Monday, 16 September 2013

A breath of air from Norway!

My friend Hege came to visit me last week from Norway. Eventhough it's not that long since I had visitors because of my exhibition, I was happy to get more, as this would be a more casual visit in a way. I have been stressing way too much lately, and haven't really been able to relax completely as I'm part of ANOTHER exhibition also, coming up in a week. Luckily, this is a group exhibition that I'm part of every year. So we walked to the center on Saturday and it was a beautiful day! It was still warm and sunny, and even the beaches looked very tempting! I realized that between all my painting this summer, I had only been able to go to the beach once, which is really sad since the beaches here in Helsinki are pretty nice. It's a very nice and long walk from where I live to the center of Helsinki, and with a pace like ours and no rush, we stopped from time to time to just take in the beauty of nature. When we came to the center, we were so hungry from the walking that we decided to go to my favourite Chinese restaurant to have a little lunch, before heading to the gallery so that Hege could see my exhibition. No more sales for now, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I was a really nice day that ended with eating tacos and watching the films "Wilde" and "The Untouchables".

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