Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Route 66 Episode 4, KANSAS and OKLAHOMA!

Biggest view!

Hi guys! Just to let you know that I have reached the highest number of views that I've ever had today! I want to thank you all for popping in to check out my blog, and I hope that you will continue to do so. To also remind you that I have a: Twitter page: YouTube channel: YouTube art channel: and website: Thanks for making my day! =)

Bye bye Denmark!

Monday morning was a slow one, and eventhough I slept "only" until 9:00 in the morning, it felt SO long. We left Billund around 11:00 for Copenhagen and decided to spend the day there, since my flight left so late. So after a sleepy ride to Copehangen (only for the passengers thank God) we arrived there refreshed and ready for adventures and headed straight to the first hot dog stand we could find! I have only been to Copehagen once, actually last year after the same troop, but then we only went to Hard Rock Cafe there. Now I got to see more of the city in all it's beauty. After our meal and a little shopping, we went to the Guinness World Records Museum. It was cool and filled with fun and weird facts, and to my delight they had a whole room devoted to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! But of course! On the way out, we saw that there was another part of the museum called The Mystic Exploratorie or something like that, and we thought it would be filled with mysterious facts and things like that, but it turned out to be more of a ghost house, and a bit too scary for children and myself. We hurried out of there! We managed to get to see quite a bit of this city, and we were very happy with the wonderful weather. Would have been more needed in Legoland though. I came to the airport in good time, and could take it easy and walk around for a while before going to my gate. While buying a snack on a vending machine there I heard very loud noises and children screaming, and sure enough; it was Hjalmar and company! They stood there, as if waiting for me, to make my flight a nightmare again. But this time, I was prepared; I asked the flight attendant when I boarded if I could change my seat if that family had a seat near me, and I explained the situation. She was very nice about it and told me that the flight wasn't fully booked so that wouldn't be a problem. As soon as I had settled in my seat Hjalmar & Co passed me, and true enough - got seated right behind me! I could even tell that the mother was embarrassed as she looked at me before passing me. Oh God. As soon as I could I made a point of CHANING MY SEAT and had a very happy and peaceful flight indeed. An what made my day was when I left the plane and the flight attendant winked at me and whispered "I know what you mean!"

Family portrait.

In our family portrait, we look pretty happy, we look pretty normal...ladidadidaaaa...

Legoland Day 2.

Second day of the Legoland was cooold. Again the weather was not on our side, but apparently, that is sort of a tradition by now. But I didn't have time to frown as I was one of the first troopers to troop and my morning schedule was tight. So Anna (my daughter, Princess Leia) and I went to the entrance on duty there, and to our surprise it was even more people coming in that day than the day before. It was SO busy and camera's flashing from every angle. At one point a grown man came eagerly over to get his dream photo with Leia and Amidala and had his wife take the photo. Little did the wife know though, that as soon as he got ready to pose, he grabbed my ass and held his hand there for the duration of the shot. I got so shocked that I didn't even get the time to do anything about it and he was gone. Classy. After the parade, we had lunch, and I got some warmth back in to my very very cold body. We had a lot of time this day, and Anna and I pretty much hung out together the whole day, getting some coold pics ad taking some rides as well. Last year I hadn't been able to do any of that, so I was careful not to let the change get away this year. This guy was even more in character than I was! I even got a cool photo will all the Jedi this year! Yay! Many of the troopers left when the troop was finsihed, but I was gonna stay until Monday since there's no point for me to head up to Copenhagen and then take the plane back to Finland. It would have been way too stressful. So those of us that were left went to Lalandia (sort of like a type of mall/playhouse) but the camping ground and had a buffet dinner. Although the place is freaking over prized, it's one of those things that just has to become a tradition. The food was good and especially the soft ice cream that I dipped all under the chocolate fountain! It was a great troop again this year, and I can't wait for the one in 2014!

Legoland Day 1.

Another early wake up, but no problem with that, as we headed into the Legoland park with all our stash to start the day. After breakfast we had a short breifing, and I pretty much started to troop as soon as I got my costume on. I went to the enterance to greet the guests arriving, and it was truly the place to be. I don't think there was a single moment where I could have escaped that place before I really had to go and get ready for the parade through the park. The parade was fun as always, with SO may troopers, but this year they had added a few things. When we were getting ready behind the scenes for the parade, suddenly, 3 guys on motorcycles came driving in. We were like "what" but apparently they were suppose to drive with us in the parade. I really didn't understand why, until I heard that one of the bikes was a custom made Stormtrooper bike and the guy who made them thought that this could be a good publicity stunt. It was painful though, to walk with all that sounds right behind you. Also, something else what was new, at least to me, was that some of the Legoland staff was walking on the side of us, I guess for protection, with costumes that was supposed to resemble Jedi's and/or Jawa's I think. It just looked absolutely stupid next to us, and I notices many times that people were annoyed in the crowd when they tried to take photos of us, 'cause they were constantly in the way. The fact that the "Jedi" had plastic light sabers didn't make the look of it all any better either... I think somebody filmed the parade also, and I hope it will be on YouTube shortly. I will definately post it here then. Eventough this day in particular seemed very busy, it was a lot of time to fool around a little, on duty and off duty. After the troop, we all went back to our cabins to change and headed back to Legoland for the dinner we always have in the Castle restaurant on saturday evening. It was a lot of fun, great food and girls with Black Milk shiny clothing!

