Monday, 27 August 2012

How to make a blueberry pie...

1. PICK BLUEBERRIES! Today, Simo, Milla and I was inspired to go for a walk in the good weather. We went to the forest and brought along some serious high-tech blueberry picking devices, and went on our hunt. Nothing. We realized that we were too late. After picking a pathetic number of berries, we realized the further and further we got into the forest that we were crossing that border that lazy "let's-buy-the-rest-in-the-store"-people call "too far into the forest", and all of a sudden we were bathing in blueberries! We proudly went to the store to get some ingridient and made a delicious blueberry pie for the whole family! Yummy!

Country side day.

Yesterday was a real day at the countryside. My friend Ann-Iren and her family, and Simo and I went to a farm a bit outside where we live that held an open market day. Eventhought the weather was chilly, and the food that was supposed to be local had a slight...well, scottish accent to it among others, it was a really nice walk around the farm. I had hoped for more animals, but atleast they had enough scary old houses to peek in to and such. Before we left, we bought some of that French (SCOTTISH) bread for sale, as well as some goodies for the bread to wear. And radishes. Yes, I LOVE radishes. Raw. We decided to go to another place in the middle of who knows where to buy what is supposed to be the best waffles with cream and jam in Norway, and even with the stiff prices at that place, it was totally worth it, 'cause those waffles were really something. In the evening we took with us some of the stuff that we had bought, and Coung; being a chef naturally whipped something up, and it ended up tasting delicious and looking something like this:

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Seafood evening deluxe!

Yesterday, Simo, Henrik and I were invited to Ann-Iren and Coung's place for a seafood evening! The food was way enough for a little village, and we tried - oh man, did we try - to eat it all up, even with some help from Milla, but that was pretty much impossible. We ended up taking some of it back to my place to a very happy daddy who got a good midnightsnack. Feeding Milla with shrimps is something that shouldn't be too much of a surprice considering she eats pretty much anything (like Simo), and remembering that she's a dog and infact not a human, we started just giving her complete shrimps with shell, tails, legs and eyes. She was a happy puppy. Today I haven't been feeling so well...and I REFUSE to believe that it has anything to do with the seafood, but infact is more of a small fever and cold going on...and considering that most people around me have the same symptoms right now sort of tells me that I'm right. Today I've just taken it easy and doen nothing really. Let's hope tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

15 years ago...

I was 15 years old, and my principal at school gave me and my friends special permission to be away from school to be able to see Michael Jackson's HIStory tour in Oslo. He knew how much this meant to me - yes, there has NEVER been a secret that I'm a Michael Jackson fan, and it continues to be that way. This would be the first time I would see Michael Jackson live. Eventhough I was actually sick that day, I hardly remember that fact. And who would know this day, fifteen years ago, that I would later see him perform live again 4 times? Who would know that I would be stranded in New York the 11th of september 2001 "because of him"? And who would know that I would meet him twice, shake his hand and have a little chat? I sort of did. =) One urban word for you: Awesomeness.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Norwegian chocolate needs Norwegian landscape.

Noaways I'm working on a new painting with Norwegian fjord landscape and some more details that I won't tell you about yet. I'm exhited about it and I think it should be finished by the end of next week. As soon as I get a proffesional picture taken of it I'll show it to you. In the meantime, eat chocolate. Norwegian if you can. ;)

Berries for everyone!

In Norway we're lucky pretty much all the time, without even realizing it. Hell, we're lucky to EXIST in Norway. Many Norwegians forget this from time to time though, that's what "having it all" does to you. So when you need that wake up call and want to get that kick of having it all, there's nothing that does it better than to just look around. Instead of shopping to feel rich or drinking to feel alive that most of us do, most of the time, I have a suggestion for you if you can. Go and pick berries. Of course my brother said: "I don't get it why we spend hours of picking berries from the garden when we can just go to the store and buy some", but he's my littlebrother - and littlebrothers are silly. No matter how old they are. So after two days, we got quite a lot of buckets of berries, and my granma made juice from some of them and the rest we ate for dessert with vanilla sauce. Yummy!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Finally a show off! New painting y'all!

