Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cool picture!

A fellow trooper took this picture of me in Legoland, and eventhough I should give you readers some rest from the Star Wars stuff, I just HAD to share it! I love it, it's so cool!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Desucon 7 Day 2.

This morning was earlier, but also easier for some reason to start at Desucon. All was quiet when I arrived, only one lonely trooper had arrived before me. This day would be longer than saturday, 3 hours earlier start and possibly more intense shedule. I started in the stand today, and it's safe to say that it was LIFELESS! No pictures gives you some time to kid around though, and that's probably what you need an early morning anyways. This day went pretty much like the day before...but around lunch time a Stormtrooper and I decided to go outside and brought a support person with us to help us buy food. We headed to Mc. Donalds and didn't just surprise random people in the streets and in the restaurant, but had the great oppurtunity to surprise a child who had his birthday! He was there with his mother and a friend and was probably around 5 or 6. His eyes just LIT UP when he saw a Stormtrooper walk in! Thise are the things that makes this a fun "job"! Well inside, we had a little "questions and answer" hour with people at the convention who would be interessted in joining 501st or Rebel Legion. People seemed genuinely interessted and it went well...the only thing is that darn concrete floor! There were lots of character and costume change this day as well! Some of our troopers had lots of different costumes and my favourite this year was a great Captain America! And of course, the Iron Man ain't bad either! Like last year, this troop was a blast! I might have felt like it was a bit more of a job than fun this year not sure why, but something tells me it was the pain if my feet, and also it felt like more people at the convention in general, so it was difficult to move around. But I'll definately be back next year!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Desucon 7 Day 1.

After leaving Legoland there wasn't really much more interessting things do be done, except for packing my bags and leaving for Norway. However, since I would probably stay in Norway for a while this time and even go to USA straight from there without returning to Helsinki first, I had to organize certain things before leaving. I brought Milla with me, so that she can have a good summer here in a big garden (and Simo can get a brake), so I must have looked pretty crazy at the airport with all the extra things. Also, a REALLY well wrapped painting-in-construction was sent on the "special luggage", while I almost bit my hand off in anxiety. SO! With all wrapped things and living things well landed in Norway, I had the longest day of my life just hanging with my granma and waiting for it to be saturday. (Eventhough hanging with my granma is cooler than it sounds like...) Again, we had our fabulous Anakin that I got to pose a bit with, but unfortunately this time for some reason I didn't get the time to take many pictures with my own camera. This year I was pretty tired, I think it was because of the hard sement floor. Last year I had my Packing Gown costume that includes MBT shoes, very comfortable shoes with a curved sole for balance. This year? Cheap shoes that brought pain. Still it was lots of fun, and I even met some really sweet girls in costume there that I talked a lot with. Potential members...? There were lots of great costumes this year as well, and one girl had such a great Oola costume that it made Karin go home to get her own Koyi Mateil, so they could pose together. Oh, and of course Jango wanted to be in the middle...who can blame him? After a great parade to bring the dressed up teenagers in the audience to a climax, we all went out to eat dinner at a italian restaurant. The portions there were HUGE! American sized I would say! It's one of those dinners where you look at the plate and NOTHING HAPPENS! No matter how much you eat. Ah well. Spaghetti-stomach might mean no ripped top version of my costume to be worn on sunday...

Stupid blogspot!

Just to let you know that for some reason, there's something wrong with blogspot and they don't let me edit my posts today, so if I sound completely retarded in some of my writing BLAME BLOGSPOT!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Leaving Legoland.

Monday was there and time to leave Legoland. One whole year 'till next time. We had to be out of the cabina at 11.00 and sheduled it that way. Without any idea of what to do with all the grill food we had grabbed a hold on on friday - hoping that it would be time and weather to barbecue, we invited everyone who wanted to for hot dog breakfast at our cabin before leaving! After the harty (not healthy) breakfast we went on our way to Copenhagen a bit behind shedule for returning our car we noticed, with me behind the wheel. If I can do Route 66 on my own I can surely do Denmark. Getting closer to Copenhagen we were a bit nervous that we might have to pay extra returning the car too late. Luckily there was no problem. After returning the car at the airport (in the wrong area they told us - too bad we told them), we checked in before taking a quick trip in to Copenhagen centre to be tourists for a little while at least. We mostly ended up hanging in Hard Rock Cafe, but we were all hungry and I didn't mind as personally, I didn't find Copenhagen very pretty. At least not around the railways station, but they were renovating a lot of things, so it looked messy. But still, it was a nice little sightseeing before heading home to Finland. Look what I found! The told me at the Hard Rock Cafe that they used to have an authentic white sparkeling glove framed and hanging on the wall as well, but someone ripped it off and stole it.