Going to Denmark.

Friday was one of those early wake ups when you wake up SO early that you're not even tired when you do. So at 4.00 in the morning I jumped up from bed and lalalala, got myself ready and headed to the airport in a taxi. The weekend would be filled with early wake ups and no complaining as it was the annual Star Wars weekend in Legoland, in Billund, Denmark. At first I wasn't sure if I could make it this year, because Simo and I are going to Germany in July for the Star Wars Celebration Europe 2 but I decided to go since I got a free ride from a fellow trooper from Copenhagen to Billund and back. So I arrived early at the airport and walked around for a while, but was quite tired. Well on the plane, I planned to read my book and maybe even sleep a bit, since I sleep the best on airplanes, but NO! NEVAH!! I was placed infront of a family of four. I sat by the window and unfortunately, so did the oldest kid of the family, by the name of Hjalmar I managed to hear, quite loudly to be honest. So my new friend Hjalmar felt that there was no reason at all to turn around and talk to his mother who sat in the seat by the aisle, when instead he could scream towards the window (more in my ear it felt like) and hope that it would bounce the sound back to his mother. Also, kicking my seat would probably also help to get her attention. But no. The mother didn't say anything, eventhough I gave her a few evil eyes, she mumbled from time to time "Hjalmar...", but Hjalmar didn't listen, now did he? I tried to get through it all, and read my book and listened to music at the same time, but it was the longest short flight I have ever had. When landing in Copenhagen, and happy to do so, I was picked up by my fellow Rebel Legion trooper and his family and we headed down to Legoland Billund. Safely there, we met up with all the other troopers from all around the world and got settled in our cabins that Legoland is arranging for us. It's a very nice place, and our cabins are at the camping area with a bunch of things to see and do, like a mini golf, petting zoo, play ground for the children and a mini mart. We went for a mini gold session, some of the Swedes and I, and it was a lot of fun, although surprisingly difficult I must say. After that it was time to be social and go from cabin to cabin to see who was here this year. I ended up hanging at the Dutch Garrison's cabin mostly, 'cause they had GAMES!!! This game we're playing here is called "Boom boom balloon" and was hilarious! Basically theres a ballon the the middle and we all throw the die in turns and whichever number comes up is how many sticks your have to poke in to it. In the end it will explode and it's just an awesome game and icebreaker! I was terrefied! We kept playing games for a while and had so much fun! Great start of a great weekend.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

"Evening Sun Flowers."

This is my new Speed Painting video! This is an oil painting that I've done from a photo I found on the internet. Enjoy.

Hypecon and BBQ!

Yesterday was a really nice day with friends. Simo and I got picked up around 10 to go to a convention called Hypecon here in Finland. None of us troopers had ever been there before so we didn't know what to expect. It was extremely small the whole place, and had a weird space to it. It was over three floors, and it looked to me to be a cinema. So you can imagine having tables and things to sell on a cinema area and how crowded and unpractical that must be. But it was still fun, with lots of interesting costumes and it was very informal, so we had the chance to do pretty much what we wanted. That was fun. This of cuorse also meant that I could wear pretty much whichever costume I wanted, so I chose Jedi since it's the easiest to wear and bring. Wasn't much Star Wars stuff at the Con, but I found some dwarves! After the Con, we went back to Komulainen's for a BBQ! Many people came there, also people that hadn't been to the troop, and lovely grill food as well as a Greek salad made by me and lovely pancakes for dessert was presented. Just the kind of weekend I like.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Route 66 Episode 3, MISSOURI!

FINALLY the next video in the Route 66 series is ready! This one is a lot of fun, and a bit longer than the other ones. Enjoy!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Obsessed with the Ring...

For some reason I've been really obsessed with Lord of the Rings lately. I always have my "fan" things and they go around in circles and has their time to shine before it's something else, but they always come back. Pretty much since Christmas when I was in Norway and a friend and I decided to watch it I was like "OMG, it's been so long"! So with my relatively new projector together with our surround sound system, the films became as new again. Then, in my friends and my movie club we are watching the trilogy right now, so all this has been feeding my fan-hood I can say. Not to mention my new super cool Black Milk Giant Ring leggings and the fact that I'm reading the book again right now. Ah. Love. Oh, and Frodo.

Removing your fake nails.

Yes this one is for the girls. Or the guys. Whatever you're into.

A day at the gallery...

Today I've had a pretty chilled out day. Until BOOM - I have to stress to the center in high heels and a dress to attend a art show opening at the Galleria Dix. I really wanted to go, because I'm gonna have my first solo gallery exhibition there in September and I wanted to see some prices from other artists as well as how they've hung their works. I'm very happy I took the time to go actually, 'cause I made some contacts there and as we all know, when your any sort of artist or /and freelancer contacts is all that matters. Oh, and talent. That matters a little. But just a little.