So FINALLY I can show off my new Michael Jackson painting that I made and is now hanging on my friend's wall. I'm happy with it, and it took quite long to make as there's been so many other things going on lately. The two fairies in the foreground are myself to the left and my friend who owns the painting on the right side. We're "discovering" Michael and forming a friendship through that as 13 year olds.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Yesterday was a day of blessings...good food, good company, oh and the blessing of my friends Nelly and Audun's baby Thor Gabriel. The celebration started at Audun's family's place with traditional African food as well as Tapas to nibble on. During the eating, we all sang some songs written in Thor Gabriel's honour, which was fun, before the parents unwrapped all the presents. I bought two book that I think he will enjoy a bit later on. After stuffing ourselves with marzipan cake we all went to the church where he would be blessed. I have to say that it's not the sort of church I'm used to, and the praising was a lot louder let's say than I expected. But it was very interessting to see, and after it all the was MORE CAKE!!! After all this, Simo and I went to Ann-Iren and Coung to hang out and watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Which was pretty boring. But quite an eventful day it was.

A Michaelish birthday!

Simo came to Norway on friday and he hadn't been here long before his days would be pretty much filled with things to do. On saturday my best friend Ann-Iren had her 30th birthday, and since she came to Paris to celebrate mine, I decided to give her a really unique present; a painting. She has told me she wanted a Michael Jackson painting and gave me the picture she hoped for and I pretty much did what I wanted to it. There was a lot of people at this party, and it was easy going and fun. Her boyfriend is a chef and had made the food which was superb as always, but still 90 percent was left since he'd made so much. After watching Norway getting a gold medal in handball we decided to go out to a nightclub that had a Michael Jackson evening, and a MJ impersonator that we know did a dance in her honour. Awesome!

Friday, 10 August 2012

BOO! Here I am!

If I haven't been very social on my own blog lately, it's simply because I've slipped into some sort of weird horror movie haze...oh, and I'm painting! But yes, for some weird self destructive way of reason, I've been wanting to watch horror movies BY MYSELF (!!!) lately. Of course, I have to have the fire lit in the fireplace (as I've said a hundred times before, SUMMER HAS ESCAPED NORWAY) and my dear dog Milla on my lap, so I can force kisses on her whenever it gets to scary to watch. Well...maybe that's why Milla has been avoiding me in that chair So yesterday I watched The Awakening my granma, but I don't think she counts since she just fell asleep during the film all the time and wanted to tell me all the details afterwards. She said she didn't find it very scary, but between you, me and the rest of the world; I think "falling asleep" is a very clever way to get out of it with your dignity sort of intact. I liked it actually. I thought it was elegant and as different as a horror movie with a ghost in a old school in the middle of nowhere can be, and the acting was superb. The other day I also watched The Woman in Black. It had Daniel Radcliffe in it, and as much as I hate to admit it I was wondering if I could see his character and beyond Harry Potter. Actually I must say that I was positively surprised and the film was more than okay, and I believed in Radcliffe's charcter. The last but not least film I saw was "Dream House" with Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz. I liked the film. It had a twist that I felt was surprising enough. It was a little weird with motivations that I didn't really understand completely, but all in all a good horror movie with great actors!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A day at Hunderfossen.

On friday, after many failed attempts because of the weather - I decided to bring my Goddaughter with me to a day at Hunderfossen, an amusement park not too long from where we live. It's been AGES since I've been there the last time, it must have been when I was a kid, and some positive changes had been made there. But still, the place is very traditional and built upon Norwegian history and fairy tales, mainly from Asbjørnsen and Moe. The thing that I remember the most from my childhood is the huge troll that you can enter and walk through. Inside, theres a big selectioon of Norwegian fairy tales, each represented in a beautiful scenery with a 3D feel to it, with dolls and nordic landscape. I always loved it as a child. There's even a cinema there that you can relax in when tired (yes it's free) that showed Asbjørnsen and Moe puppet animated short films by Ivo Caprino. Ah, the memories. To my delight there was something new also! A HUGE castle that had a troll ride inside as well as a ride through fairytales, a bit like Pirate of the Caribbean or It's a Small World in Disneyland. We were really lucky with the weather this day - it was sunny pretty much all the time, and after a long time with bad summer here in Norway, we were happy about that. Eventhough I can say that this place doesn't have that much stuff for adventurous adults to do, I still think that it's worth the trip, just for the beautiful place in itself as well as the Norwegian fairytales and feeling that you don't get anywhere else.