Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is over again, or at least Christmas eve. We had a great evening with the morning and afteroon spent mostly in front of the TV actually, watching all the old and traditional Christmas shows that I have to see to be able to have a real Christmas feeling. Dinner was served at 17.30 and as usual, the Norwegian Christmas dinner is mostly potatoes and meat. We went on to gifts and unwrapping and we have to do it turn so it last as long as possible and everybody can see what everybody gets. In the middle of the unwrapping though, the Christmas tree decided to have a launch and pretty much attacked me where I was minding my own business and all. I managed to save it in time, and it is still standing...for now. I was super happy with all the gifts this year, and making a real wish list payed off. I will probably make a video showing you guys some of the stuff I got. Continue having a great Christmas!

Bye bye Finland...

...for a while again. Coming home to Finland after celebrating Christmas with family in Norway is pretty much no point. Because from January intil the end of March, there will be a huge renovation in our building, and you can't even live in your appartement. So as if Christmas isn't stressful enough, Simo and I spent the whole night before leaving awake, so that we could wrap all furniture and stuff in plastic. So it will be interesting to see the result when we come home in the beginning of April.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The end of the world...

...was supposed to come today. Dissapointed. No, but seriously. I realize that Discovery and other channels will take whatever they can to make a good show, and I'm sure that these Doomday preppers were pretty busy this year. At least now that the world was gonna end at prisecely 12.00 o'clock in the daytime (how does that work in the whole world, would it go timezone by timezone?), and it hasn't happen, they can focus on Christmas instead of trying to survive the doom. So hurry up and buy what you can! Today and tomorrow is your last chance, before BOOM!!! CHRISTMAS!!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Santa Lucia.

Today is a big Christmas celebration for all Scandinavians. By that I mean, Finland, Norway and Sweden. I'm not sure about Denmark, but I expect the have the same tradition. We celebrate Santa Lucia. It's a very big celebration in kindergardens and shools especially, where a girl will be selected to represent Lucia, and lead a parade of children dressed in white while holding a single candle. Lucia herself will be in the front, with a red ribbon around her waist, holding a candle and wear a candle crown on her head. It is truly a beautiful scene when these children enter a dark room full of parents, singing the Lucia song. However beautiful this might be, the real story behind Lucia is quite dramatic. I've done some research on this, so bear with me. The legend of Lucia dates back to 304 A.D. in Sicily. She was the daughter of a noble Christian family, and when her mother fell ill, she prayed to God for her health to come back. When she became well again, she swore to devote her life to God and helping the poor, and refused to marry the man the family had promised her to. With fury, this man reported her as a Christian and she was to be burned at the stake. What we wear today, celebrating Santa Lucia, is for us a traditional symbol of beauty and warmth on long and cold winter nights. The white dress that we wear is in fact symbolizing her purity. The red ribbon symbolizes the blood that poured from her body as she was tortured. The lights in her hair has more of an interesting she was put on the fire, it didn't burn her right away, but made a radiant light shining all around her while she died. Lucia was made a protestant saint. In art she is usually shown with her eyes in a bowl, as the story goes that they were so beautiful that she herself ripped them out so that no man could fall in love with them. They don't teach you this story in school I can assure you. I was never Lucia in kindegarden or school of course. It's every little girls dream. When I was young it HAD to be a blond girl. Now it's changed though. But I DID get my hair on fire though. You see, now they have the light on battery, but in the 80's they had REAL lights, even in kindergarden. So I'm told that my hair caught fire during one of these parades. I don't remember it, but at least I can say that I've come closest to being a real Lucia. That's right bastards!


Yesterday was one of those wonderful days when you go to bed in the evening and feel like you've made a CHANGE for yourself. It's very easy to do this - simply throw a big item from your hording world. Simo's mother came over since we don't have a car, so that we could go to the attic and get some big things thrown out from there. Here you have to go to a special place that take care of those kind of things, and we had some broken furniture up there as well as old laptops and computer stuff. I also did my yearly clothing de-hording and got rid of two bags full of clothes and three bags of old towels. Ah.

