Monday, 31 October 2011

Destination: Egypt!

After some looong discussions about where to travel this christmas, we decided after much back and forth to go to Egypt.
I'm REALLY excited! I've been there once before, in 2003, and eventhough I got "Pharaoh's Revenge", I LOVED it! I can't wait to go back!

And this time I'm gonna see Luxor, as we're going to Hurghada and take a day (or two) trip there. I love Egyptian history, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Two weeks in Egypt? Yes please.


I was gonna make these for the halloween party, but I didn't have time to do it. Since I had already bought all the ingredients for it, and didn't know when I would get the chance to use them, I decided to bake them yesterday for my colleagues at work.
Just a normal chocolate cupcake recipe, and licorice strings for legs and eye-lookin' licorice for eyes.
I think they're kinda cute!

Happy Halloween!

On saturday, after Thrill the World, I organized the afterparty at my place. We ended up being about 20 zombies eating brains as if it was candy and watching Michael Jackson (yes, if you haven't noticed, zombies like Michael Jackson).
Before the party though, I had already been too late for Thrill the World because I was stressing around with the pumpkins. I had never cut any before and decided to go straight to the most difficult type; a "human" face. I did one with the "Thriller" text and another with a Michael Jackson zombie face. I think it turned out pretty good for the first time, but it sure was difficult.

After I went to Thrill the World (and missed the show), we all went to the store to buy some goods before going back to my place. I have to say that I was a bit nervous at first with so many people at my place, I don't think theres ever been that many, but there were no complains. I guess the neighbours must have seen the faces of my guests. I wouldn't complain either.

(Milla didn't complain either. In fact, she was a very good dog. What else to be when a zombie is keeping its eye on you?)

After a while we decided to go out. I was really close to staying at home though, afther going out with the Norwegians the night before and stressing to get the party going I was pretty tired. But I was so happy I went 'cause I had the best time I've had in ages! We went to this place called Amarillo. I've been there before, but I actually thought it was a restaurant only. It was a great place to party and the DJ was pretty good, except for playing a bit too much Finnish pop music for my taste. But he played MJ for us also, and when Thrille was put on zombies rocked the floors for sure!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Thrill The World 2011!

So yesterday was the annual Thrill The World again, where participants from all over the world dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller at the exact same time. Luckily, this year it was a 17.00 in Helsinki, instead of in the middle of the night like last year, so there was a lot more audience, and no drunk people flashing their penis in an attempt to be funny like last year.
Unfortunately I missed the dance by 5 minutes, but I got to see the video!
Check it out:

It's a small, small world!

On friday one of my best friends from Norway came to Helsinki, for some sort of work seminar. He told me about it a while ago and we had already planned to meet then and go out to dinner and maybe a club after.
So when I asked him how many people we would be and he said about 4 or 5, I was pretty surprized that we ended up walking in a group of 15 trying to find a place to eat on friday evening.
Not only that, but since the place I've grown up in Norway is pretty small, it's safe to say that I knew (or they knew me) pretty much half of the people there in one way or another.
We went to Santa Fe, one of Simo and my favourite restaurants and had some good food, before continuing to a drink bar.

Then the people that were up for it headed to Apollo Live Club to continue the drinks before ending the evening listening to a pretty bad band that were playing.

But I had a really nice time out with the Norwegian Gang, and it was great to see a friend from home.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Helmets for pedestriants?

On the way to work today - minding my own business, I was almost run over. By a bike. Yes yes, I KNOW I've written about this before, but I keep wondering just how much space the bikers really need on whatever journey their taking?
Again I'm standing on the pedestrian field, waiting to cross the street, and again a nervous-looking wobbly biker is driving straight towards me eventhough the WHOLE field is free including the actual bicycle field on the side. He suddenly stops, right infront of me and in time to not run me over. He almost falls off the bike, and I'm not sure if it is because of the lack of orientation he obviousely has, or the fact that I'm waving my arms and hitting my head with my tongue stickin' out in the attempt to do some early morning communication with this being.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One hour in the world of Charles Fazzino.

A few days ago I got invited to a gallery showcase that I've been waiting to hear about for a while.
In Helsinki we have a gallery dedicated to the 3D master Charles Fazzino, and since I discovered his fun art, I've been a visitor there quite often. The person working there mentioned once that Fazzino would come to Helsinki for a show in this gallery in september/october, and I practiacally MADE him write down my e-mail so that I would be invited.
When I didn't hear anything until a few days ago, I was sure that they had forgotten or lost it.
But no - today I got to meet the master of 3D art.

Most of the art that was there had been there for a while and I had seen it before, but Simo and I were the first guests to arrive, so we got some time to talk to him. He was really nice, and I tried to get hold of his tricks. Simo says that he likes to talk to artists, 'cause they "don't talk no bullshit". I tend to agree. I always feel easy around them and on a level sort of.
He was really nice, with this layed back (but still busy) aura and just down to earth.

His art is usually about one certain theme, very often New York, where he lives. He has portrayed many cities around the world and sports events and celebrities.
I love his art not only for the obvious; the 3D effects, but it's bright colours, details and pure fun.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

To Estonia...and back in no time!

