Monday, 25 April 2011

And then easter was gone...

...but it has been 4 wonderful days, and like I said, I have been able to relax a whole lot. Paint? A bit. Not as much as I wanted to, but to be honest I just wanted to relax and not stress. We have been making lots of good easter food. It's traditional to eat lamb here, and so we made roasted lambleg with zucchini and mushroom salad. We also made our own lemonade which was REALLY good! The trick to it was to put a tiny bit of salt into the boiling sugar-water to take away the bitterness.

Also in Finland, you eat a dessert called Pasha. It's made of Quark and is left to drain overnight until it's firmer. It's mixed with dried fruts and nuts. I sort of like it, but I think we made it with too much fruit.

Milla liked it for sure!

The weather has been beautiful here and I feel like I'm getting new energy all the time, eventhough I've been a bit sick yesterday and today. Hopefully you've all had a good easter! Back to reality!

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