Doggone day!

On Sunday, Simo and I headed to the yearly Dog Show here in Helsinki. We always go, because there is nothing than can make me happier than a dog - especially a puppy. Simo wanted to see certain breeds that he might want in the future, so we were careful to see on the program that most of the ones he liked were there on Sunday and not Saturday. We were first thinking to take Milla with us, because we thought it might be a good exercise for her, but we changed our minds when Simo remembered in the middle of the night that he thought he had seen somewhere last year that you couldn't bring your own dog if you hadn't applied for it first. And right he was. When we arrived there was a huge sign saying "no dogs" - a bit ironic. We were glad since it's pretty far from our place and a bit tricky to get there. After walking around a bit and looking at all the wonderful dogs in all sizes and all their glory, Simo saw one that he thought might be a Sarplaninac - his favourite dog race. It wasn't, but a very similar breed called Caucasian Ovsharka. These dogs are HUGE and bred to kill wolves and bears. And in fact it was called "Teddy". We talked to Teddy's owner for a very little time before she looked at Simo and said: "You look like person who knows dogs! Can you hold him while I go to the toilet, I've been holding myself for hours!" Simo was like "Sure", and she went off while yelling to him "Oh, don't let him attack any other male dog!" And gone she was. So it didn't take long before the huge dog saw a male he would like to pick a fight with, but Simo used all that he's learned about big dogs and put his leg up in front of him and gave him a push. From that on Teddy simply leaned on his new friend Simo. There you go. So after babysitting Teddy for a little while we went to eat at the "Finnish Mc. Donald's" Hesburger, (which is much better by the way) and looked at the dogs and the shows for a little bit longer. I started to miss Milla when we walked passed a bunch of Border Terriers and one that looked and acted just like her. We even managed to get some Christmas gifts from here! Great success!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bad 25 documentary.

A video I made yesterday after seeing "Bad 25" a new documentary about Michael Jackson's album "Bad". The documentary is by Spike Lee and has lots of interesting new things about MJ in it. This is also great for non MJ fans.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas time.

So it's Christmas time again, and I have to say that I haven't really been in Christmas mood lately. I think that every year I go into a sort of denial when Christmas come around, because quite frankly it's way too early every year. And is it just me, or does it seem like it comes a BIT earlier to the stores every year? Yes, for the few ones of you that haven't figured it out yet; they're brainwashing us. I know that the role for a child and an adult is different in Christmas time, but I remember when I was a child - how I was allowed to fully enjoy Christmas time by looking forward to what it really is about; being with family, Christmas music and for me at least - Christmas movies and things on TV. Yes, I'm addicted to certain things around the holidays - certain films and TV specials. (NOT Star Wars Holiday Special!!!) When I was a kid I had ONE advent calendar. In the beginning it was the normal cheap chocolate one. Then, in delight, I discover that there was something called GIFT calendar where you would get a small gift every day wrapped like a Christmas present. Who could say no to that? So as I grew older and wiser with manipulation and material expectation, I naturally selected that one. Nowadays I buy the cheapest chocolate calendar I can find - one for me and one for Simo. (Yes, I am the keeper of Christmas spirit in this household.) The advent calendars nowadays in the stores are outrageous! Does it really take a 20 EURO calendar to get your child into the Christmas spirit parents? Just because you don't feel it anymore is probably more of a lack in being childlike than anything else, and remember that YOU set the stage for what it means to your children! If it means getting the most expensive calendar just because it has a picture of a car or a princess on it - or ever worse; your favourite candy brand, they have done a very good job brainwashing you. And your child will get it even worse. If being an adult in Christmas time has tought me anything - at least it is about going back to childhood. If you can't do that, I understand that you need all these things to feel like your making an effort for Christmas. Or maybe you just have to try a little harder. Here, have some porrige.

Sunday, 2 December 2012