Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My fingers are itching!

I just finished a new painting the other day, and I'm dying to show it to you! My fingers are itching, but I have to wait a bit longer. The reason for that is that the painting is a gift for my best friend Ann-Iren (The LAST painting I will do for free EVER), and I know that she is lurking around in here from time to time. She has ordered a Michael Jackson painting and I have had the freedom to add my own twists and turns to it. She chose the original picture she wanted me to use and that's all she know about it, so I have to keep it secret, keep it safe...

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Question round!

A good old fashion MJ feast.

Since my best friend and I both are huge Michael Jackson fans, we have to have a MJ night as we call it from time to time. That pretty much included watching MJ until we drop, it might be interviews, concerts of even documentaries. Her own daughter is also a fan (oh no, we had nothing to do with it! LOL) and this time we also introduced her younger son to "Moonwalker". Michael is not a stranger to him though - mind you - he says "Michael" and not "Maikell" like most Norwegians do. Pretty good from a kid. We had such a hilarious time! All the questions and comments from this kid who was completely stuck to the film, and how could anything be too weird? Michael had already turned in to a car, a rabbit and even had a amausement park built on top of him! But the discovery that Michael is probably a lot in pain since he says "aouw" so much, and that he "hits his peepee" is always the most interessting... An important thing with this MJ night also is of course the food. So we made two HUGE pizzas, one mexicana with jalapeno's nachos hot sauce and so on, and one italiano with parma ham, mozerella and olives. They were both really good, and I had WAY too much! Can't wait 'till next time!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

And the days go on and on...

There hasn't been much interessting activity on this blog since I came home to Norway for the summer. Why - you might ask yourself, but truth to be told, there isn't much exciting things really that goes on here, except for the fact that I get to meet my friends, relax from time to time, and lets not forget; PAINT MY LIFE AWAY! Bear with me, but I think I MIGHT just have seen some really beautiful evening-summer-skies tonight, which should mean a promise of better weather. We need it.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

America here I come!

So I don't think I've told you yet, but I am travelling - again - to America. This time I'm going to New Mexico, but not before september. But since I'm already really looking forward to it, I couldn't help but buy these things the other day when I went shopping.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What to do with rainy days?

Rainy day is something that hasn't exactly been missing in the north this summer. It's already over the middle of july and I think I can count the sunny days on one hand. However, when I get tired of painting, theres nothing much else to do then jump into the rain and show it the finger. Hege came to visit me from Oslo this weekend, and that's exactly what we did on sunday. We took Milla with us, and went for a long walk up on the hill where I live. Theres many roads there for people who like to walk and we took the one on 5 km, with much of it going up hill. In the beginning it wasn't raining much, and luckily it only started when we were already in the forest and got a tiny bit of shelter from the trees. When it started pouring down the worst, we were almost finished on our route, and there would be a little cabin that visitors can just go inside and have a break in. We sat there for about half an hour, watching the squirrels outside that were getting food from the birdhouses. There was 7 of them! A whole family! After realizing that rain wasn't really gonna stop anytime soon, we decided to be brave and continue our walk which wasn't very much longer and get to the car. When we got there I rang home and asked if my parents could light the fire for us. We went to the store and bought stuff to make some hot chocolate and have a cozy time after our rainy day.

Friday, 13 July 2012

A day in Oslo...

On tuesday, my friend and I decided to go to Oslo for a day trip. We took the train and two hours later we were in Oslo and went to a little island outside, to see the museum there that houses three vikingships. You have to get there by boat ofcourse and I was surprised by how often it leaves for the island. Once there, you have to walk for about five minutes (follow the stream) to get to the Vikingship Museum. The museum is not big, but seeing three vikingships up close sure makes up for it. They also had lots of other viking items to see. They had two winter sledge's and a few smaller stuff like shoes and practical knifes and so on. All was very interessting and I took LOTS of pictures! I love little details, and my favourite thingie was the shoes, and to be able to see it up close and know that someone had worn these once upon a time... After our "back to the Viking era" - experience, we went back to Oslo center and met my little brother Henrik for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo. We all had burgers, but I have to say, the service was a lot greater than my burger - which was pretty much flavourless. But no matter - we had a great day in the "BIG CITY", and I even got some shopping done!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Do I have a hacker?

Today I noticed a comment under the post "Did they say "jump in"?"...atleast how I can see it, it is written and posted under my name. If this person who wrote that comment could please answer the question I asked under it, I'd be very happy.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Did they say "jump in"?

I've had quite an eventful day today, eventhough in one way, I haven't done much. I went to the gym in the morning, then checked if the new lap top I've ordered has arrived in the store - it had, and gave them my fried hard drive to see if they could save it, and went to our cabin with Milla again to visit dad and practise her swimming. She did very well and as soon as she'd swam a couple of times she was like a pro. Then it was time to eat. Since she'd been so good, she got some really good hotdogs and enjoyed every peice of human food she could possibly scrape from her plate. I tried to take a cozy family portrait...sort of a mother daughter dinner experience together. Obviousely Milla doesn't care a bit for anything else than the hotdogs. After the dinner, we went to practise Milla's swimming again. By now she was so good that she didn't mind going into the water at all. So much so, that when our neighbours came by our cabin in a canoe, Milla jumped into the water and swam all the way to the boat to greet them! I tried to call her back, but apparently, she wanted to go for a boat ride and our neighbours simply had to lift her into the boat. Satisfied, Milla simply went up on the girls lap to get a good view of the situation and area before they rowed to our little pier and brought her back to me. Who said Milla is afraid of water?!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Milla's first swim.

Since it's been nice weather today, Mammy and I went up to our cabin to visit dad there who were going to do some fishing. I thought it would be a perfect oppurtunity to try to get Milla to swim, since she's been afraid of water pretty much since she was a puppy and jumped into the lake at Simo's summer cottage! She got a huge fright, as she didn't know what water really was and the summer in Finland isn't really frying hot, so I'm sure she got a cold surprise. We've been trying to get her into lakes after this, but without luck. I used a flower that I threw in the water and a stick as well, to lure out her natural instinct to go and fetch them. After a while she actually went for a swim!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Eat your heart out, Diana!

I always wanted my hair to be a bit thinner, 'cause when I style it, it become pretty...well, BIG! I don't think Diana Ross or Hermione got anything on me! Still, I'm getting used to the curls that has come on even STRONGER than before after I cut my hair completely short. Why not play with the look a little?

At home...

I've been home for a week already, but I have to share with you guys what stood and waited for me when I entered the house. A brand new easel from my granma! Finally I have an easel that won't get knocked over and is good and steady quality! Now - painting.