Saturday, 7 December 2013

An Elvis kind of day!

Last weekend I went to the Finnish city of Tampere for a movie night with the MJ Movie Club. I was especially looking forward to this one, as the girl who held it had been kind enough to change the dates of the event so that I could be part of it. Also, it would be a different kind of movie night, as we would watch a documentary about Elvis Presley. So we took the train to Tampere, which is about 2 hours from Helsinki and finally got to the appartment of Elvis action. The place had a really cool collection feeling of a mixture of Elvis and Michael Jackson, which isn't bad at all. I really love a well done collection, whatever that might be. After stuffing our faces with cakes, chips and whatnot, we still decided to have some junk food, and to honour Elvis, I bought a cheeseburger from a shady place. The cheese burger happened to be a bit shady also, especially the bacon bits which I seriously DON'T believe was bacon at all... We chit-chatted way into the night, as girls tend to do, and before we knew it it was time to get home. The weekend went way to fast to be honest.

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  1. It went too fast, yes. But it was fun! Thanks for coming! :)