Thursday, 10 July 2014

Legoland Day 1.

After a short sleep we got up for the early meeting in the big tent on the Legoland grounds. Breakfast, a brief meeting and changing into our costumes as a yearly ritual before hitting the park. This year it was really hot, and first I thought I had done a big mistake bringing the Packing Gown costume. In the end, it wasn't the costume in itself that was the worst heat source, but the HAIR. Once the day started, I discovered that this year was really packed! Lots of people and lots of fun! And of course lots of wonderful costumes! We even had a Luke Skywalker this year! The troop went well, although in my opinion, we had a too tight schedule this year. We were set to troop and be out and about pretty much all the time, except for our lunch time and some time to change and things. I was hoping to be able to take some rides and things, but we didn't really have the opportunity. I understand that we're hired by Legoland and getting free stay and food, but after all, we all have to get there, pay for our own transport etc. My friend Anna (who's Leia) and I decided to take a break and grab an ice cream though. That was a good idea as it was so hot. Unfortunately I can't really take all my costume off though, like my hair, because it takes so long to get back on, so I got quite a few looks in the ice cream line... After the troop, we all headed back to our cabins and changed before heading up to the Castle for our annual dinner there. I decided to wear Black Milk Artoo dress (naturally) and since they always proudly say that ANYONE can wear their clothes, Nicky, decided to do just that! It was of course all quite entertaining.

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