Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What THE...?

I'm never been a huge fan of tea. Or any warm drink for that matter. Coffee I just can't stand, I used to try my best to finish a cup when I worked early shifts in kindergarten, but alas - I never could. And the kids usually laughed at me while I drank, 'cause I would make the funnies faces of disgust. One day one child say: "why do you rink it if you don't like it"? I was like "wow". Blown away. So simple. So I have sort of realized the truth about coffee and that it's no point. The other day I got this crazy idea of going into a "health store" (which wasn't so healthy I found out) that seriousely had hundreds of teas. I got this urge to give it a chance again, especially since I've been sleeping so badly and was basically looking for something that would help me sleep. But you know how it is, especially you girls; when you get this CRAZY shopping madness that comes over you when you see all the pretty colours and bags and packages and things? Yeah, that was me that day, and I ended up with 5 different teas. And I don't like tea. However, I did, in my moment of craziness still make a choice of buying teas that had a strong flavour that I thought I would like. So far I have tasted he Ginger (purple bag), night time, and Sweet Chili tea. Today I had the chili one and I LOVE it! So I guess things change...but earl gray? No thanks!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bob is finished!

New painting is finished. This is a commission work that will be hanging in a new Jamaican restaurant in Helsinki, Finland called "Jamaican Mamas". Enjoy!

Welcome home...

...and let's see how long you last! Yes I'm not joking. Simo and I have a tendency to kill anything green and living so we have pretty much avoided anything else that cacti around the house. However, we have felt the need for some greenery, so I decided to go for a plant shopping and ended up with this pretty flowery thingy called...a plant. It was cheap (so I don't feel a bought a insurance while purchasing) and easy to keep alive. That's all I need. This plant's life will probably be so dramatic that it needs it's own blog. Word.

Thank you!

I just wanna take some time to thank all of you out there who read my blog. Whenever I log on to my blog and check my views I am always surprised by how many actually reads it on a daily basis. When I started the blog it was more for my own writing and my friends in other coutries, but either all my friends are super into what I'm doing (which is often not the case actually) or random people are. Which is more likely. Ironic actually, but I thank you all. This winter I have felt that I haven't blogged that much, and when I have, it has been a package of 3-4 articles delivered to you RIGHT NOW in a sort of panic blog fashion. I can safely day that I have been tired this winter and not so inspired to do anything really, and haven't felt that anything is of any interest to blog about. However, now spring is coming to this dark land and I can feel a breeze of inspiration coming towards me.

Monday, 17 February 2014

New speed painting!

This is a quick study of water, contrast and colour done in oils. Is it of the city Venice in Italy. Enjoy!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Amadeus movie night!

So yesterday it was time for our movie club to meet up again, and this time we saw one of my favourite films (again); "Amadeus". It's basically the story of Antonio Salieri and his jealousy with Mozart and the thought that he has killed him. For those of you who don't know, and might see this film; it's not what happened to Mozart, he and Salieri barely knew each other. But it is an interesting theory about his death, since there's so little information about it. It's on the best movies in the world in my opinion, filled with great music of course. Then we also took the oppurtunity to celebrate Michael Jackson's son Prince's birthday that was on the 13th and had some lovely cake made by Henna. I can't believe it's been 17 years, I remember when I first heard he was gonna get a child and how shocked I was.

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