Saturday, 30 November 2013

Back in Finland!

I've been back in Finland since tuesday, but trying to fight a cold that I managed to keep pretty much off, I haven't written anything. We'll be here for a few weeks before going back to Norway to celebrate Christmas. I have a few paintings to do before that, and today I'm going to Tampere to hang out with my MJ girls in the MJ movie club. We're gonna watch an Elvis documentary, so that will be interesting. I don't know much about him, eventhough I read Pricilla Presley's autobiography. It's good to be back!

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Jourey to the Christmas star!

And The Journey to the Christmas star is over! It's a play the local theatre, run by my gran mother shows every other year to bring some Christmas spirit to the people. It's a Norwegian Christmas story that almost everyone knows here and it has a tendency to pull a lot of public in. This year we had over 800 people watching us and we got great review from the local newspaper. Today we have the end of the year party with the kids and parents of the theatre and I can't wait to have some pizza and cakes and hear their thoughts on the weekend that was. The play just went GREAT! I was the assistant director this year and there was lots to do, which has made me sort of gone from the world of internet and updating, because after all, the only people REALLY busy, is the person NOT updating about how busy they are...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My first artwork and how it started.

Great meetings with old friends.

Sometimes, when you've lived abroad or away from your "hometown" for so long, it can be difficult to keep in real touch with old friends. I'm not talking about Facebook as real contact, I'm talking about REAL meetings, where you can give your REAL friend a REAL hug. On Monday I met my oldest friend and we coughed up. I did everything I could to make this meeting happen even though it was a day with theatre and we met in a different town, (Lillehammer). I'm glad we did, cause we had so much catching up to. Sometimes, when I come to Norway, I can feel a bit overwhelmed by how many people I feel like I "have to" meet. Sometimes I forget why I should meet them. True - this time it's not easy, as almost every weekend have been filled up with rehearsals and that's when people can meet mostly, but when I can, I will always do what I can to meet. I think we are blinded by the media telling us how much communication we have these days, but when did you last meet your oldest friend that you were gonna keep in touch with forever? I even got in real Christmas spirit, I wonder why.

Einar Sigstad Exhibition.

Last Satuday was a very cool day for me. Since I saw his exhibition in Lillehammer, Norway in 2005, I've been a huge fan of Einar Sigstad's work. I decided to write him a year ago to ask if he could give me some tips and have a meeting, and finally last Saturday I met him at his gallery vernissage. It was so cool to see his art "live" again and also to meet him in person. We had a nice long chat and I think I mght even have learned some things!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Painting of Emma Watson/Hermione Granger.


The meaning of advent.

I know that Christmas is upon us and that most adults will do ANYTHING to get that childhood Christmas feeling back into their life before it's too late and the Christmas tree is taken down. However, we seem to forget that Christmas spirit was not about how much you got in your advent calendar or how much money your family has spent on you, but it was about the little things. You got to stay up longer, the candy and flavours were different this time of year and you got a small treat every morning through your calendar to keep you waiting for the big day. Of course I have seen advent calendars getting more and more expensive over the years, especially the ones with a big brand name on them, and children telling me that they have 4 of them. I think that's very sad. I think parents are teaching their children that more is more, and there is no value unless the quantity and price is high. Before they know it, they will ask for calendars like this one that I saw the other day from The Body Shop, costing 1098 Norwegian Krone which is 177,90 USD or 131,99 EURO. That is outrageous and if it belongs anywhere it is under the Christmas tree. I'm shocked.

Saturday, 2 November 2013