Thursday, 12 September 2013

Galleria Dix exhibition opening!

I know it already happened on Saturday, but truth is I deserve this break. Since that day I've pretty much been laying on the sofa taking it easy, watching Sex and the City and other stupid things. Oh, and no painting, no gym and I can eat ANYTHING I WANT! Earned it I have. Yeees, mmm...*nerd* The opening went really well. I went there a bit earlier of course, to look over the price list and other practical things before people started coming. There was quite a rush of people which made me very happy of course. Many friends, family members and new faces visited, and there was Coke, wine and little delights served for the guests. I sold one painting at the opening which was really cool ("Flower Child 2" now called "Touch"), and one painting was reserved. Pretty good for a first timer. The opening was from 14.00 - 16.00 and I had to be there for the duration of the time of course, so I was quite hungry when the opening was finished. We went to my favourite restaurant "Santa Fe" for dinner with my family and Simo's sister. In the evening we, the younglings went out to Teerenpeli for a drink. The day after I sold another painting ("Water Lily") and another one got reserved ("The Feather"). It's going well. Here is a video from the opening:

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