands where more like warming up bands for Stevie Wonder. The area had lots of food and stuff and it was pretty nice actually. I haven't stood at a concert for years (because I'm so short), but this was no problem. I think also the crowd was mellow although very excited also. Stevie was in a really good mood, cracking lots of jokes and messing with us. It was fun how he made us his "Stevie Wonder Choir of Helsinki" and a lot of the concert was sing a long. That made it very personal and he had a great way to connect with his audience. It was very interesting to see him move and how he gets around on stage without help. A few times he needed it, but his whole face changed when he had to get from A to B and you saw his concentration. He did all his big hits of course, and even some other songs not of him, which I think is really cool. It was definitely a night that I will never forget!


  1. YEY!! :) I will also write something about the concert in my blog (when I have time, have A LOT to do after our wedding last Saturday), but when I write something, can I put a link to your blog, so people can also check this out? :)