Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A day at the cabin.

Winter is coming, and it's time to pack together the summer fun! Dad, Henrik, my goddaugther and I (oh, and Milla) went to the cabin not long ago to but the boat in it's boathouse and the little dock by the water had to be put higher so that the frozen water wouldn't destroy it during the winter. I couldn't believe how beautiful and serene the lake and the surroundings were when we came up there. It was truly autumn magic. So eventhough putting aboat into a boathouse doesn't sound very complicated, Milla made it very difficult for the men as she was so curious and even decided to hang out IN the boat. Just to make sure she was part of it all, and nothing would go by her approval. At the end of the cleanup (when my goddaughter and I found out that it was best to watch the cleaning and eat chocolate) my dad took down an old bee nest that was left hanging after he sprayed it in the summertime. We inspected it and thought it looked so cool on the inside that we couldn't help but take a few pictures. (Especially since I had a new phone...)

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