Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Impetigo fun!

So I noticed already when I went to Trondheim that I had gotten "bitten" on my collarbone by an insect while taking a walk in the forest. It just got worse and worse and it seemed I had a terrible reaction to it. After thinking that it surely had to go away at some point it was so bad that I decided to go to the doctor. They told me I had Impetigo. I've never had it before and I was like "what"? I returned with antibiotics, patched, cream, medical tape and bandage and have been living on this for almost a week. It seems like it's getting much better now and I can sort of get my life back *dramatic*. I'm just lucky I didn't get it in my face, where you usually get it.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Late birthday.

The 19th was my birthday, and I didn't really have a good day. I slept really long and felt ill and low energy from the moment I got up. It didn't help that I felt sort of unimportant and as if it was just an ordinary day, one that I spent most of my time in front of the TV. I decided to get out of the house and meet my friend and that made me feel bit better. We ended up watching "Saving Mr. Banks", which was a really sweet film. Yesterday was a much better day though. I felt a bit better and I went for a long walk with my friend. Then I handed over my painting "Kjersti and Cha" to the owners who was very happy. Then I had a nice surprise, which was my friends man who is a chef make me a special dinner to celebrate my birthday! He had gotten oysters for me which is one of my favourite things to eat! So I had a really nice late birthday dinner!

Home again.

Sunday trooper blues had arrived and it was time to head home. I had a great time in Trondheim and would really like to make this an annual event for me. Let's see... Coming to the train station I got a nice surprise! I was super hungry and went to buy a hot dog there. While making it for me, the cashier started talking about how he loved my Chewbacca bag so much (and Star Wars) and before you know it, he gave me TWO hot dogs, a wink and waved me on my way. Awesome! Although I slept a lot during that train trip home, I was lucky enough to see a Muskox from the window! I have never seen one, so that was awesome! Although I didn't get a picture of it, I still took some to show the kind of nature there was.

17th of May!

The big day had arrived and we all headed down to the center after a good breakfast. Most people had brought their armour down to the fire station where we were supposed to change before the parade already the day before, but I decided to change in the morning before going there. So I was met with many curious looks, but since that costume in particular COULD go for something similar to the national costume, people were prepared to accept me rushing through the streets looking like that. So after everyone had changed we found our spot in the parade and waited. And waited. And waited. Luckily, the people in front of us was some sort of dance group and had some rockin' music going so it wasn't too boring. There was SO many people who had showed up to see us, and apparently, this parade with fun stuff, costumes and organizations is one of the reasons why so many people show up in Trondheim for that day. It was awesome, and as the only rebel, and with the buns, I was of course called "Leia" or "the princess" most of the time. Again. Oh well... After the parade was finished, we made a nice group photo before heading back to the fire station to change. I had to wait in my costume and change once we were back at my friend's place where I was staying. The evening ended in the same bar as the night before, playing games and having a lot of fun!

Going to Trondheim!

Last weekend was an important weekend in Norway; 17th of May on Saturday was the National Day and here it's a very big celebration that people from all over the world even come to Norway to see. I haven't celebrated it properly in about 10 years because I've been living abroad. There is a parade in most countries though, and I have been a part of it most years living in Finland, but it's not quite the same as in Norway. Comparing with the national day celebration for Finland which means pretty much drinking in front of a TV, this one is a spectacular one, with parades in every town in Norway, and wearing the national costume and Norwegian flags. I love it. But as usual, this would not be an ordinary 17th of May...because I was going to Trondheim to participate with the Nordic Garrison's annual parade. I was to be the only rebel, but that's fine, as we are more like one group in the Nordic countries anyway. So I took the train to Trondheim, and had to sit 5 hours with a group on mental patients. They were pretty harmless, talking about how they COULD work if they wanted to, but didn't really felt it was worth if because they lived off other people's tax money anyways...yay. There was the mother, father and son, and they all lived on welfare. Wow. The mom even wore a t-shirt with the text: "We all have a mental health. Support us". I was thinking: we already do. So finally I arrived in Trondheim, locked my luggage in a storage room at the train station and walked around in the center a bit. It truly is a beautiful town, with a lot of students and social fun. After grouping up with my friends, we all went out to eat and have a good time before the very important day after.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Another visit from Norway!

