Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29th of February!

Happy birthday to whoever has it today! You must feel very young! =D

Monday, 27 February 2012

Shopping with Scrooge.

Eventhough I felt exhausted this morning, and SO didn't want to go to work, the day went pretty fast without too much headache. It was one of those mornings when you just wake up and realize that, damn, you have to work?! You would gladly have a stomachflu to be able to stay home.
I don't know why I felt so exhausted, but it's been a very busy and productive weekend in many ways, having my Granmother visiting us since thursday.

I'm not gonna complain too much, since I was really happy to have Mammy visit us! We got to talk a lot about the weather and such, as well as what my plan for after the summer will be. I think it's pretty much sorted out.

On friday she made her famous chickenbreast with her delicious sauce (and made enough for a family of eight). On saturday we went to the center to shop, and I got a new pair of training shoes and some cool t-shirts and a jacket. I also bought a new Michael Jackson book that should be very interessting since it only focuses on his music.
Also, I brought back a Guess top that I bought last week, because the mall Stockmann has a 150th anniversary now, and they have a 20 percent off on certain products. Ofcourse I had to pretend I didn't want the top after all, so that I could get back the money, just to buy it again an hour after with a discount!
YES! Here comes Scrooge!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

One for all and none for me!

Today in Scandinavia, we have something called "Fastelaven". It's very hard to explain what it is in english, but it's basically a celebration of only one month until easter.
It's very important in Finland on this day to east "Fastelaven-buns", which are normal buns with jam and almonds in them. They are also sliced in half and filled with cream in the middle.
I didn't really used to like them before, but now I can say I've gotten a slight taste for them, and I enjoy them very well, once a year.

At work today we (and the children) expected to get them for dessert, but had to be disapointed with only a normal bun.
So after eating at least two buns at work, I decided to buy REAL ones for Simo and I, and enjoy them together with "The Thee Musketeers" that I bought yesterday. I already had a bad feeling about the film, after seeing a seriousely SILLY trailer of it, and true enough, after finishing our desserts, we also finished the film.
We managed to get through 8 minutes of it before not being able to take it anymore, and me being french and a HUGE Alexandre Dumas fan, I felt this film was a personal assault on me, myself and I as well as Dumas timeless story.
The story is one of the best stories in the history of litterature, and some fool director managed to destroy it. Well done.
The characters had no similarities whatsoever to themselves except Aramis, which is in a fast and very cliched look a christian horny-toad. That they managed to show in about 20 seconds. Well done.

I think I have to watch Richard Lesters version QUICK before the 8 minutes will fester and start to rot in my mind...

(S)no(w) wrong!

These past days in Helsinki has been rather snowy...
At these moments I'm so happy I don't have a car, especially when I discovered that our neighbour might forget that they have one at all before spring gets here.
And the snow storm continues...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Star Wars-Toys R Us!

Yesterday was a day of trooping for Toys R Us, promoting the new Star Wars toyline from Hasbo. The toyline is from Episode 1 since it's coming out again in the cinemas in 3D.
It was a fun day, because there were so many kids (obviousely), and they are always the ones the troops are really for.

Unfortunately, we were only two troopers and one support, but we managed to have a really good time anyway, and the fact that we got free fast food from the shop lifted the spirits and brought back balance to the Force...for me.

The Stormtrooper has realized that the Rebels aren't that bad. He wants to be friends.

We trooped for almost four hours, and eventhough you always feel very tired and as if it's a full day of work afterwards, it's always worth it.


I dislike Twitter. I do, I can't help it.
Sure, it's all great that we can constantly get update on news (which is really just another way of saying snooping in other people's business), and we can follow the lives of all these oh-so-important-people-and-stuff.
But what concerns me is this growing need of knowing everything all the time. I have to say that it loses all charm to me when I read about "Celebrity reverend" (as he is called) Al Sharpton actually tweeting about trying to talk to Bobby Brown outside the funeral of Whitney Houston, and even tweet the fact that he is returning inside the church because as he says: "This day is about Whitney". Well...? I have to say, that just seems like an obsession to me.
As if Facebook isn't addictive enough, we have the need to let the world know what we are doing at all time, and I guess it's a kick to collect events, written down, for everyone to see, as well as yourself. It's important to keep track of your eventful life.
However, with all that said, I'm sure there are advantages with Twitter as well, I guess I just haven't found the real need for it yet.


