Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bye bye Twitter!

I've had Twitter since 16th of October 2012. So far it has given me absolutely nothing. Originally, I never understood the point of it and got it because I wanted to keep in contact with people who didn't have Facebook. For me, Twitter is just another thing to waste your time on and check. I have enough. The few people I am interested in, only RT other's tweets, so I see a bunch of other stuff that I haven't asked for when I followed that person. It's exhausting to see huge pictures cramming by page when I log onto my page and RT's that I'm couldn't care less about. I feel like this is a way for the rich and famous to not only merchandise themselves, but everything around them and I feel exhausted. I think we are fooled to believe that we are "closer to" whatever interest of people we're into, only to realize that we're further away than ever. If you are a "nobody" Twitter is a one-way conversation. After thinking more and more about all this, I still kept it or a while, when I thought I could use it more as a way to get my art out there, but so far Twitter hasn't helped me whatsoever in that regard, and so feel my reasons for keeping this page are pretty small. I have decided to delete my account. I may activate it again later as a sole purpose for my job as an artist, but at this point I really don't think so. I still have many art pages up: And those are kinda enough.

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