Wednesday, 29 January 2014

If it's cold and you need some heat...

If there's anything that makes me happy, it's perfume. I have quite a descent amount to be honest and I just love to collect and change up the scents of life! But I believe I have found the perfect winter fragrance. And I hate to do this, 'cause I hate commercial bloggers who seems like they are working for all these brands, but I just couldn't help myself this time. This just wraps you in a blanket, lights the fire for you and give you a small bowl of nuts to chew on. Seriousely, if you feel cold in the winter months, this just warms you up! Happy happy winter! (Oh, and I'm planning to do a Perfume Collection video soon.)

That feeling...

...when you just meet a mother who has raised her kid right in our age and time! I was on my way to the painting course that I'm a part of every week. Actually, there are 3 courses scattered over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Since I am indeed a very happy gym visitor, I need to work out 5 times a week and find it hard sometimes to find the time of course. So my brilliant plan was to head to the gym in the city center and right from there go to the painting course. So that would mean that I would carry my huge gym bag, my painting AND my 5 kg. heavy suitcase like box full of materials! This time the painting was already at the course, but it got replaced by a MASSIVE piece of cardboard that I had to drag around. Great plan. So after my gym, after shower sweaty and tired, I went on the tram that only traveled two stops until I would reach my destination. On the first stop there came a hippieish looking mother with her approx. 7 year old son. He kinda bumped into me when the impatient driver was jerk-starting the tram and the mother said "sorry" for him. I said no problem and we drove in silence. However, feeling sort of like a crazy inventor with all my stash again, I was very happy about the way the driver was doing her job, and sort of made that clear with a little bit of a huffing and puffing smacking my lips combo. I noticed on the corner of my eye that the kid saw this and keeps sort of looking worryingly at me for the duration of the trip until I hit the stop butting and get ready to get off. Then, with no warning or consulting with his mother, he grabs my arm and says to me: "I hope I didn't damage your work when I bumped in to you." He looked like Puss in Boots. I said "No, don't worry" and my heart was once again melted by a child.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Painting Dina Lilliet.

This is a commission painting I just finished of a woman called Dina Lilliet. Enjoy.

Visits for Chaplin.

So after being in Norway for WAY too long again, I got Norway to me, in the shape of my friend Hege last weekend. I didn't have the time to go visit her in Oslo during Christmas so she decided to come to Helsinki instead. Not only that, but I had arranged yet another movie night with my friends, this time to see the film "Chaplin" from 1992 with Robert Downey Jr. I remember I saw this when I was young and became an instant fan. At that time nobody knew who he was very well, and I was like "you wait"! This time was pretty popular, and there were friends from Tampere even who came to see "Chaplin". I think many very interested and surprised by him as a person and learned things they ever knew. I always love to spark peoples interest and inspire them to pick up something else about the subject. So after the film we of course watched a few short clips of the (real) Chaplin and laughed our asses off! Yes, now, in 2014! THAT'S art.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Nelson Mandela speed painting.

I finished this painting a while ago, but I completely forgot to post it here. Please enjoy and R.I.P. Mandela.

A hairy day!

Oh what fun one can have when bored... Night fever, night feveeer!

Speed Painting Norwegian Swamp Landscape.

Colour for a gray winter.

The winter so far has been very gray. Both in Norway and Finland there has been a lack of snow and light, and we are all wondering how the rest of the winter will be like. When we got to Norway for Christmas, at least there was some snow there, but it quickly turned to ice and it got almost impossible to walk anywhere. The biggest sufferer of this was of course Milla, who didn't get all her promised Christmas walks after we discovered that they would probably be classified as Christmas falls and end very badly. We were lucky enough to experience a beautiful day in the forest though, before it went too icy to go up there.