Saturday, 30 March 2013

Black Milk comparison.

This is a video where I compare Black Milk leggings with cheap leggings from eBay.

Spring is arriving.

What have I been doing this Easter so far? Walked, walked, walked and walked. With Milla. We are a pack. Milla and I. We've been walking in the forest here many days in a row now and both Milla and I love it! The weather is beautiful - spring is coming, and it's actually a bit warm. Best part of all this? It keep the Easter candy from settling.

My Michael Jackson collection!

Check out the Michael Jackson video I decided to do, while I am still at my childhood home and around my collection.

Last sleigh ride of the year.

A few days ago, Milla and I went with my friend Ann-Iren and her family to do a little sleigh ride. I called her when she was already there and asked if there were many people there by the hill and she said yes, as well as some dogs. I decided to bring Milla anyways, to see if I could still let her be loose, since it's still allowed to have your dog off the leach for a few more weeks. It turned out to be many people there, but I though that she needed the training for it, and I let her be loose. It went well. I tried to keep her occupied with treats and play, so that she wouldn't run to other people there and with that small terrier mind of hers it wasn't difficult to do so. Afterwards, the others left and Milla and I went for a long trip in the forest. It was good for both of us and I could tell that she was happy to sniff around all the interesting smells in the melting snow.

The doom of groom.

Last week I got a surprising job given to me. Someone my grandmother know came over for coffee. He saw Milla and asked me where I get her fur trimmed since she looks so good. I told him that I do it myself and he was sort of "wow" at it. It's always been natural for me to do it myself since I don't wanna really pay someone for my dog to be trimmed and it's really not that difficult anyway. So he asked me if I could trim his Jack Rusell terrier. He said that he was pretty messy, but he was very kind, so I agreed. The day he came with the dog I was like "wow, are you SURE it's a Jack Rusell?" I seriousely didn't recognize the breed under all the fur, but as I started to trim it it started to emerge a cute little Jack Rusell face underneath. It went pretty well eventhough he didn't let me cut under his belly and around his private parts (understandable), and eventhough I wasn't completely happy with the result, he ended up much better. I didn't even have to leave the muzzle on. I also think it felt pretty good to lose all that fur!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Fake and Horrible Oz.

We all the know the story of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz. We know, that the big wizard that Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin-man and the Lion needs to meet to get what they want, turns out to be an ordinary guy, who has fooled the whole land of Oz because he is a magician. So when this film came out, and I learned that this was the story of how Oz came to the land, I was super exited! Not only did it have actors that I really like, like James Franco and Rachel Weisz, but the trailer was done wonderfully and I was happy to go see it with a friend yesterday. Armed with a popcorn for two and my Coke Zero, the film began sort of well. A little out of touch I though, the over racting was meant like that surely? In black and white and all, I though it was gonna change once he got to Oz. I was wrong. The over racting quick pace falling in love and slow pace everything else made it impossible for me to get in to the story. Not only was there sad music constantly, but it seemed like the cameraman had kept rolling as the actors tried to get into the moods of the crying scenes and the editor had forgotten his job. We saw the film in 2D. I can't help but wonder if it infact would have been better in 3D, since the film was obviousely made for it. It was an endless roller coaster of 3D effects that just didn't happen, contant panning cameras and pointless things popping in your face. However, 3D would not help the one-dimensional charcters and nauseating dialogue. The story was too long, the people too flat and the scenes didn't end when they ended. All in all a very embarrassing trip to Oz.

Early easter.

Easter eve is on saturday. In Norway that means CANDY in an cardboard egg! However, I made easter eve come early this year. Two friends of mine, Hege and Jorunn came to visit me last weekend. They are both Michael Jackson fans, so naturally we had a Michaelish weekend full of videos and MJ talk. For some reason, something tells me because of the recent Jacksons concert, we ended up watching Michael from almost only the 70's with fun skits and TV shows. It was a blast. On saturday we joined Ann-Iren for MJ night and good food. Tacos with feta cheese. That was a new one. But it worked. So after the weekend I've stuffed myself so full of candy and chips that it's crazy! Oh well. No matter - simply gym!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Waiting and waiting...

The month of March has been one of waiting... The appartment in Finland is being renovated and Simo and I have been living with my family in Norway since Christmas. Simo went back over a week ago to look at the progress. Eventhough it's nice to be home, I'm really ready to go back to MY home now. Having your parents on your back constantly asking if you've done this and that and take your vitamins is irritating to anyone, no matter age. But when you're 30, it's nothing else than exhausting. To be thrown together when you've lived away from your parents for over 10 years, it feels like your energy is being sucked out of you, when you feel like everything you do is taken apart and looked at. So I'm ready to go home. I'm ready to be in my own place, my own world and let everything happen at my own pace. Be in my own kitchen, by own bathroom, placing things where I want it to be placed without it being moved. Most of all, to be able to go from one room to the other without hearing a voice requiring something of me. Cheers for that.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The best things in life are FREE!

Yesterday, Milla and I went on what might have been a very nice road trip - but NOOOO, I took her to the VET! Like all small creatures, Milla hates the doctors and the weird smells at the vet's, but this time, she met someone. It turned out to be quite a nice trip, since the office had moved and there were NEW smells there, that obviously weren't as foul as the other place. The Max came. A dashing older man, Labrador with some greyness in his fur. Milla and Max has some oral action that made us poor owners pretty embarrassed on their behalf, and left Max howling like a crazy guy from Jersey Shore. Luckily, we got called in to the vet and the check up was actually FREE! That doesn't happen a lot in Norway I have to say. Free stuff? No. So it was a dental check and she had good teeth. Then she got a little goodiebag with some snack for the teeth that she really liked. So Milla was a happy puppy, even though she though we were going to Disneyland.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

New Speed Painting video! Musketeers!

Check out my new video where I'm painting The Three Musketeers.

Look, look!

So my story of how I met The Jacksons has been in the previous week's biggest tabloid magazine in Norway now. A new issue came out yesterday, but I thought I should show you this one. I feel a bit torn about it, since this is a magazine that has written quite a bit of rubbish about Michael Jackson, like all tabloids, but at the same time, I know the value of press.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

New obsession...Oh no!

I've always loved astronomy and colourful clothing. My typical outfit of the day would be a colourful funny t-shirt and jeans. But I'm really tired of walking around in jeans constantly, and so I started to look a bit more at leggings from Black Milk. Some of my friends wear leggings, and I have to say that I've never really liked the look of it. It looks floppy and not very flattering, especially if you wear them as pants. So naturally, when I bought my first pair of Black Milk leggings, I didn't know what to expect, but I had heard people say that the shape of them are really good and they don't give you that look from cheap cotton leggings from H&M. And they were right. When I first got them and opened the package, I was a bit shocked by how small they we're and was like "oh no". True enough, the size was one too small, and I could especially feel that in the waist, where the band was reeeeeally tight. Otherwise they fit well. They are super comfortable and the fabric is great quality and thick. You don't get that "naked feeling", and you can use them just like that without any problem. No cameltoe, no underwear to be seen. I love them so much that I've ordered two more pairs and I can't wait to get them! These are the Galaxy Neptune Leggings. Visit their site at: