Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sexualisation of little girls by F.A.S.H.I.O.N.

We all know the pressure of fashion. How we should look and wear, what we should eat and even what music we should listen to. Most people don't even notice it, it's such a big part of our world that it's always there eventhough it's not really a problem. Before it becomes a problem.
Before people get eating disorders from the image that is always there, before they get freezed out by their peers because of the music they listen to, before they get pressured into growing up too fast by adults.

It's been a lot of debate in the media lately about the new swimsuit collection from Abercrombie and Fitch for girls. They have created a bikini for girls of 14 and all the way down to 8 years old with padding inside the tops that was originally called "Push up triangle", but were quickly re-named as "padded" after a big number of bloggers reacted to it.
In a world where most of us are trying to protect the children against sexual predators, fashion are telling us that in order to be a good parent we have to buy little 8 year olds a bikini that makes the illusion that they have breast. Does. Not. Compute. And worst of all: in order to be a good girl, they need to push up the breast that they don't have so that people can see and enjoy their cleavage.
A bikini in itself makes the idea that they need to hide something that they don't have, but that's another thing all together.

It's not the first time Abercrombie has gone too far in my opinion. A while ago they had underpants for little girls that had the text on them "Eye Candy" and "Wink Wink" as well as g-strings for children.

Friday, 25 March 2011

The ones who wants it RIGHT NOW!

We live in a time and place (and yes-this is MY world) where we have no time to lose, and all the time in the world. We rather have our food right now than wait for healthy food. We rather drive the short way we need to go instead of getting fresh air and excersise. We need the fastest internet and if it's not, it's SLOW.
Which brings me to a blog I read the other day written by a 16 year old girl. She has one of the most popular blogs in Norway right now and what she said was a bit shocking to me. She had broken her iPhone 3G (which I really don't understand how is even possible) and the glass was completely shattered. She posted about 5 pictures with herself smiling while holding the phone in a way that she was showing her middlefinger to the camera. She wrote that she was happy that the phone was broken because now she could get an iPhone 4G. 3G was simply TOO SLOW!
Am I getting old? Or wiser?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The aftermath.

A lot of people have been shocked with my story of being robbed last week, and most of all people in Florida actually, which I think is interessting.
I just wanted to say that I absolutely recommend going to Orlando, Florida, and I really don't think that it's an unsafe place. I think we were extreemly unlucky. Even the police and everyone I talked to there said that a robbery in the middle of International Drive is really rare and we were victims or some really rude losers.
I would definately go back to Orlando any time.
I really think that this can happen anywhere in the world at any time. I know some people I have spoken with are afraid of going to USA because of the gun law and so on, but if someone is out to rob you - it really doesn't matter where you are.
Am I helping here anyone?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Unpacked and jetlagged.

Since I came home I've been really jetlagged and feeling pretty much like a zombie all the time. The sleeping tales of Mackenzie Phillips in her book "High on Arrival" that I'm reading right now feels like a wanted reality (except the part where she takes drugs...) and I have to really watch myself not to go to sleep too early and getting up too late and blowing my chance of jetlag recovery.
I've never had a jetlag before eventhough I've travelled around the globe more than once - more than 5 times...but this time I got it and it cought me completely off guard, especially since I slept on the plane back, which I thought was one of the reasons why I've avoided it before. People tell me that it's age. Wonderful.
So this age thing they talk about has obviousely made me into a sleepy unpacking couch-bug, but at least I've called the insurance company and my bank, so I'll be back in business soon. And maybe a bath.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Home, safe and tired.

Yesterday (or was it the day before, I can't remember), the day had come to leave Orlando. I had mixed feelings about it. Despite the attack and robbery, we've had a great time there, and finally visiting Disney World has been a dream for a long long time. However, I was also shocked and tired and it was time to return to the daily life that I love so much.
After the robbery I was extreemely worried and paranoid that something would go wrong with my ticket, passport, rental car WHATEVER, and it made no sense. We left early because of that so we knew we had a lot of time at the airport if something would go wrong (also, Hege thought that she might have too much weight in her suitcase...). We left Best Western Internation Drive, which was a SUPERB hotel for the price we payed. The people there were so helpful at all times, and especially at the time of crisis. The place has a great location, in the middle of all the best things at International Drive, and Guest Services will help you with anything you need. The only thing I can pick on is the breakfast that could have been a bit better (and healthier).

When we came to the car rental drop-off it all went smooth and the people there were friendly. Originally I had lost my keys as well, before Floyd appeared, and we as well as the Guest Services guy at the hotel had argued with the rental place for the price we had to pay for the stolen keys. Thank Floyd we didn't have to deal with that.
Everything went so smooth that I couldn't believe it at the airport. The next thing to worry about would be if we would make the connection flight from Orlando to New York later.
We had so much time at the Orlando airport that we decided to eat at Chili's, a restaurant that we had been meaning to eat at since we came to FLorida. Somehow it had never happened, eventhough we had a really close Chili's on International Drive. This was our oppurtunity. We weren't dissatisfied. Ironically, the best burger we've had was the last day of our stay. If you can, eat at Chili's! The Jalapeno burger is GREAT!

We made our connection flight perfectly, and I slept most of the time from New York to Finland. However, when I woke up close to landing, I felt sick and I threw up. Something tells me that is was from a funky-tasting sandwich we got at breakfast...oh well.

Safely back, I had to take the day off so I could deal with the incurance and so on. But it sure feels nice to be home.

Bored, shocked or tired of the real world? Find LOVE.

That's right; we went back to Disney World for our last day in Orlando. We figured that that was the only way to spend a whole day in Orlando that made sense after all that happened the last few days. The only police in Disney World has a Disney logo and are walking solo and are kinda old. Somehow that was comforting in a weird way. Since we had a 5 day ticket from before, we could upgrade it to 6 days for only 5 dollars, so we didn't even wonder if we should or not. We selected Epcot as our park for the day.
We had a great day and took it pretty easy since we'd been there before. We saw a few countries from The World Showcase that we didn't get to see last time we were there and of course we saw Captain EO (which is REALLY popular...again) a couple of times.

Monday, 14 March 2011

A bite anyone?

Since we skipped the Everglades when we were in Miami, we decided to see some alligators at Gatorland here in Orlando. We didn't know what to expect from this place and we got pleasantly surprised both from the price and place. Gatorland had gators in all sized and ages, and even albino ones. They also had parrots and other birds, goats, snakes, turtles, emos, flamingos and a bull.

There were also some sort of show there called alligator wrestling and you could also pay a bit extra to be part of feeding the gators (not as food). I personally liked the other animals as well that you could pat.

And it was really cool to see the albinos. They also had a HUGE alligator there called Chuck, who used to eat people's dogs.

After this, we went to Downtown Disney, the shopping area, to do just that, and eat. We ate at T-Rex, a restaurant driven by Rainforest Cafe. It was awsome with dinosaurs everywhere and a meteor shower every 20 minutes. We had steak and that too was awsome!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A highway angel named Floyd.

After a night that actually was nightmare free and pretty well slept, I woke up feeling sad and still shaky since yesterday. After a while, but still laying in bed thinking how to do absolutely nothing in the best possible way, we got a phonecall from the hotel lobby. My bag was back.
A nice man named Floyd had passed my bag laying on the side of the Intertate 4 in the morning and stopped since he thought it looked expensive (it was Guess). He looked inside and found a bill with the adress of our hotel. First he thought to go to the police but wanted to drive by and see if it was actually here it belonged. In the bag I found both my passports and driverslicence and the important stuff I need to get home, but of course my cameras and wallet with cash and cards were gone still. But I noticed something odd: the key to our rental car with all the information about the car was also gone. Oops. The car rental place said that we had to pay 250 dollars for the key and that the insurance didn't cover it, and we had to get a completely new car since the thiefs might try to find it.
So the police came again to the hotel to talk to me and I told them what happened. After thay had left Floyd came back and said that since he found the bag open, but didn't really look around the place, he thought it was a good idea to go back to the place to see if something had fallen out of the bag when it was thrown out of the theifs' car. He came back with the car keys along with some other stuff. I am SO happy right now! I gave him a big hug and the hotel guest service gave him free dinner tickets and tickets for any amusement park he wanted etc. After all of this I'm just so happy to discover that there's still people out there that are just...good.
Thank you Floyd!

So with some new spirit up, we decided to go to a couple of malls to try to find a bag for Hege since her's got broken, and a new wallet for me. On the way I saw something familiar that made my day even better; some new friends from the 501st and Rebel Legion!

They were trooping for a new comic store!

We weren't in a shopping high, but atleast I found a cool t-shirt. We came back to the hotel to take it easy and just order in food and watch TV.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Attacked and robbed in Orlando!

Yes, dramatic title and dramatic experience.
Yesterday we had a relaxing shopping day and I got a new hoodie and Hege got some clothes as well. So after that we wanted to just watch a film in the cinema and chose "Black Swan". After the film was finished we walked back to the hotel around 22.30 on our road , that has lots of people and activity. We were talking about how great the movie was (and it really was, run and see it people), when I suddenly felt a jerking in my body and I fell to the ground. I was dragged along the ground and I realized that I was robbed. We both screamed as it was two people and Hege was being robbed as well. My first instinct was that I didn't know if they had any weapons so since my bag was stuck to me I got it off. As soon as they got it they ran as fast as they could over a parking lot. There were witnesses and they called the police and we ran back to the hotel which wasn't far and called 911. The police came there and we talked with them for a looong time.
Thank god they didn't get Hege's stuff so we had some sort of oppurtunities, but they got my camreas, passport, wallet with cards and driverslicence, and keys to rental car, hotel room and house. And the shitties thing is that we have to go back all the way to Miami to the French Embassy to get my passport back so I can get home on tuesday.
I miss Disneyland.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The long and whining road back from Miami.

