Saturday, 21 June 2014

Legoland Day 0.

A little bit late blogpost again, but I've been working very hard on a painting lately for a deadline. But anyways...last weekend was the yearly troop at Legoland in Denmark, and like every year so far, I had so much fun! I was a little bit worried about my cold, since I've been so much sick lately, so I decided to bring my Packing Gown costume in stead of the Arena Battle outfit that I've had before. The Packing Gown is always nice and snug and a perfect outside costume in my opinion. But of course, the weather had to be the best we've ever had this year, and so I was pretty hot - you know, warm. most of the time. But better that way that cold anyway. But first things first...the day before, I arrived in Copenhagen at around 8:00 after deciding to spend the night at the airport in Helsinki, since my flight was so early anyway. I don't mind, I got to finish a boring book I wouldn't have otherwise finished (The Kite Runner). I met up with my friends and fellow travel mates Nicky and Mathias and we picked up the car we had hired from Avis. I was the only one with a drivers licence (as usual) and so I have to admit that I was pretty spooked in the beginning by this car, that felt more like a rocket ship than anything else...seriousely, I almost didn't have to do ANYTHING to drive this thing! At some point it almost got to be a problem, as I was so bored and got so tired that we had to pull over for a espresso and ice cream. Arriving in Legoland after a few hours, we got into out cabin. Then I joined the very eager group of troopers that were walking around the park and hotel/restaurant areas to promote the Star Wars weekend to come. After the small troop we all went to a restaurant and ordered some ribs and things and went back to the cabins to eat. The food was so-so, but good enough. Of course the company was even better.

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