Thursday, 10 July 2014

Legoland Day 2.

So day 2 had begun and we met up a little bit later. This day was as hot as the one before, but it seemed a bit more flexible somehow. I noticed that my hair gave me a little bit of a heatstroke and I had to take many breaks today. The day started out in the park though, at the entrance with Leia among others. Since this was the day we were gonna leave back home, it was in a way a bit stressful. Every year I have left on the Monday after, but this time we had hired a car for Sunday. So I took it a bit easy this day and tried to rest a bit in some shadow when I felt tired from the sun. This was also a good time to get some cool pictures taken. As I was hanging with my squad in the park, we all decided that we needed to check out some of the rides before it was too late. We took the new ghost house (which wasn't very scary), and some other minor rides. Hanging in the lines with surprised kids is always the best! At one point one of the guys working on the ride got so exhited he jumped into the ride and joined us! We had to leave around 16.00. We quickly said our goodbyes and were on our way back to Copenhagen airport. We didn't stop much on the way back, as I in particular didn't want to risk being late too much. We arrived in good time, and I even had some time on the airport. Again a really cool year at Legoland! Can't wait for next year, and possible new costumes?

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