No, Miami did NOT get nicer in daylight.
Daylight just confirmed it's ugliness. It's looks likes they haven't renovated anything since Miami Vice from the 80's. And compared to Miami, even The Excalibur in Las Vegas is classy.
So we did what we really came for before we fled, which was to get Hege's tattoo done. Janos from Miami Ink did the tattoo, and everyone there were really nice and funny. They came with so many weird stories that poor Hege had to really consentrate on not laughing so much that she would destroy the tattoo. She was brave and said that it really didn't hurt. And I can tell that she got nervous the day before when we saw a huge grown up muscle-man fainting when taking a tattoo when we ordered the time. We spotted some B-list celebreties as well; Darren Starr and Yogi from the Miami Ink TV show.

Will post a better picture of the tattoo when it has settled a bit more.

So after all of this, we decided to head back to Orlando, and skip the Everglades and Key West for this time. We pretty much can't afford it after the overpriced hotel. The way back went pretty smooth. And so did the car infront of us, that we had there for a looong time, going very nice and slow in the slowlane. We noticed that a few Police cars stood ready in the side of the road and had stopped a car. When we passed by the car infront of us went really slow. And we soon understood why, when we passed another patrol car, and it sped up, came between us and the car infront, and put the lights on. The car infront immdeately went on the side and got stopped. So all this time we had a wanted car infront of us. Groovy.
Otherwise, the trip was pretty uneventful, except for when we came to Orlando and had to find our way back to the hotel. We used about 1 1/2 hours to find the hotel in the dark. Frustration? Yes.
But now we're back to wonderful Orlando. Nice. Today we're probably gonna shop a bit and take it easy.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Welcome to Miami! Bienvenido a Miami! Riiight...

We arrived in Miami yesterday, after a looong 4-5 hour drive from Orlando. It was very difficult to find the place we were gonna see, which was "Miami Ink", where Hege is gonna take a tattoo today. When we finally found a hotel to stay at, we were shocked by the price. Apparently, it's spring break right now (a reason for people to party) and they have put the hotelprices sky high at all hotels. Everywhere. So since I didn't want to drive in a city I don't know in the dark we decided to live at The Savoy hotel in Miami. As soon as we got the room we saw that it was dirty, smelled funky, had scrathes on the walls, had a hole in the bathroom door, had a balcony that faced an ugly roof and a TV that had melted marks on the top.
That would all be OK if it wasn't for the fact that we had payed for something much much better so for the first time in my life I complained. It wasn't fun, but we complained ourselves through 3 rooms until we got a suite with 2 TVs, livingroom and a balcony to face the beach. Voila. Still, it has a mouldy smell and a general run down look. Not worth the price. If you go to Miami; avoid The Savoy.

Outside The Savoy.

What we of course didn't know is that it's spring break here, and we went to explore Miami Beach yesterday in what I would call afternoon...the party, prostitute and cheap factor was HIIIIGH and we decided to get to Miami Ink to order the time for Hege's tattoo and flee back to the hotel.

So far Miami has given me a very bad first impression. But maybe by daylight today it will change. Hopefully you'll get some pictures soon of something nice in Miami...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Last day in Disney World.

Yesterday was our last day in Disney World. And it didn't start the way we make a long story short: my bag broke on monday, so yesterday I changed all my stuff to my travel bag. When our bus entered the Disney World area, I remembered that I had forgot to take my ticket with me! And we had gotten up early to get the whole day in The Magic Kingdom. Ah well. We took the same bus back to the center, but he could't drive us to our hotel since he had other pick ups to do, so he let us off at another one and we took a taxi to our hotel area and had breakfast there.
Also when we got to the park I had to get back into Epcot to change a Captain EO t-shirt I had bought that was broken. When we were there we discovered MORE Captain EO merchandise we just "HAD TO HAVE!"
Eventhough all this happened, we still had a magical day in Magic Kingdom and we spent most of the time in Frontierland.

We saw both the parade and electrical parade as well as the wonderful fireworks (that always makes me cry).

