Thursday, 29 August 2013

DeviantART page updated!

I've had DeviantART for years, 5 to be exact, but I haven't been very active there. After seeing the amount of people browsing that page every ay, I decided to update it in the hope of promoting myself better. Check it out:

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Monday, 26 August 2013


When I was a child I was terrified of E.T. After kindergarden one day, I went to a friends house, and the kids there were watching the film, and I sort of got right into the ending where you don't really see him that well except his silhouette. I will always remember that moment as I got terrified but also slighty interested in Science Fiction. I was a film geek aleady then and rented films often. The place I went to had an E.T. poster on the counter, and every time I went there I had to go in backwards. Not to mention that I never, and I mean NEVER, went to the aisle with E.T. 'cause after all, you could see his long hand on the cover! I'm sort of over this now, eventhough I must admit that it's still got a creepy mood (and I probably wouldn't put the film on by myself), so when the MJ gang decided to go to a small cinema that was showing it here, I had to go of course. We had a great time and we even went to have some Chinese and a drink after the movie. I need to just "hang" with these girls more often.

Great ass of fire!

Since I'm working on my exhibition and I'm completely stressed about it, Simo told me that I should really try to get out a bit more and see my friends and so on. So when a friend from Germany was in Helsinki for a while, I couldn't say no to meeting her. After being fashionably late, when I thought I could pull off walking to the center from where I live, we walked around for bit, trying to find a place to have a drink and ended up in Hard Rock Cafe. I grabbed a Caesar Salad, being hungry-ish after the walk/run, and we had a very nice time there catching up. But when we went to the store before it was time to leave, we discovered a very interesting aisle full of American hot sauces. I really liked the Osama Bin Laden one. Then of course you have Mr. Ass Reaper. Finally, to help you with all the pain, why not take some Asbirin?

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The silence has ended.

We've had many interesting neighbours surrounding us in these 6 years that we have lived in our apartment. When we moved in, the sellers said that the woman under us was a little crazy, but harmless. True enough, we almost never heard or saw her at all, and she had even barricaded her windows with some sort of plastic. The whole look of her place from the outside of the building looked kinda scary. But we didn't mind, She was old, and one day we passed her door and it smelled awful from her apartment! We let it go a couple of days before we actually called the police in the fear that she might be dead. THAT'S how bad the smell was. They arrived and she wasn't there, but had forgotten her bio trash for a couple of weeks. After that incident we called them again one time when we woke up in the night by her fire alarm that didn't stop. She might have passed out inside. When the firefighters came she got terrified and managed to stop the alarm and refused to open the door. They figured that there was no fire and couldn't do anything more. After her death, the place was renovated and rented out. That was interesting. We got a couple of student's there that were both nice, and the one girl had a dog as well. But after some time, we started noticing that every Saturday, they had a party (which we're not used to as we live in a quiet neighbour hood with many old people). Also, as the evening got later, we would hear a weird sound that resembled a iron stick going back and forth on a heater on the wall, and every time this happened a bunch of people would cheer! It was beyond my understanding. So when I asked her about it one day, she said that she had a stripping pole in the living room (and no other furniture I might add) and she used to entertain her guest when there was a party. The pole was a bit lose on the top and might have made that sound when she would dance around it and the cheering was probably the response from the guests. They moved after a while and we were happy to be honest. A young couple with a child bought the apartment, and another young girl the apartment next to us. After there's been the huge renovation in the whole building over a period of almost a year, there's been a lot of new faces. The people under us have been rather rude. It started with that they moved in and didn't look at you when they passed you in the hallway. You ALWAYS have to say hello first. The man looks like a terrified mouse and the woman doesn't look at you at all but looks sort of angry and stares at you out from their window when she's in the kitchen. There has NEVER been so much sounds coming from that apartment ever, and I'm not sure what they're doing but it sounds like they're moving around the furniture a lot. One Sunday morning I woke up by them drilling the wall at 7 o'clock. Great. And you know what's worse? They have started pounding the roof whenever I play piano after 21. Silence here is after 23.00 But it seems like they don't know about these times. It's frustrating, 'cause I'm not 100% sure if it's them or the new girl next door, but it sounds like it's coming from down under. The most rudest chicken is the one pounding the roof instead of coming to the door.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Speed Painting "Water Lily"

