Thursday, 28 February 2013

A fool's errand.

Simo, Milla and I decided to go for a LONG walk in the forest today. It was quite windy and I felt my ears hurting a big from the cold wind surrounding them, and since I didn't have a hat on, Simo helped me to put my thick scarf around by head, looking like Prf. Quirrell from Harry Potter. During the walk we met a few friendly people who seemed to smile a lot at my "hi". What a nice day, I thought, sunshine and people in a good mood smiling as you pass. Not a very common thing in Norway in my opinion. Of course, when we arrived at home and I saw Simo's poor job as my stylist, I discovered the real reasons for their smiles. I looked like a fool with hair sticking out from the top!

Back in Hunderfossen for the WINTER.

When we attended the wedding expo a couple of weeks ago, we got free tickets to check out the Winter Park in Hunderfossen Family park. The place is over an hour away from here, and a very proud Simo drove all the way there and back again (we don't have a car in Finland so he doesn't get to practice much...). We knew that all the attractions in the park were not open, but a few weeks in the winter they have a ice sculpture expo, as well as some of the indoor rides open. You might wonder why got the free tickets from the wedding expo, but actually, they do weddings there and it was so that we could check out their restaurant and the ice cathedral. The cathedral was a a bit small and COLD (obviousely) but still pretty cool. You know. Cool. Next to it in another snow hut, was an ice bar with several room with "bed" covered in raindeer skins. I think I would freeze to death if I would sleep there for a night, clothing or no clothing, and ever the ice bar didn't go very well, eventhough the place was full of people. But the bar tables were pretty cool... After checking all this out we looked at the restaurant they have to offer which was super beautiful! They have a huge troll there that you can enter that has lots of scenes from Norwegian fairy tales in many different 3D rooms, and the restaurant was in the troll as well. I've never been there and I loved the fact that the room was held up by 4 giant trolls. It was a really nice little day trip, though cold. But it was worth it. You know - the free tickets.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Jacksons!

Whohoo! Check out my video about my meeting and concert with The Jacksons! Includes footage of meet and greet and concert.

I met The Jacksons!

Yesterday was quite an eventful day, and as we speak, I am editing a little video of my adventures. But to tell it simply, I went to Oslo to see The Jacksons, and got lucky enough to meet them as well and show them my painting! It's a long story, so you have to wait for the video which should be up shortly, but in the meantime here's some pics. Showing my painting to The Jacksons. What a great evening! Great show!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Poor me...heeeey...

So yesterday I had a small operation, removing my two lower wisdom teeth. It was under full anesthesia and it was quite a day. I have a bad doctor/hospital/dentist phobia and one of the reasons why I would pull these teeth were because I needed to drill a hole, and the wisdom teeth would be a bonus since I was under anesthesia anyways. When I arrived there and talked to the doctor, he was like "Oh no, we can't do that today". I got SO nervous! I felt completely cheated and appalled, but still had to go through with everything. They also took some blood tests. But after the change in my control freak plan, I got very teary (yes you heard me) and I was very anxious about something I've done many times before. That's how much a good doctor (he didn't even really look at me when we spoke) matters to a person with that phobia. However, when I went to the preparation room there was a nurse there that was super nice. She held my hand, spoke a while with me and explained everything. She gave me some relaxation medicine that made little me "whoop! And I'm outta there"! I got so relaxed and don't really remember getting the narcosis syringe or being taken to the operation room. I remember waking up a couple of times from the anesthesia after the operation and apparently I had spoken and said weird things many times. I woke up saying that I had a snake in my throat (I got a tube down and I've never gotten it before). I also woke up and told the nurses that I had a dream about Michael Jackson. Typical me. I also screamed at Milla and told her NOT TO EAT THAT FOOD! I have had anesthesia many times but never thrown up so violently after like yesterday. Starting at the hospital and ending in the evening, I spent the whole day in the sofa watching TV. I felt a bit bad this morning too and thought it would continue, but after eating a little I got much better. So today I'm going to Oslo to see The Jacksons Unity Tour. I'm a crazy rebel.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Worth going for a wedding cake!

On Sunday, a friend of mine; Kristin and Simo and I went to the annual Wedding Expo here in town. My best friend was gonna be a model at the wedding fashion show and I went along to film, only to be dissapointed to see no falling or anything else. The expo was in the biggest hotel here and it was quite a lot of things to check out, such as different photographers, bakeries, dress shops and so on. Simo and I have been engaged since 2006 and we got somewhat inspired of all this, and agreed to check out a place next week that cn host weddings. I'll get back to that. So when we went into the big fashion show hall, we got a ticket with a number each. We were told that it was a lottery ticket, and since I don't win anything, I was like "meh". So in the middle of the show, the many wonderful prizes were being pulled and number after number went by, until - I WON! Or that is, we're not sure WHO won, 'cause we mixed up the tickets. But no matter, we won a huge cake and sorted it all out by having a piece each after the show. Well worth going I must say.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Sad, sad salad...

