Thursday, 14 November 2013

The meaning of advent.

I know that Christmas is upon us and that most adults will do ANYTHING to get that childhood Christmas feeling back into their life before it's too late and the Christmas tree is taken down. However, we seem to forget that Christmas spirit was not about how much you got in your advent calendar or how much money your family has spent on you, but it was about the little things. You got to stay up longer, the candy and flavours were different this time of year and you got a small treat every morning through your calendar to keep you waiting for the big day. Of course I have seen advent calendars getting more and more expensive over the years, especially the ones with a big brand name on them, and children telling me that they have 4 of them. I think that's very sad. I think parents are teaching their children that more is more, and there is no value unless the quantity and price is high. Before they know it, they will ask for calendars like this one that I saw the other day from The Body Shop, costing 1098 Norwegian Krone which is 177,90 USD or 131,99 EURO. That is outrageous and if it belongs anywhere it is under the Christmas tree. I'm shocked.

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