I've been so slow with my updates here lately. I am working really hard on my painting these days, since I have my first gallery exhibition in about a month. So if it's dead in here you know why. But at least I'm glad it's moving forwards. To celebrate, here you have the speed painting video of my latest painting:

Star Wars Celebration Europe II Day 3!

The last day of Celebration was a bit sad of course, and stressful in the way that I felt that I had to make sure that I didn't miss out on anything. So the day started with a panel with the 5 actors that play Boba Fett (or Jango Fett) called "The Fett-astic Four and it was quite funny! I filmed parts of it and will link the video to this blog as soon as it's up on YouTube. Then you get a feel of how the panels were and the atmosphere. After that panel, we saw the Emperor himself; Ian McDiarmid, and that was very interesting. What surprised me a little was how little he actually knew about Star Wars. But still he was really sporty, and the reenactment that he had with Warwick (which all the actors on the panel did) was so funny! He started throwing Ewok stuffed toys at Warwick and the audience. What was great about this day was that I could concentrate on taking some pictures and things. There were so many wonderful costumes out and about and I met so many new and old friends. After having some Mongolian food at our favourite buffet restaurant that we found, I had to rush back to meet up with some Black Milk girls for a photo. This was one of Simo's favourite costumes of course! I was really happy to see Rancho Obi Wan as well. I have been wanting to see some of those cool collectibles ever since I watched some tours on YouTube. Unfortunately Steve Sansweet wasn't there at the time we visited, but oh well, next time. What I ended up buying in the end was my friend's pair of Black Milk leggings called "Star Wars Montage leggings" and a Tsuneo Sanda art work print. When I went to Tsuneo Sanda's booth he told me that the painting on those leggings was his! That was really cool and of course we had to take a picture together with me wearing them. At the end of the day you were left with this sort of bitter-sweet feeling. Epsecially since we knew that we couldn't stay up too late to party that night because our flight left so early the next morning. But we hung out with our friends for a while still and had a good time before returning to our hotel. And we got to learn that the next Celebration is in Anaheim, California in 2015! Guess who's gonna be there! (I hope.)

Star Wars Celebration Europe II Day 2!

So the day had come to work for Official Pix. I was exited. I put my t-shirt on and made sure I brought all my badges and headed a bit earlier to the convention center. As soon as I got there and I shared with my co-workers that I was working with Daniel Logan they were all giving me "the look" and I went to my seat ready for whatever was to come my way. Around 10 Daniel arrived with his manager. I have to say, that "the looks" weren't really necessary, Daniel was very nice to the Official pix staff, his fans and to me. I had such a great time, and Jeremy Bulloch and Temuera Morrison who sat next to us on either side were great fun. How lucky was I to be in the Fett's area! After the work, we headed back to the hotel before going to a park nearby for an evening picnic for the members (and non-members acually) who couldn't afford going to the 501st dinner that night. It was nice and we bought some Mc.Donalds to go and spent some time with good friends. Oh, and there's not only Star Wars to see at a Star Wars convention! All creatures are welcome!

Star Wars Celebration Europe II DAY 1!

