Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wedding pictures.

Since Blogspot/Blogger is being ridiculous right now, and you can't post the normal way or edit pictures into a old post (don't get Blogspot!) I've made a new post with a couple of pictures from Nelly and Audun's wedding.
Here you go!

The gang.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Super 8.

Yesterday Simo and I went straight to the cinema after work to see "Super 8".
I didn't know what is was about except for that it was a sci-fi and prodiced by Steven Spielberg.
That's two things that goes well together: Sci-fi - Steven Speilberg.

I wasn't dissapointed, the mixture was delighful and I felt like a child again after a good old fashioned Spielberg movie (it was very clear that he had a large hand in this), where the kids saves the family, alien encounters and a different time.

Go see it!

Monday, 25 July 2011

A light in the ruins.

Despite all that happened on friday, there was a wonderful happy moment in all this unhappiness.
My dear friends Nelly and Audun's wedding was a joy to attend and be part of. Not only because I know that this is a great couple, but to meet people from all over the world makes some perspective during a difficult time. Nelly's family, some which came all the way from Africa for the occation, and african food made with so much love from a lively kitchen (they had SAMOSA!!).

Eventhough my best friend Ann-Iren (who was Nelly's maid of honour) and I sat on the bathroom floor the night before and did the final touches on her speech, which quite frankly she didn't think would work, it went very well! She didn't leave a single eye dry, including her own!
The party was a lot of fun, eventhough at some point I got a hoard of children after me. It's odd, I always do - I wonder if they can detect some sort of sign that no adults see that says that I love children, and they ALWAYS seem to find me. They were sweet eventhough I didn't have my arms and legs much free at all during the evening.

The night ended with lively dancing with African music, and I even got to show off my moonwalk. Go me!

(Pictures will come when I get back to Finland.)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Norway under terror attack!

Yesterday, Norway suffered the biggest massacre done by one single person in the history of our world.
First a huge bomb went off in a building in the middle of Oslo and killed and wounded several people. The police is still looking for people under the ruins.

I arrived to Norway yesterday to be part of a wedding today. I first heard rumour about all this on the airport in Helsinki and thought nothing of it. But when we landed in Norway the reality hit us all.
Two hours after the bomb a man dressed in a police uniform had gone into a politics camp for youth and started shooting people. It was an island and difficult to escape. Some people hid, other fled by swimming, and 91 of all the 600 people that were there were killed.

Yesterday was a stragic day, but today I have to try to have a good time for my friends.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Back to Norway - again.

So I'm on my way back to Norway. In fact I'm sitting on the airport now, by the gate, waitin to board at any time. Trying to focus and reading my book has shown to be difficult the flight to board before us here was to Rome. I knew italians were loud but i didn't expect grown people to act like a bunch from Jersey Shore. Without even knowing it, my eyes kept looking for Snooki shouting "Jersey Shore, I love you bitch!" but all I heard was a "shhh" from a Norwegian passanger.
With a mixture of Finnish and Norwegian travellers waiting patiently by the gate, and a woman sitting next to me with her bag in between us and still a HUGE space beyond that as well, (instead of the italien guy earlier, bouncing down next to me and picking his nose) I think I can get back to my book.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


I started the day with Mickey Mouse pancakes. I had bought the pancake form in Disney World when I was in Florida, and so far I've only used it for eggs, which didn't have a Mickey effect at all.
After that I got inspired to hang around in Disney world once more and spent most of the day dreaming towards that place by going through my photos and such.
In the evening Simo and I watched The Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy which was exactly as I expected it to be. OK.
It's been a Disney kind of day!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Back home.

I'm home in Finland now, after what should seem to be a relaxing and long holiday. Eventhough I've had 3 weeks of holidays in Norway, I don't feel like it. I'm not rested and I don't really feel like I've had time off. I'm not really sure why. I think it's mostly because I've been sick pretty much the whole time, eventhough it hasn't really stopped me from doing the things I wanted to. However, I've had a good time with my friends and I'm happy that I got to meet as many as I did this year - it's an ongoing battle to make time for it all.
There was many things I planned to do that I didn't get time for, and stuff like that always stresses me out more than relaxing me for some reason.
Well now it's back to work and real life again.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 PREMIERE!!!


OK, I have to admit that I wasn't just excited about this premiere, I was also a bit sad. I have read all the Harry Potter books, and all of them more than once, and after weeping from the knowledge that I had just closed the last book and the Harry Potter adventure almost four years ago, I had the same dreaded feeling last night, when I went to the premiere.
It started slow, both the film and the atmosphere. Not being Norwegian, I thought I should ease the tention with at least an innocent "WHOOO!" when the Harry Potter title came on the screen. No response. Just eyes looking at me. Welcome to Norway.