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Yesterday we visited another park that is only here in Disney World; Disney's Animal Kingdom. This is sort of like a zoo, with a safari trip, places divided into Africa and Asia with animals from those continents. We started with a Lion King show that was absolutely amazing, and the best show we've seen so far. The costumes, acrobatics and music was worth the whole visit in itself to Animal Kingdom.

We continued our adventure and set out on the safari and saw some cool animals.

Apart from looking at the wonderful animals and attractions and taking a scary sollercoaster called Expedition Everest, we also caught Finding Nemo The Musical, that was really interessting and well done. I would say that this is probably the best park for shows, at least so far.

Over 10.000 visits!

My blog has reached over 10.000 visits today!
I just wanted to thank you all for reading my blog, and I hope you'll continue to do so for a long time!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Yesterday we visited Disney's Hollywood Studios. We decided to take an easy morning since we've been so active everyday. We started the day with going to the lousy gym here, and took the shuttle to the park that goes around noon.
The place was PACKED, which I didn't expect after seeing how empty it can be in Disney Studios in Paris. We soon discovered that it's some sort of sports weekend there along with Biker week here in Orlando, and that brings the crowds there. It was almost impossible to get anywhere, and the two only rides that we wanted to take; Aearosmith's Roch'n'Rollercoaster (which is one of the best rollercoasters in the world in my opinion) and Twilight Zone Hollywood Tower of Terror (or something like that) were out of the question. The waiting time was so long that we decided that it probably wasn't worth it. Other than those two rides, the park is filled with various showes, some good and some bad. We started with going to Beauty and the Beast. That was pretty good actually. But try to use some imagination and forget that the Beast looks like a huge cuddly teddybear.

Since we liked the show so much we also went to see The Little Mermaid, but this was pretty awful and it didn't help when the girl playing Ariel overacted the bodylanguage so much that I had to look away not to get embarrassed. Also, I understand that she had a good voice, but more than once she hit a looong note off key, and she KEPT it there! Oh my ears. After seeing Beauty and the Beast dancing around and singing great, that kinda sucked when all she did was sitting on a rock.

The parade was fun and based on the characters from the Pixar films. And Ratatouille was there also!

Another show that is worth seeing but that didn't have many visitors was the Walt Disney; One Man's Dream museum exhibition that ended with a film about his life narrated by the man himself. The exhibition had visitores enough, but only a handful went in to see the film. I think that's too bad because I think it's important that people (and especially children these days) understand where things come from.

Except for the night show "Fantasmic!", the park was pretty lame (since we didn't get to take the rides we wanted to) and most of the adventure went to search for some sort of healty food (which was a faliure) and the busride home. We ended up taking the wrong bus home (eventhough I said the right hotel to the guy) and we had to go back to the Magic Kingdom and take the right bus, which I think actually our busdriver was just nice enough to come back and pick us up, he wasn't supposed to.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Island of Adventure.

After we had been to the main Universal park, we went to the other one called Island of Adventure. The big new thing there is The World of Harry Potter. It has a huge replica of Hogwards; a sort of simulator ride inside, and Hogsmeade where you can shop in stores from the books and eat at the Three Broomsticks.

Of course we had to try the famous butterbeer. It's non alcoholic and VERY sweet. I could drink half of it.

We took the water ride Jurassic Park which is really cool, I love it!

Another bigg rollercoaster we took was The Incredible Hulk, a huge green rollercoaster that looks really scary but was pretty boring. I think the reason for that was that the descents and drops were so long that if felt as if the rollercoaster was sort of slow.

At the end of the day we went to Universal City Walk and had a late dinner at Bubba Gump restaurant, where they serve sea food mainly with shrimp. It's based on the film Forrest Gump, and the waiters will ask you questions about the film after you've ordered. The food was delicious!

Universal Studios!

Yesterday started with a breakfast at Denny's, my favourite,

Then we entered a big world of cinema; Universal Studios Orlando!
There's two parks. You can choose between them or buy a ticket for both. We went to both, since it seemed really different from Universal Studios Los Angeles which we had been to before. We went to the main park first and took the old E.T. ride, which was cute, but a little old and rusty. Krusty was NOT rusty; the new Simpsons ride, a simulator that takes you thought Krustyland, where all hell breaks lose when Sideshow Bob is trying to kill the Simpsons.

We took Men In Black Alien Attack, a ride where you're supposed to shoot aliens. It was pretty lame and similar to Buzz Lightyear in Disneyland. They also had a Jaws boatride where you become the prey of a great white shark and The Mummy Return which is one of my favourites. It was bit different from LA, with fire and water effects as well.

We took a rollercoaster that looked crazy from the gound. Really high and it went straight down. I was terrified, but it wasn't so bad. After Mission: Space in Epcot, it's all good.

Globetrekker in 10 seconds!

With our lovely guide; Donald Duck!