Yesterday I have to say have been one of those days where I've done so much that the weekend seem to be over already. Yeah, I've been to another country. Just like that.
In Helsinki, it's not uncommon to take the ferry over to Tallinn, the capital in Estland from time to time, especially to do some sorely needed cheap shopping. Since I'm working on my new Star Wars costume, I thought it was a good idea to try to find some material there after Simo's mom told us that the fabric stores there were pretty impressive compared to Helsinki.

The first impression that I got of Tallinn wasn't that great. We took a taxi from the harbour to the first fabric store as we had NO idea where it was. As we drove there, I couldn't believe how poor it all looked, at least in the neighbourhood we were in. The fact that it was early saturday and pretty much no people anywhere didn't exactly help on the grey impression.
But the fabric stores were indeed impressive! The first one we came to had more buttons, ribbons and ding-dongs that you'd ever need and the stuff was everywhere! However, they didn't have any of the fabric I needed.
The next places was a bit the same, and I basically found only small parts that I might need later on, but not the exact fabric I wanted. A small shop called "Solveig" (like my granmother) had some really beautiful fabric! I will definately come back there at some later time and get something to make a dress of!

At the end of our hunt we found a HUGE shop that had all the fabrics on sale! I was lucky, 'cause I actually found some there that I might be able to use.
We went to rest a bit in a cafe after that and to splurge on Coke and brownies. Everything in Tallinn seemed to be so cheap compared to Helsinki and that made it a bit too easy to fall for temptation.
Since we had already been to most of the shops we wanted to see, we decided to be real tourists for a while and went to the "Old Town" area, and my impression of Tallinn changed just like that!

It's a beautiful area of the town whish is surrounded of a wall and towers in each corner. It has a charming feel to it, with old houses that are kept with their original look, and restaurants that serve old fashioned foods and treats. Even old fashioned drinks.

We went to a restaurant called "Olde Hansa". The whole place was decoraded as a old tavern and you FELT as if you had stepped into a completely different time. The fact that all the staff was dressed in convincing medieval costumes and there were no lights exept by candle anywhere helped. Even the toilet had a sink made of a tray and a pot of water.

I ordered a rabbit to eat, and Simo ordered a wild boar. He had never tasted it so he was really excited. Beer with honey was served as well, and as I wasn't allowed to have my dose of Coca-Cola but had to settle for home made applejuice I understood how authentic it really was. Like, where can you find a place that sacrifices their Coca-Cola serving for authencity anymore?!

After what was the best dinner I've had in a long time, and after making sure that we left there with a medieval cookbook in our hands, we continued our tour in the Old Town, up to the highest spot.

We had such a great time that we completely forgot the time and pretty much jogged the way down again and hailed a cap to get back to the ferry.
I left with a good impression of Tallinn after the visit to the Old Town, and I would definately go back there, and especially in the spring or summer.

We arrived back on the boat and Helsinki just in time to catch the beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Where to go?

We are going to travel again this christmas. We really need it this time.
Last year I worked during the whole christmas, and summer was pretty much NADA for me due to flu or just the daily terror attack that goes around. So we need a 2 weeks vacation to somewhere warm and far, far away. (Maybe another galaxy?)
If you have any ideas or advice, please don't be shy.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

United Nordic.

I'm a drama queen. No doubt about it.
Yesterday was a work day for me, with a scheduled seminar for people with my work. We had a great seminar with a woman who talked about how to stay postive at work, and about how to create positivity through giving out the positive energy instead of negative. She had lots of funny stories, and although she must have talked for about 3 hours, I didn't notice or look at the time once.
Before the lunch brake she started talking about the three countries that are very close together in the North; Norway, Sweden and Finland. Although we all make fun of eachother from time to time, and has a past of occupying eachother, we share a bond of caring that is hard to brake.
She said that each country is know for one single word each;

Norway: Heart.

Sweden: Brains.

Finland: Bravery.

I can understand the thought behind this.
She asked if anyone in the public was from Norway, and I politely raised my hand as the only one (eventhough I later found out that there were a couple of others as well). She started to talk about the terror that happened in July in Norway (while keeping her eyes on me) and how Norway had reacted with more love and no hatred or violence.
Then I said that phrase that one surviving victim of the Ut√łya shooting said a few days after: "If one man can show so much hate, imagine how much love we can show together".
And then, if I hadn't brought enough attention to myself, I managed to cry. Not just a tiny tear - OH NO - a SOB infront of aaaaaaaaaall the 200 people in the public. Great.
But apperantly, I didn't have to feel alone, when I took my hands from my face and looked around 20 percent of all the people there were crying as well.
When the lunch brake started the woman told me that she thought it was brave of me to show the feelings there, a woman from the public told me that she hadn't really been able to react, and that the whole thing helped her to. In a later brake, another woman from the public came up to me and told me that all of the Nordic countries were so devestated by what happened, and that she hoped I felt the love from all the public in that room. I sure did and it inspired me.

I haven't felt this good and light spirited in a long time.