Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What THE...?

I'm never been a huge fan of tea. Or any warm drink for that matter. Coffee I just can't stand, I used to try my best to finish a cup when I worked early shifts in kindergarten, but alas - I never could. And the kids usually laughed at me while I drank, 'cause I would make the funnies faces of disgust. One day one child say: "why do you rink it if you don't like it"? I was like "wow". Blown away. So simple. So I have sort of realized the truth about coffee and that it's no point. The other day I got this crazy idea of going into a "health store" (which wasn't so healthy I found out) that seriousely had hundreds of teas. I got this urge to give it a chance again, especially since I've been sleeping so badly and was basically looking for something that would help me sleep. But you know how it is, especially you girls; when you get this CRAZY shopping madness that comes over you when you see all the pretty colours and bags and packages and things? Yeah, that was me that day, and I ended up with 5 different teas. And I don't like tea. However, I did, in my moment of craziness still make a choice of buying teas that had a strong flavour that I thought I would like. So far I have tasted he Ginger (purple bag), night time, and Sweet Chili tea. Today I had the chili one and I LOVE it! So I guess things change...but earl gray? No thanks!

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