Sunday pretty much started the same way as saturday - at least for me. Eventhough most people looked a bit red eyed after a night of partying I can't really say that there were lack of excitement. Again we went to the park, and had to wait for a while outside the pouring rain. We all ran to the cover of the cantina for another breakfast before getting out costumes on and welcome the guests into the park. It was REALLY cold this day - I was pretty much freezing most of the time, so wearing the ripped version of my costume was out of the question most of the day. After hanging around the entrance area for a while we went on out parade again and like the day before it was awesome to be so many and march with a marching band leading us. It rained quite a lot this day, so I noticed that I took more brakes than usual, and also bought my one and only item from Legoland; an umbrella! Today it was important for me to get my Jake Lloyd signature so I went over to the line and joined a fellow trooper. We decided to ask if we could take some cool photos with him as well. Eventhough I know many Star Wars fans hated Episode 1 and even his role in it (which I'm not one of), and many people have said that he's really shy and not so nice, I have to make it clear that I don't agree. Jake Lloyd was super nice, and true; a bit shy maybe, but he was cool enough to take me and Jazz backstage to take some photos with us. Away from the line and all Star Wars fans we talked for a while and he is one of the nicest and down to earth "celebrities" I've ever met. Some troopers left early on sunday, since some of them had to catch a plane back to their country. The finns and I had already planned to stay till monday so we didn't have to stress about getting back in time. Sunday evening went to packing and having a nice buffet dinner (the danes love buffets apparently) before some of us would part. This has been one the most fun trooping I've been part of so far! Lots of fun, new friends and even new costume!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Saturday; first day of trooping in Legoland!

After a VERY early wake up call, the finnish gang who shared a cabin at the camping ground got up and headed with armour and costumes to "backstage" of Legoland to get ready for the first day of Star Wars weekend in the park! Eventhough it was early, it was quite exciting, since I haven't been there before; neither at a troop or in the park in general. Upon arrival we were showed to our big tent where we would change before heading to the cantina to get breakfast and a briefing of how the day should look like. There were no closed areas in the tent really, so it was necessary for me and some of the other girls to go the restroom to be able to change our...well, more "secret" parts... So with the costume all ready to go, we went around the park having fun and taking pictures with the visitors. Around lunchtime we were part of a HUGE Star Wars parade, with a marching band and no other than Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker in Episode 1 leading the way. It was pretty cool as we were about 130 troopers attending the event! In between the parades and our schedule when we should be out trooping, we could do pretty much whatever we wanted. Since I usually keep my costume on during most of the day, it's a bit limited as it's difficult to take many rides and you can't really eat wearing the costume either. You're always in role if you keep it on, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun at all! Oscar, who has an amazing Plo Koon, and I decided that we should take some rides still in costume, so we ended up doing a little childrens thing (with also Jake Lloyd in another wagon we noticed) that left me a bit dizzy and sick afterwards. But no worries, costume remained white and clean...! While going to take this ride, there was a little girl who stopped me and said in Danish "I'm dressed just like you!" Since Danish is almost the same as Norwegian when it's written, but very different when pronounced, I had difficulty understanding what she meant, especially since she had a jacket hiding her costume. So I smiled and said "That's nice" and sort of went in line...but later I saw her taking off her jacket and noticed the cutest outcome of a kid making the Padme's Arena battle outfit on her own! I just HAD to take a picture with her! After a long, but fun troop in the park, guiding the visitors out with our last parade, we all went back to the camping ground to get ready for the dinner event in the big Legoland castle. It was a really nice evening, with a tasty buffet and exclusive guests like Jake Lloyd and even a couple of birthdays! (And it's not EVERY day little Anakin Skywalker sings you a birthday song!) It was a fun first day of trooping in Legoland, and a great evening that ended long after the dinner, at a cozy camping ground, tucked in a blanket, surrounded by wonderful people, having a little serious and not so serious talks.

