Monday, 29 April 2013

The aftermath of criticism.

After performing on the Super Bowl in February, some seriousely unflattering pictures of Beyonce hit the internet. I agree. This is not a elegant picture, or even an elegant costume. I've always respected Beyonce. I've sort of felt that she's a tiny bit different. Isn't afraid to have a body, and doesn't pull the string up her ass as soon as she gets the chance. I guess I was wrong. I can see pretty much everything here. And not in a good way - oh no. And what does Beyonce do with this criticism? Decide to ban all photographers on her next tour! What could she had done? Get dressed.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

In Episode Magazine.

The last few days has been going towards the preparation of Model Expo, the biggest trooping event for the Nordic Garrison and Nordic Base here in Finland. A few days ago a few of us were part of a interview in Episodi magazine in Finland where the photograper took some pretty cool pics of us. Here for the whole link: Pictures and stuff from Model Expo will come up soon.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Coconutty hair!

recently watched a video on YouTube of a girl talking about 10 beauty benefits of coconut oil. I checked it out since I love the scent of coconut and found some very interesting tips. I'll share the video with you here, and might I add, some of these things can be used for men too, like the hair. So since I have frizzy hair, especially at the temples, I decided to tro and sleep with coconut oil ini my hair over night. Simo id the same. And eventhough it took a little while to get it out with shampoo and conditioner in the shower the next day, it was so worth it! My hair is so smooth and there's no hair sticking out from my head when I wear my beloved ponytail!

First movie night.

I decided to make ANOTHER reason to hang with my Michael Jackson friends here in Finland, so I started a Movie club on Facebook for a selected few people. It's called the Michael Jackson movie club, and will concentrate on films that he had some sort of a relationship with. So it came quite naturally to me to invite to see Star Wars "A New Hope", since I became a Star Wars fan because I heard that he was a huge SW geek and even owned the original Darth Vader costume. So naturally, I had to see it as a kid and became a fan myself. The evening was a great success, and especially with my new projector projecting the image on my white wall together with awesome surround sound. It's quite unnecessary to say that there will be more episodes seen in not too long...

New costume coming up...

Last friday (yes, it's been a while) was a fun and productive day. I went with a fellow 501st friend over to The Wizard's house to work on my NEW Rebel Legion costume! While I've been in Norway, these great people have been working on my first costume from the original series, which would be the Endor Trooper Leia. I've decided not to post any pics here as I want to show it to you on saturday, when we will have the yearly Model Expo. I can't wait. So almost everything is done on the costume, I have to fix the hair and there's some minor things for the others to fix, and then we'll be ready. Here a picture from the movie:

Monday, 22 April 2013

Back in Finland!

OK, so I'm back in Finland, with my boyfriend and little dog (who AGAIN had a very traumatic airplane experience). It's nice to be back. The weather is beautiful and it's a real feeling of spring here. I was afraid I was gonna come back to winter. After the renovation has been done the bathroom looks great! We're already now thinking why didn't we renovate the kitchen in the same go? But that would be next if it's needed.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A little video...

So this is a part 2 of a video I did already a while ago. Better late than never.

Tyson VS. Milla!

A few days ago I had the pleasure again to trim a dog. It was owned by the same guy and was also a Jack Russel terrier. I was a bit nervous about this one, 'cause he told me beforehand that she was even worse matted, and that she didn't let him cut her nails and could be a bit difficult. So in my mind I made up an image of a slightly aggressive dog. When I saw her I didn't know where to begin, she was much worse than the previous dog. But otherwise, I got pleasantly surprised. The dog (which I believe was called Newt) was very nice and there was no problems whatsoever to cut her. True - she didn't like me cutting her nails, but then again, what dog does? Everything went really well and there was another pretty face underneath all that fur! And I could tell how much she loved it. Every time I cut a matted piece off her, I gave her a good massage in that area, and she closed her eyes and was really happy. That was nice to see. So when we were done it took a while before the owner came, and even though Dad has said that he would keep Milla away for the time Newt was there, he came home too early and Milla and Newt suddenly saw each other in the hallway. The tension was high for a little bit, but then it was better and they just walked around each other and I thought it would be OK. But suddenly, over a toy, Milla and Newt started fighting and it was a real bitch fight indeed! Somehow Newt got the upper hand and was over Milla. Everything happened so fast and both Dad and I didn't even have time to react before Newt got a hold on Milla's ear and wouldn't let go. Milla let out a terrible scream and I seriousely thought Newt would have a huge piece of her ear in her mouth when she was done. Dad managed to open Newt's jaw and we separated them, but Milla bled from her ear and got a real scare that day. We're cleaning her ear and she's all right, but she was a poor puppy that evening. First fight. Life is hard.