Monday, 2 September 2013

Celebrating Michael!

Even though Michael Jackson had his birthday already the 29th of August, we celebrated it on Saturday, since many fans came to Helsinki from other places in Finland. We were a bit worried when we woke up (I had guests sleeping over) and saw that it was raining, since we were planning to have a picnic. It got better thought and we didn't think more of it and headed to the center to meet the others. We BARELY made the boat that would take us all to the island of "Suomenlinna" where we have had a picnic for the last few years before hanging out and going out in the evening. It was fun - there was a tasty chocolate cake and even a rebus game where the pictures would make up a title of a song. Iida and I were on the same team and WE WON! She got a Captain EO badge and I got a pen and patch! After we had eaten and played the game, we had the chance to see some of the girls do the Thriller dance which is always fun to see! There were a lot of new faces there. MJ fans that were very young, and it was fun to sort of re-live their excitement to every picture they saw of Michael in a magazine. Everything was new. After the picnic we went back to a fans place and had a great time; MJ videos, talk of trips and memories, dancing and pizza, before heading to the center to PARTY! We decided quite early on that the only place to be guaranteed Michael Jackson music all night, would be a gay club. So we went to DTM, (Don't Tell your Mama) and true enough - as soon as we came in, they played P.Y.T! We had a great time and they played real disco music most of the night. The girls even got a chance to dance Thriller again on the stage to great applause! What a night!

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