After NOT eating the hotels over prized breakfast (19 euro!!!), we shared a taxi wth some fellow troopers and headed to Messe Essen and Star Wars Celebration! I had to be there early, as I had volunteered with Official Pix on Saturday and needed to be there for the briefing that would take place before the Convention opened. It was interesting and I learned that I would be Daniel Logan's guest escort as they call it. I was happy with my guest but I had also heard that he was quite a flirt and party dude. I don't see why that should be a problem, but I found myself a little nervous when everyone had been like "ooooooooh" when I told who I was gonna work with. So after eating a healthy French breakfast at a Brasserie, we went to the convention. We were lucky - we got to buy two 3-day passes from a friend from Sweden a little cheaper. Always welcome for a poor painter. So we went in, and the first impression I got from the place was that it was a little cluttered and much smaller than I thought. I expected the big sets and things to be placed better, but there were huge areas where there wasn't much and there we tiiiny spaces to move in between sale booths in some areas. It looked a little bit dis-organized. However, there were lot's of things to see and many cool costumes as soon as we walked in! That day was use mainly to check the place out and see what's up. I looked for a cool lady fit t-shirt, and I couldn't find any. I heard that Her Universe was coming and I was so exited about that! But when I checked the store I was shocked by how bad the quality of he clothing was, the fabric was so thin you could almost see through it, the print was cheap looking. I guess that's what happens after Black Milk. There's no turning back. I saw one girl who had the one Padme costume that's I'm really hoping to make someday; After walking around a little bit it was time for the panels with the stars of Star Wars. First we saw "Designing a Galaxy" with Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig talking about how they came up with looks and designs for the movies. That was very interesting for me in particular, but Simo really enjoyed it as well. The best part of these panels was actually the host Warwick Davis! He managed the panels so well and was really good at bringing the subjects forward. Later on we saw another panel, the one with Anthony Daniels (who playes C-3PO). That was so much fun! He is so theatrical a complete attention freak and it was so much fun! When these were done we got some time to walk around a bit more and checking out the sets and things to buy, or buy not. To be honest I didn't really find anything in particular. I had my eyes on a Her Universe t-shirt a little bit, but decided not to buy it because of the quality and the price that didn't match. I decided that Sunday would be my day when I would buy an art work print by Tsuneo Sanda. After the convention we had the Rebel Legion dinner to attend. It was pretty far from anything and a bunch of us shared a car and headed over to the restaurant. The restaurant had a nice atmosphere, and was like an old brewery and was really cozy. Unfortunately we were so many that we had to sit in two different rooms which sort of beat the social purpose I think. I also think that more could have been done to try to make it more social and inspire to get to know each other. It was badly organized and the food came really randomly and wasn't that good. I think the highlight of the night was when the director of "Clone Wars" Dave Filoni came there to see us. We had a little chat and he was really nice. Really into wolves I heard and was wondering if there was many in Norway. All in all a nice evening though and it continued in the hotel bar of course.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Travelling to Germany.

So last Thursday, Simo's nephew came over to live in our place for the duration of our stay in Essen Germany. Can't lie and say that we weren't nervous at all, considering we've never had anyone stay at our place without us, and we are ALWAYS worried about Milla in other's hands, like all parents would be. So we went to the airport pretty late, which of course meant we would arrive late, which I could have been happier if we didn't, but well. After changing planes in Copenhagen we arrived in Dusseldorf around 22.00 We were planning to take the train from the airport as it would arrive pretty much right outside our hotel in Essen, but we met a Norwegian guy at while we were picking up our luggage who was also going our way, so we decided to take a taxi with him. When we went to the taxi's there were signs there that said 55 Euros to Essen Center so we though that was pretty OK split in three. However, when we were already in the taxi and well on our way, the driver suddenly says that "oh no, it will be 80 Euros instead, because the Autobahn is blocked and we have to take a longer road". I got furious and tried to explain to him that you have to tell about that sort of thing BEFORE you start driving your customers and especially when there's a set fee that they think is correct. Of course the driver spoke very bad English (how convenient) even though he worked at the airport, but - hey, what to do? At least we got to our hotel and had a few drinks with some fellow Star Wars friends at the bar before heading out on a search for a bar that would be open even LATER. So, Simo, Petteri and I went to a little place called "Madame Chocolat" that was a bit hidden and out of the way. It was extremely cozy and we stayed for a while before heading back to the hotel and to bed before a long weekend ahead of us.