Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Happy "Vappu"!

This weekend was Finland's "Vappu", which is basically the biggest reason to party during the whole year. It's the celebration of spring.
I had a great Vappu, starting with a Star Wars trooping for UNICEF on saturday. We were at the most crowded mall in the center, and I can't deny that all the four of us that were trooping was a bit nervous, since Vappu is known to have some drunken activity going around from pretty much early morning. People in costumes can easily be a target for "fun lovin'" drunks.
Everything went well though and we had a lot of fun! We were there for about 2 hours and the best part was when 3 adult guys were so happy to take a picture with us that one of them exclaimed "That is the coolest thing, EVER!" (And no, he wasn't drunk. Actually.)

I'm pretty used to being called many different character names during trooping. The most comon one is Leia when I'm Padme with the packing gown. Probably because the hair is similar to Leia's in A New Hope. I have been called Padme when I was a plain Jedi (YESSS!) and many more things. But the best one was this weekend:

- "Look! It's Anakin Skywalker!"
- "Cool. Are you sure though? Isn't it a girl?"
- "Yeah maybe. I think it's a girl."
(By teen boys.)


  1. Whatever the name, the guy was right It is
    SO COOL!!

  2. I have heard that finisch peoples don`t need
    Vappu to drink and be drunk. is that thrue?

  3. Brita: Well, let's just say they enjoy they're beer. ;)