Eventhough it's four years since I read the last book and I had forgotten some small details, it was pretty much just how I remembered it, and very accurate from the book. (As far as I know, I might have to read it again.) It's a worthy end to it all, maybe a bit slow in the beginning, but the fight between Voldemort and Harry was cool, like in the book, Voldemort could have died with a bit of a bigger BANG and not just the forever "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" that seemed to be much of the dialogue from him. I think in the trailer that's actually the ONLY dialogue from him...

For those of you who will see it, look forward, but maybe see the Part 1 just before.
I'm a bit sad that it's all over, but it's been a great ride!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A wonderful brake at Son Spa.

Ann-Iren, Nelly and I have had two wonderful days at Son Spa. My day started with going to the gym which quite frankly I've missed this summer. After eating a really great and fruity breakfast we took the time to relax a bit and take in the beautiful scenery before heading back home.

I have to say that having no idea what a Spa is all about I was surprised to find much nicer than I thought. With the beautiful scenery it was even better!

The kidnapping of Nelly!

My good friend Nelly is getting married with my good friend Audun - HURRAH!
Of course this has to be celebrated with the gals in some way or another and since Ann-Iren is Nelly's maid of honour she fixed a journey for us to take Nelly with us on.

I think we have been scaring Nelly pretty much over the last week or so, and her being from Africa she had no idea what crazy stuff the Vikings do on these occations.
When we kidnapped her with our car and drover towards Oslo, she was pretty sure that's where we were heading. Passing Oslo she was pretty sure that we were heading to the themepark "Tusenfryd", and passing Tusenfryd she was pretty sure that she had no idea what was going on.

We ended up in Son, and landed our tired bottoms at Son Spa - the best Spa in Norway.
I think Nelly was happy with that destination.

After a nice lunch (and an overprices Pepsi Max) Nelly headed for a treatment, I headed for the gym and Ann-Iren headed for the terrace to take some sun before we all explored the many pools and jacuzzies that the place had to offer. I haven't really been to a Spa of this size before and I wasn't dissapointed.

After the relaxing spa we were so drowsy that we literally wobbled around the little village of Son to get something to eat. I think we went through every menu of every restaurant (which is about 5) before we decided to settle at Cafe Oliven.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Runaway dog!

Milla is an active dog - we all know that. But she has ACTUALLY become much calmer lately, which is basically hyper for a normal dog. Last time she was in Norway was two year ago and she ran away. She got out of our garden and ran around, and we live right by a very busy street.
We really didn't expect her to do it again, but she did.
So yesterday she decided to go out for a quest in the neighbourhood, got out (God know's how) and ended up in some random persons garden, who didn't find it at all strange to get a dog visitor apparently. Simo went looking for her at one side of Da Hood, and Henrik on the other, and I was having Coca-Cola and watching Tangled at my friends house.
Pretty much everyone sitting outside had seen her for a brief moment, running around in her lost adventure, and as I said, she ended up in a garden.
When Henrik asked the people "Have you seen a small dog around here" and they answered "Oh yes, it's playing in our garden", it seemed completely natural that dogs run wild in our Hood. Why oh why spend money on a ID chip when nobody will even try to look at the collar?

Friday, 8 July 2011

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Creepy ride home...

After a really nice evening with my bestfriend Ann-Iren and the gang, after pizza, sushi and rock'n'roll, we left their place on our quest to get home safely.
We did, but not without contact with the police.

So we were driving minding our own business when we discovered a car driving really close behind us. We came to an area with 4 roundabouts after eachother and the car happened to have the same direction as us every single time. After turning to a street kinda fast it did the same behind us and we understood that we were being followed.
Eventhough we were close to our home we decided to drive past it and continue back to the center and possibly towards the police station.
After turning a few times which really made no sense, we STILL hadn't shaken off the car, but suddenly it drove past us in high speed and dissapeared. We turned in to a small street and decided to head home from there, but as I was turning, the car came back and drove past us back towards the direction we came from.
Probably they had gotten bored by it all, so we went home. But as soon as we we came to the street, the car stood waiting for us with the lights off in the shadows by the cemetary (yes it sounds very creepy, and yes, it was).
Of course it takes off again and follows us, and so we decide to head for the police station. On the way we notice police by a club and I park there to talk to them. The car silently drives by, but keeps driving by us a couple of times. However I think they noticed me pointing at them and talking to the police. Most probably just some poor teenagers without hobbies, but still you never know.