Monday, 21 April 2014

Painting video with commentary!

Here is another video that I did of the painting "Kjersti and Cha", a little less sped up and with a commentary. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bye bye Twitter!

I've had Twitter since 16th of October 2012. So far it has given me absolutely nothing. Originally, I never understood the point of it and got it because I wanted to keep in contact with people who didn't have Facebook. For me, Twitter is just another thing to waste your time on and check. I have enough. The few people I am interested in, only RT other's tweets, so I see a bunch of other stuff that I haven't asked for when I followed that person. It's exhausting to see huge pictures cramming by page when I log onto my page and RT's that I'm couldn't care less about. I feel like this is a way for the rich and famous to not only merchandise themselves, but everything around them and I feel exhausted. I think we are fooled to believe that we are "closer to" whatever interest of people we're into, only to realize that we're further away than ever. If you are a "nobody" Twitter is a one-way conversation. After thinking more and more about all this, I still kept it or a while, when I thought I could use it more as a way to get my art out there, but so far Twitter hasn't helped me whatsoever in that regard, and so feel my reasons for keeping this page are pretty small. I have decided to delete my account. I may activate it again later as a sole purpose for my job as an artist, but at this point I really don't think so. I still have many art pages up: And those are kinda enough.

Friday, 4 April 2014

New speed painting!

This is my latest painting. It is a commission work done in oils. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Chaplin kinda day!

After a fun evening with the girls on Saturday, we met again on Sunday to have a fashionable brunch (apparently very in nowadays) at the restaurant Olipa Kerran...quite expensive, but suprisingly worth it as they had BACON! LOTS AND LOTS OF BACON! Yes, I love bacon. After a Sex and the City'ish brunch and smoothie shots enough to satisfy a whole family, we went to Tennispalatsi to see the Charlie Chaplin in pictures exhibition that they are having there. Being wuite a fan already, I had seen most of the stuff, and it was funny when my friends said that I knew more than the guide! However, they had lots of fun details in the exhibition, like private home movies and a dressing up as Chaplin area! Of course it didn't take us long to get in costume! There was even a place where we could make our own movie poster! I think our was brilliant! In fact, it was so brilliant that the workers there decided to hang it on the door to the crafts room. Ah. Displayed in a museum. Nothing quite like it. Then we went to a cinema called "Orion" that often show classic and such, as they had a band called "Cleaning Women" playing their music to 3 Chaplin short films, "The Bank", "One AM" and "Behind the Screen". Very interesting and fun! It was completely full and warmed a Chaplin fan's heart. It sure was a FUN day!

Let's go to Neverland!

So Saturday was a day of celebrations! A fellow MJ fan-friend had her birthday and had decided to make the theme of her party "Neverland". Amazingly she had made a really carousel cake, that quite frankly, was depressive to destroy, but oh so good! We hung out at her place the entire evening, watching Michael Jackson and just talk. It was really cool to watch some things that I haven't seen in a while, like "Moonwalker" and some music videos. While the "Earth Hour" was going on, we watched "Heal the World" of course, and I couldn't help but notice a little tear in many eyes.