Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sightseeing in Nice!

We headed out the second day of being in Nice, and although the most common way to go would be to the left out the front door, towards the beach, old town and markets, we went up towards the real city, to the right. I had been to these museums before and thought I could lead the way. We started by visiting a really beautiful church on the way. Then we continued, walked under the reailroad tracks and got lost in the reality of a town and it's streets. After a Coke and some guidance from a nice shop owner, we were on the correct route again and headed towards the Chagall Museum. I got a really nice surprise when I got in for free because I'm an artist. It was so hot (37 C) that when we arrived we headed strait to a cool cinema in the museum, showing a documentary about Chagall. The exhibition was really nice. Although it's not completely my cup of tea, I can really appreciate his boldness for colour. After we had gone through the whole museum we went to the small restaurant in the garden there for lunch. We continue on our route and ended up at the Matisse and Archaeological Museum a little higher up. We first went to see Matisse, and quite frankly, none of us were very impressed (thank God it was free admission!). We felt the need to cool down our disappointment and took a drink at a small cafe on the site. We went on with the sightseeing by checking out the archaaelogical museum which was some buildings, mainly a small amphi theatre and bath house left there by the Romans a long time ago. It was actually a really cool sight, and I highly recommend it. With good weather and some cool lighting it also a perfect place to take some good photographs. The theatre arena was small, but very cool. When we were ready to leave, we took the opportunity to explore the streets a little before heading home. We were pretty high up as we saw, and so we walked towards the harbour a little to check out an area we hadn't been to. We got so tired in the end by the heat and such a busy day, that we ended up having a drink at a cafe there before heading home.

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