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Maria who lives in Oslo and Audun at a cafe that I have only eaten a couple of times. When I have before, the chef making the food is my best friends' boyfriend and I know it's quality. But it wasn't now. Looking at the menu, I knew I didn't want to spend too much, so I ordered a Greek salad, which is fine to me since it's one of my favourites and I love feta cheese. Someone had told my friend that they had great salads and that they were pretty big. So I get the salad, and it's the smallest plate (yes, plate, not bowl) of salad I've ever seen. And it was about 20 US Dollars. Yes, welcome to Norway. The greens in it looked tossed onto the plate, and not only that but they looked old. So I'm trying not to say anything and I start poking around in the salad, and notice that there is no more than 2 1/2 pieces of feta cheese in there. 2 1/2 pieces for 20 Dollars. Great. Since Norwegians most of the time are thought not to be seen, heard and certainly not complain openly about anything, I had to deliberate with my friends before I decided to have a chat with the waitress. So I told her that, well, there's two pieces of cheese in my salad and if it's possible to get a bit more of everything on my plate. No problem and she disappeared for a little while in the kitchen. She came back and told me a bit quietly: "I'm sorry, but they don't have any more ingredients". I was baffled. So they had just decided to put whatever was left on the bottom of the feta cup and just hope I didn't notice. For 20 Dollars. Rude. So she said that I could get something else instead and suggested a Ceasar salad that cost around 30 Dollars. I was like, well, it's a bit more expensive than what I chose. She told me I could get it for the same price so I agreed. When I got the salad plate it was HUGE! Either it was the real size that a salad there should be or they felt bad and put extra on it. Either way it was the salad I really wanted but felt I couldn't afford so all in all, I was happy in the end.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Breaking my habit.

Some of you might know this, but I`m very addicted to Coca-Cola. I used to drink the normal version with sugar and all, but after I discovered Coca-Cola Zero, that has been my drug of choice. Eventhough this isn`t a secret, and has been going on for many years, I started seeing a pattern I didn`t like. I had a tendency to buy these 4 packs of big Coca-Cola`s because they`re much cheaper that way, and always had it available. Naturally, that way I would also drink much more. That means that the amount spend was absolutely horrific! So I decided to make a plan. I would not stop Coca-Cola completely, but stop bying into the house and have it too available. I can buy a Coke here and there for special occations and when I`m out (since I don`t drink alcohol), but never have it in the house. So far it`s gone really well, but I can tell that I have some sort of withdrawal - yes, you heard me! I have a terrible headache pretty much all the time and feel low on energy and tired. Some say that Coca-Cola is almost as hard to quit as cigarettes, but I guess that`s because it`s mostly about the actual habit and not so much the intake of coffeine or nicotin in my opinion. But I have to admit it`s hard. I`ve tried many times before, and decided to reward myself with someting I really want, that I maybe feel I can`t afford if I don`t save up the money I would normally have spent on Coke. So that`s my plan, and I think it`s going pretty well so far.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Stupid Blogspot. Again.

Again, I'm having trouble with Blogspot, and this has been going on for a while actually. I don't know why, but eventhough I make space between what I'm writing here, it doesn't show on the actual site and shows all the text mashed together with no room in between. I'm sorry about that. For example, now I started on a new line, but I doubt that's showing. I wrote about Mother's Day earlier and put a link there, but it's showing in between everything else and makes it hard to read. Ah well. Stupid Blogspot. Again. In other news, I'm painting and have no life.

A filling Mother's Day.

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Norway, and since I've grown up with my grandmother since I was around 1 years of age, I consider her to be my mother. Simo and I decided to buy her favourite flowers and make a sushi meal as well as our favourite cake. We started with the brownies actually, and of course we couldn't help ourselves and had to have a piece before she came home. I will share with you the recipe here and while you're at it, you should check out the site it's on. It's the recipe site I use the most. Next was the sushi, and we had salmon, scampi and scallop, which is my favourite. It turned out pretty good, eventhough we used a new brand for the rice and soyasauce that I wasn't happy with. The sauce tasted too sour and the rice didn't get sticky enough. Blue Dragon next. SO. Full.

Friday, 1 February 2013

New painting!

I just finished another painting! Here you can see the Speed Painting video of it!