Too many great ones has dies these past few years.
I saw Whitney Houston in 2001 when I went to New York to see Michael Jackson's concert at Madison Square Garden.
Unfortunately, she was so emeciated at the time, that it was hard to notice anuthing else but that, and I can't remember her beautiful voice.

She was so thin infact, that it was in all the tabloids the day after that she had died during the night.

I can't say that Whitney Houston made a huge impact on my life, but she certainly is a tiny part of my childhood and part of how I remember it.
And for that, I will post here a uplifting tune and video of hers.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New painting.

I have just (well, last week) finished my latest painting called "Bedouine Woman". It's a self portrait inspired by my trip to Egypt.
The colours in this photo is slightly darker than the real painting.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Free popcorn, free film, free fun!

It's been a long and busy, but fun day!
A group of 501st and Rebel Legion memebers including myself has been trooping the whole day, for a cinema promoting Star Wars Episode 1 3D.

After an early morning, going to the gym and getting back home in time, I was picked up by Leia and Obi-Wan to be taken to the Sello mall.
In started by adventure by buying 6 bottles of Sodastream Coke Zero forumla, since I'm addicted after all.
The troop started around 14.30 and it was fun, since we got to be by the doors of all the movies starting and register tickets with that "BEEP-machine". There was a lot of people, but not so many for the actual Star Wars screening.

Eventhough most of the children and adults were there for other films, we did our duty well, and got quite popular.

This troop left some backache after all the standing around, but it was one of the most fun ones I've been to in a long time.
And did I mention we got to see the film for free afterwords? AND got free popcorn and soda?

Speaking of the film in itself, I really don't see any point of the 3D version. I think that if you have imagination enough, you don't need 3D to help you get into the film, and basically for me, it just hurts my head and the glasses aren't that comfortable either. The only difference to me that made it really cool was that Yoda had been made better. And ofcourse it was great to see it on the big screen again!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tickets in the mail!

I've been staring at this letter the whole day, laying in the hallway as if it has the right to. Hm. Looks like a bill to me. They way it lays there; very flat as if with no important or at least pleasant content, the bill coloured-and-shaped envelope, impossible to ignore.
So after giving it the evil eye the whole day, I finally decided to give it Simo (since naturally, it had to be his right?). Hm. From Germany?
To my delight I discovered something nice for the first time in very long in an envelope: the tickets for the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour with Cirque de Soleil that will be in Helsinki in November! Yay!

Star Wars Viral.

So the day that I had taken off from work to troop for Star Wars Episode 1, the result of the viral we did in the metro became like this:
Personally, I'm happy with my own performance and I like all the shots with people in them, but I don't like the editing.
Check it out!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Viva la vida de Michael!

I had a great time yesterday, with some friends over at my place for tapas and Michael.
I had bought the food the same day, and thought I had all the time in the world to prepare it. But as usual, the day just went by and I found myself slightly stressed in the kitchen one hour before trying to prepare 3 different dishes for 10 people at the same time, NOT including the rice and bread-cutting.
Simo was a true gentleman knight in shining armour however, and without him I would never have finished the food on time.
Oh, and if not all the guest were one hour delayed. YESSSS!!!

So with a table full of dishes and chips and candy enough to last a week, we sat down and watched "The life of an Icon", a new documentary about Michael Jackson.
I liked the fact that it was a positive documentary and I think it's perfect for people who are not fans and don't know that much about him. But personally, from a fans point of view, I DIDN'T like that the whole film started with his death, and ambulances and things, and only covered his childhood and recent years and trials and tribulations. It wasn't really about the music that much, and they had chosed to pretty much skip most of the 80's and 90's, except for the scandals.

We decided (or actually, it's sort of decided itself) to stay in and not go out, as it's bloody cold outside, and it seemed that we were in the mood to just talk and watch MJ. So we did, and we had a great saturday night staying in!