My friend Ane finally arrived late on Thursday to stay until Sunday. We were both excited as she's never been in Finland and we don't get to see each other too often. We decided to use the weekend to do some sightseeing and shopping and also spent the Saturday at a gallery opening. Eventhough I had my unfortunate "finding hair in the food 3 times" at Santa Fe Restaurant, I still had the courage to go back there, and this time had a wonderful hairless meal. We ended the Saturday with even more sightseeing and had to go to the White Cathedral in the center. A must for all tourists and non tourists I might add. It's one of the most beautiful churches I know, with a huge pipe organ!

Semi-spring cleaning!

I've been AGAIN slow on my updates here on my blog lately, and been doing so much that I haven't had time. Ironic; usually bloggers try to make it seem like they are so busy, but I wonder...how do they even have time to update then? Well anyways, I'm in Norway now and have lots to tell, but I'll go back a couple of weeks to when I was still in Finland and waiting for a good friend of mine to come and visit me from Norway. So as usual when expecting company, I cleaned the whole apartment over a period of two days and this time even my closet! I try to do this a couple of times a year, and to donate or throw some clothing I know I won't use. Ans Milla was even helping me...

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Star Wars speed painting!

Check out my new speed painting, this time of Stormtroopers from Star Wars! A lot of Star Wars these days...oh well Enjoy!

Home again.

When I came home from Sweden I was delighted to find this waiting at me in the post office! I have been drooling over this for quite some time now! Finally found it at a reasonable price on eBay! EBAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! (Oh yes, it's an advent calendar on the inside of a 12" single of Smooth Criminal. Limited Edition. *nerd*)

Gothenburg Sci-Fi Convention Day 2!

So the second day of the convention had arrived, and fortunately a little later as all our gear was already at the convention center. Not bad, considering it became a late night before. In to the costume again, this was a slower day and not nearly as many people attending the convention as the day before. It was sort of nice to be able to "breath" a little more. We also has our record of female troopers so we had to take a picture! GIRLPOWER! I even found another girl with a Padme costume. Wonderful. During the last parade we walked, we decided to stop by Paul Blake's stand (the guy who played "Greedo" in "A New Hope") and get a group photo with him. He was super nice and really quite a geek himself! After a great weekend and another reminder of why I love to be a nerd (yes, that is a COMPLIMENT in my dictionary), I realize that I will never quit having fun! Great memories and new and old friends!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Gothenburg Sci-Fi Convention Day 1!

On Saturday was the first day of the convention and we all for up super early after a late(ish) night. Once there, getting into costume was a piece of cake of course and I think the costume is super comfortable in itself, apart for the hair, which always has a lot of hairpins sticking into my brains. Or at least it feels like it. As always there was some really awesome cosplayers and even a couple from our own groups that had made an awesome Alien and Ripley costume! I have to add that the Alien costume won the Horror costume competition! One of the coolest (and scariest)costumes I've seen! The troop went very well. Not much to say. Just some pictures to share. After the troop we all went out to eat and have a good time. I was TRICKED into holding a beer Even.

Going to Sweden!

Last week, on Friday, I flew over to Gothenburg, Sweden to join my fellow 501st and Rebel Legion friends for my first troop in a very, very long time. I had taken a break for a while, when I noticed that I lost a little bit of the trooping spark there for a second, but not to worry, I knew it would come back. And what better choice than to join the Sci-Fi convention that the Swedes are so lucky to have four times a year! So since I don't feel...fit enough after the winter for the Battle Arena outfit yet, I decided to wear my beloved Packing Gown costume. I was excited to go to Gothenburg, since I had only been there once as a child. It truly is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian cities I've seen, at least what I saw of it. I was lucky with the weather also, which of course makes a huge difference. I stayed at a fellow troopers place, in fact, I think we were about 12 people there, which of course brings lots of fun to the weekend, and after getting out stand ready (in fact, I was just goofing around) in the convention center, there was "Spaceballs", Pizza and laughter to be had!