Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Trooping for BR Toys! (And Santa...?)

On sunday I went to Turku, with 3 501st troopers (should be scary, I know!) for a troop in a mall outside a BR Toys store. It's about 1 1/2 hours to get there by car, and since we started pretty early (TOO early), we arrived so early that we had a lovely breakfast at Mc. Donalds. Of course the fact that I was dressed in a Jedi costume all the way to save space in the car, made every stop on the way an amusing start on the day.

The troop went very well, eventhough the actual space we were in was not so good. Right in front of the store was a huge slide complex for children, and if they weren't hanging around US, they were sliding there, making it look busier than a Ewok party!

It was decorated in a beautiful christmas "Winter Wonderland" scene near the store, so we got to take some cool photos from there as well. Little did we know that it was for Santa, that would later come on stage (and ask to join him at some point), and also sit with the children and ask them their christmas wishes.
We got to take a picture with him also!

When we had a very needed lunchbrake, and went to a sort of fast food restaurant that pretends not to be by disguising itself as an italian restaurant.
I was served a salad with peices of glass sprinkled over it last time I was in Egypt, so I can hardly complain when I get rocks in my soup. Right?
Ah well...I wish it would have been Darth Vader complaining instead of me, that would have tought them.

Monday, 28 November 2011

It's a very MJ christmas.

This has been a very busy weekend, and so it will be it seems, pretty much up to our trip to Egypt over the holidays.

On saturday I went to a Michael Jackson christmas party with some other fans. It was outside Helsinki, so I was lucky enough to get a ride, and eventhough we were a bit late to the party, we weren't late enough for the beautiful cakes that were awaiting us there. One of the girls there had her birthday at the same day, so I think that was the occation for the Heal the World cake.

Most of the guests had bought a little Michael Jackson gift (we love you eBay!), and wrapped it. Then we all got to take one of them from a bag without knowing which one, and I got a wallet that I've actually wanted!
We watched a film that some fans had filmed in LA and had a great evening!


Christmas has officially opened it's doors and windows, and there is nothing else in the minds of the people. The christmas streets finally has their lights, trees and windows full of music and gift. However, the christmas spirit is hard to get when theres no snow.
I know that many of you are probably use to that, but this is Finland. Snow is required.

There's fake snow in the shop window. That will have to do for now.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Stupid hair.

Yesterday was a pretty frustrating hair-day.
Worst of all, the hair wasn't even mine, OR real!

I was at a Star Wars armour party (kind of nerdy get-togethers where we fix parts of costumes), and I was gonna work on the hair for my costume. It soon showed to be a pain in the ass.
Everything went smooth until the time to actually put the hair peices in my own hair. They just seemed to fall out nomatter what I did.

These pics don't have the hair around the hose like it's suppose to have, so it's hard to get the idea.

Luckily I got some tips from some fellow troopers on how to resolve this, so I'll try again tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ribs and games.

Yesterday I was planning to work on my costume, but couldn't decline a invitation from Simo's sister to come over for dinner and a game evening. We had been talking about having a Carcasonne evening the whole summer, and anyways, she makes the best food...so after getting help from Simo's mom to buy enough food for Milla from a BARF store to last a year (it looked like we own a kennel!), and driving it all back home, we went to their place.
We ate delicious ribs with simple vegetables and got a really good cake for dessert as her husband had just had his birthday.
Simo's brother was there also, and he has brougt Carcassonne also, because you can bring many games and put them together. With the extra peices you get a HUGE area of game space. We actually ended up playing for 3 hours with 5 with 2 sets and 3 add-ons.
It was a lot of fun, eventhough I lost...

Girls' night out!

On friday, a gang of 5 eager Michael Jackson fans went out to party on the town. Uh-oh.
So we all went to a restaurant first, to fill up our stomachs before hittinG the dancefloor, which might not always be a great idea. However, the food was so mediocre and the pasta I got had so little pasta, that it wasn't a huge risk of overeating. So that meant dessert.

We went to the nightclub called "Kalle" I believe, and ofcourse it was a backthought to this: they had a Michael Jackson tribute there that night. That place has a lot of themes and stuff like that so we were eager to see what it was like. We weren't impressed though.
I've been there once before, and this time just proved what I already knew: it's a place full of 50 year old married women and men waiting to cheat on their spouses, young people who asks straight forward for oral sex, and a tiiiiiiiny bit of "normal" people (from the Normal Valley).
Then a even tinier group of Michael Jackson fans who are neither of these.

Theres many rooms in this place with different music and so on, and we found to our dissapointment that the MJ tribute was to be in a really small place that had no dancefloor and looked more like a pub than anything else. So when the lazy-looking band that were gonna honour our hero came out on "stage" we decided to MAKE dancefloor. The whole tribute kicked off with Billie Jean (of course) and we had to prove to the guy who could barely sing or remember the lyrics how it was done by singing as loud as we could, not to mention try to sing over him so that we couldn't hear it. He tried his best to dance though - that he shall have, and should maybe have sticked to the dancing part and left us with the singing.
But it was fun none the less and we got to show off with Thriller and Beat It.
And I think he knew, but Michael Jackson got the hottest fans! AOUW!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Chainsaw massacre?

There's been lot of weird things going on in Norway lately. Murders "without motivation", terror and a rape-wave beyond belief. And in the middle of all these articles that have sort of become normal I'm sad to say, came a pretty unusual story.
A man had taken a chainsaw and sawed himself (I guess you can say that? After all, it's not a term often used...) into an appartment. The man in the appartment jumped out of the second floor window, hid in the forest and called the police.
When the man came into the appartment he discovered that he had gone to the wrong one and simply walked out and waited for the police. Then he explained that he was gonna threat someone he had some unfinished business with.
What a way to wake up from your sleep!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Shawl finished!

So finally I have my first WHOLE peice of the new Star Wars costume - Padme's Arena Battle outfit, finished. It didn't take long at all, since it's just one peice of fabric, cut into shape and sewn in on the edges. However, I have searched for the right fabric for it since before the summmer holiday, and I finally found it in Estonia on sale.

For those who don't know, it's a sort of cloak that goes around the neck and thrown back. Here's the original.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Me, myself and my body.

The other day I got my body in the mail.
Or lets say, my double. Or well, but double after some adjustment on my hips and such. Seeing it like this it looks a bit like it's gonna burst, but I'm sure I did all this after a meal and a Coca-Cola too many.

Well, atleast now I can put needles in this one intead of me when I do my sewing.

JUSTICE for Michael Jackson!

It will never bring Michael Jackson back, but it's satisfying to see that "Doctor" Conrad Murray will never kill another human being again with his work.
Nomatter what the circumstances were, you can not neglect another human being so that it will cause their death and walk free from it.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I am sick.
Just on thursday I was braggin' to my co-workers that I had managed to escape this sickness that was going around at work, and that I NEVER - OH, NEVER get a fever. I started feeling some signs of something going on the same evening and the next morning I took my temperature. Sure enough - I had a fever. I went to work anyway, since I was the one opening and there very little other choices to be made, but as soon as I could I went home. Slept for hours and babbled silly stuff while watching basketball with my man.
Today I have the same temperature but I feel a littlebit better.
I'll see what kind of weekend this will turn into.