Thursday, 10 July 2014

Daytrip to Monaco!

We decided early on that we would take the bus ride costing 1.50 Euro to Monaco. You can't miss that can you? We got up early on the 25th of June and went towards the bus station, grabbing breakfast nearby and on the go. The bus station was PACKED. We actually didn't get on the first bus and so we waited for the next. When we were in the line and almost entering the bus, some rude guy came sneaked in front of us. I said to him to move and kinda made a deal about it (all people were irritated by it) and he completely ignored it. When he was going to get on the bus, there were travel guides of some sort there for questions and such, and I told them he was sneaking. It because a big deal and they stood arguing with him for quite a while until he got to the back of the line. We sat down and as the people got on and we looked outside, we saw that the he did the same thing again. Of course nobody did anything, and this time he got on. Oh, and sat down next to us. Aaaaakward... So the trip to Monaco was really nice. Lots of nice scenery and nature. It was a little bit difficult to know when to get off so we went a bit too far and had to walk a bit back by the road and the beach, something I didn't mind as I like to walk and see things. After checking the water temperature on this small beach, we continued walking and found a much bigger one where there were restaurants and small shops. We had a tasty luch there - chevre salad, and got the first shock of the prices. But then again - not worse than Norway really. We continued on our journey, and the closer we got to the center of Monte Carlo, the more shocked we were by it's appearance. It was messy - buildings being build everywhere, and not it it's right place it seemed. Lots of expensive designer stores everywhere, and ugly dirty high buildings in the mix of it. The ghetto meets Dior. Everywhere. The only place that looks nice was the royal palace on the hill and that's where we headed. Up there it was green and flowery...and clean. We checked out the palace and the "old town" that was similar to the one in Nice, but MUCH more touristy, with t-shirts and fridge magnets. We headed to the Oceanographic Museum. It cost 14 Euros to get in. It was pretty cool to see, but I wasn't very impressed with the small space the animals seemed to have. In Monaco, I expected more. Don't know why really. We decided to head home. We found the bus stop, and again the bus was so full that we didn't get a spot on it, so we had a drink at the cafe next to it before getting a place on the next one. All in all an interesting day, and don't regret it, but I don't think I will go to Monte Carlo again. Not impressive.

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