Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Chaplin kinda day!

After a fun evening with the girls on Saturday, we met again on Sunday to have a fashionable brunch (apparently very in nowadays) at the restaurant Olipa Kerran...quite expensive, but suprisingly worth it as they had BACON! LOTS AND LOTS OF BACON! Yes, I love bacon. After a Sex and the City'ish brunch and smoothie shots enough to satisfy a whole family, we went to Tennispalatsi to see the Charlie Chaplin in pictures exhibition that they are having there. Being wuite a fan already, I had seen most of the stuff, and it was funny when my friends said that I knew more than the guide! However, they had lots of fun details in the exhibition, like private home movies and a dressing up as Chaplin area! Of course it didn't take us long to get in costume! There was even a place where we could make our own movie poster! I think our was brilliant! In fact, it was so brilliant that the workers there decided to hang it on the door to the crafts room. Ah. Displayed in a museum. Nothing quite like it. Then we went to a cinema called "Orion" that often show classic and such, as they had a band called "Cleaning Women" playing their music to 3 Chaplin short films, "The Bank", "One AM" and "Behind the Screen". Very interesting and fun! It was completely full and warmed a Chaplin fan's heart. It sure was a FUN day!

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