Monday, 30 September 2013

Sembalot Day 2.

Sembalot Day 2 arrived and I was excited this day because a fellow trooper was bringing her corset along so that I could have it on under my costume. I have always wanted a corset under the vest, which quite frankly I believe is the way it's supposed to look, but we somehow didn't make it so. Hopefully I can upgrade it at some point to make it look a bit more stiff. So my friend had no mercy in the morning when she put on the corset and although it sort of felt nice wearing it, it was shocking in the moment she "strapped me in". It was a painful business to put the corset on, and I swear I heard a cracking noise from somewhere deep inside my body! And how come my stomach was up my throat and my heart in my belly? Or at least that's how it felt like. So after I had gotten ready, I went to our stand and tried to get used to the new haute de couture I was wearing as well as concentrating on the people at the same time. It was fun, and I felt SO thin! Pretty much as soon as I got to the stand, I saw the girl that was there the day before, shaking all the troopers hand, and I knew the day was going to be rough. We were lined in behind the speeder bikes and the girl went to the first trooper in the left and worked her way to the end. Then she came back and this happened a few times. People were trying to take pics of their children during this time, and I'm pretty sure she was in most of them. No parent to be seen. Then she came to me and shook my hand again as I was talking to a fellow trooper. She looked me right in the eye and kept in shaking and wouldn't let go. I tried to "take my hand back" but there was no way. I had to physically open her fingers with my other hand while she was gripping as hard as I could. When I was released she quickly grabbed my hand, but then I had had enough. I felt like I was back to work in a kinder garden, but this time without pay as I said gently but firmly; "No. That's enough." Then she left. Other than this, the troop was great as usual, and we even got to take some promo shots of a future troop only with us girls for breast cancer. After an important troop of the year, we could all feel it in our feet, backs and minds (and in my case, waist) and it was time to call it a day. Oh, and for some reason, I get super happy when I get to troop with Darth Maul!

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