On the road in Denmark.

So now that I finally have a computer to borrow, I can update my blog, my dear readers. My life has been filled pretty much of Star Wars trooping lately, so I'm afraid that for the rest of you out there who's not a complete nerd like myself, you have to wait for a few post to come before reading about anything else. So thursday the 14th was the last day for me at my work that I've been to for two years, and eventhough it's bitter sweet, I look foward to new horizons. On friday I took a REALLY early flight with fellow Finnish trooper Jouko to Copenhagen before meeting up with more troopers, getting our rental car and heading down to Billund and Legoland. On the way there, there was a very cozy place where we stopped to eat, shop and get a brake from the very continuousely flat landscape that followed most of the way. We did a little sightseeing (and oh, so amused by all the words that become pervert as soon as you traslate them to Norwegian, which isn't that hard to do), and ate at a neat restaurant before continuing on our way. We arrived in Billund and Legoland camping ground in good time to be part of the partying and socializing before a very long but fun weekend ahead!

Miss you...

I can't believe it's been 3 years already since your death. There's not one single day that goes by that I don't think of you in one way or the other. There's not one week without your music in my ears. There's not one stroke of my paintbrush not inspired by your warm words to me. And there is absolutely no way I will forget to be thankful for all that you've given me. Miss you.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Great medley!

So in the lack of anything else to write about here before I've fixed my computer, I present to you all a GREAT Jackson 5 performance that I found today on youtube. It's a relly good medley, with a 16 year old Michael Jackson breaking in to his new voice and being really cute! I love the singing with The Mills Brothers!

Fried lap top...

OK, so my lap top fried yesterday...don't know why exactly, but it's been having a weird sound lately, kinda like an airplane taking off or something, and also it's been heating up a lot. So basically, you guys have to wait 'till next week for an update of my really fun weekend in Legoland Danmark!

Friday, 8 June 2012

New Padme Amidala costume approved!

So finally my new Star Wars Padme Amidala costume has been approved, after almost a year of working on it. The most difficult time I had with it was actually finding the correct fabric for the cloak as well as the actual sewing to make the top look fit and look as good as it should. The belt, pouches, rings and shinguards I got lots of help with, and my grandmother helped me with the pants when I didn't know how to sew at all. I'm very pleased with the result. I also did the version that get's so conviniently ripped around the stomach when Padme is in battle.

More pics from Paris...

I got some new pictures from Paris from other people's cameras, so I'll post them here for you to see. I made this t-shirt so I could wear it in Disneyland on my birthday, but it stayed hidden under my hoodie and jacket since it wasn't that warm... That's not a real cigarette, but a real Parisian feeling to that picture nonetheless.

Monday, 4 June 2012

A late birthday party.

This weekend has been busy. On friday we had our spring party with work, and all the gals went bowling before going out to eat at a AUTHENTIC Italian restaurant. The reason why I beleive it was truly authentic is because they got our orders that we did beforehand mixed up and had to take it at least 3 times before knowing what to serve us. Also when we arrived, our "booked" table was taken. Great. Ah well. At least I won the bowling. So there. On saturday I had invited my MJ gang over to celebrate and have a good time. I prepared two cakes and nachos and the party was nice, eventhough I coughed like a donkey throwing up. We decided not to go out since I knew that if I did, by cough would never go away, and it's been going on for about a week already. As usual we had great conversations and a lot of fun, and I got two brilliant gifts; a Michael Jackson standee, and a giftcard at the biggest art supply store in Helsinki!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Double trouble!

Last weekend when Simo and I made our favourite weekend classic of fried eggs and so on, we got quite a surprise when the egg that fell into the fryingpan had TWO egg yolks! It's really rare and it was one of those "wow, that's so cool"-momens. So you can imagine our faces when the second egg ALSO had twins! Not to metion the next! And the next. And the next. And the next... That's right - SIX mutant ninja eggs had double touble in them. And we ate them ALL! Whatta load of protein! I can't help but thinking that I should call the company to let them know incase there's a "SURPRIIISE, YOU WON A MILLION EURO" - situation...