Sunday, 30 January 2011

Excuse us for our past!

So to get in the mood for the upcoming Disney World trip, I watched old Disney classics while I painted today. I put on the Disney Treasures Donald, simply because he's my favourite, and enjoyed. Like I said; this is the CLASSIC, so it's old, and therefore Leonard Malting, a film critic and historian felt it was appropriate to comment before pretty much every single film about how we-certainly-realizes-that-it's-wrong-now type of thing for things that I've grown up with, and STILL I'm not a racist or criminal. For example; in one film Pluto is dragged through a area with high grass, and when he comes back out of it, he looks like a native american. Leonard (I feel that we're on first name basis) says: "It certainly wasn't ment to be offensive, but I hope we still have some sense of humour."
Of course it's funny! Pluto is always funny! Or? Now I'm confused.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Holiday destination is decided!

Aaaaaaaand...the trip gooooes to ORLANDO FLOOORIDA!!!
I am so happy! Simo wan't able to go for a holiday right now, so I asked my friend Hege to go together. I like to travel with her, she likes the same things as me and we're gonna have so much fun! We have been talking about going there for a while and it's not long 'till we leave, so I guess it was sort of an impulse decition. But I need it. I haven't had a holiday for a long time.
The plan is to experience Disney World for 5 days, then also Universal Studios and Sea World. We're also gonna take a trip to Miami and most probably rent a car for a few days.

It's been a childhood (and adulthood) dream for me to go to Disney World, so I'm really excited! I'm thinking and talking about it a lot, and I'm TRYING not to do it too much, but it's very difficult.

Those of you who have been there and knows something I shouldn't miss out on, please share!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hairdo, or possible undo?

On friday I went out with my good friend Jaana, to my own surprise. I knew I was gonna go out with her, but for some reason I was sure we had planned for saturday and not friday. So when she called me on friday and discussed where we should go, I gradually understood that she meant "TODAY". Right away I was like "oh no" - had planned for a relaxing evening of painting with a Disney film in the background, but actually when I started getting ready I was really happy to go.
So I straightened my hair and put on a t-shirt/dress that I've had hanging in my closet for years, but never worn, and went out on the town to partey!

Of course I didn't at aaall mind the fact that my "dress" was completely open in the back and that my whole bra strap was showing. And I couldn't NOT have it - after all, I'm not 27 anymore.
So after we went hunting for some new clubs to dance in, and discovered that the only really fun one is and will be Apollo Live Club, we ended up there - again.
We danced the whole night only stopping to get a drink or go to the toilet, and I think we were there for about 3 hours. But something was different this time...apparently with me.
When I waited outside Mc.Donalds for Jaana before we went to the club, a group of 5-6 BOYS (yes, I'll call them boys, because I think they were infact 15 or 16) came out from there and sort of waited to see my face when I turned towards them (I had been with my back to the place), and then went like "yes, I TOLD you!" and started howling and whisteling at me! Ah well. And I was worried I started to look old.
At the club it didn't become any better as a hippie-lookin' spanish guy kept barking at me every time I passed him and kept moving closer and closer towards me on the dancefloor, but a little encouraging push from his friends. Jaana managed to save me avery time. Thank you Jaana.
For some reason I felt as my whole dress was gonna drop while dancing and that all the guys were paying attention and waiting for it, but probably I'm imagening things. But WHAT was it that was so different this time? Was it the fact that I had a baggy-lookin' shirt on that obviousely is in now - the look of "Nah, I don't really care how I look, I'll just put on this bag" eventhough you DO care because you've spent hours on your hair and make-up and have matching coloured showing underwear. Was it the underwear that did it? The "whoops, one move and it's OFF" look of it all? My own theory is that it was the hair. For whatever reason.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Guns, guns and more guns!

Like most of us, I'm not shocked, but disgusted by the murders that recently took place at the political gathering in Arizona. However, I usually don't talk about politics too much, but people in general interest me. This is not something that is rare in the world these days, and shootings of innocent people all around the world in different ways or "quests" are all too often. Some of these events are never heard of. Some get huge coverage. Some just hasn't happened.
But what does shock me about this particular shooting though, is the reaction. Most of them has been pretty normal, and Pima County sheriff Clarence Dupnik said: "The anger, hate and narrow mindedness that is in this country is starting to become shameful. And unfortunately, Arizona has become a capital for this. We have become a mekka for prejudices and narrow mindedness."
An insight that might lead to some sort of positive result. And this comes from a sheriff. Then again, said from a politician (who's supposed to change the world, yes?) the democrat Heath Shuler says: "You never know when things like this might happen, but it happens anyway. After the election I'm relaxing a bit more. Now I know that I have to carry my gun with me."

I wonder what that will accomplish.

1. A feeling of calm to have a loaded gun on your body somewhere?

2. No panic whatsoever and orderly shooting of the other shooter which is crazy and shooting innocent people? I expect there to be no other innocent lives lost by the sane politician.

3. No shooters again, since they will be scared to death (because of course, death scares them, that we've seen) when they know that somebody else has a gun too.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bye bye christmas!

If you think this picture is sad...well, it is. Don't worry - we haven't neglected our tree all this time. This is simply after a little haircut. I can't remember how we got rid of the tree the last time we had one here, but something tells me we threw it down from the balcony. From the 4th floor.
So now christmas is officially over. It's been a nice one, eventhough we've been here in Finland and without my family. We've taken all the decorations to the attic now, and life goes back to normal.
And a house filled with more...stuff. Next year I want a bigger house for christmas.

Monday, 3 January 2011

iKnow my iPhone.

...or at least that's what I THOUGHT.
Apparently the whole world's gone iMad and iLate to work monday morning was just a fact! Of course, I didn't know this until it was too late, and I had the first shift at the kindergarden. Luckily the cleaninglady was already there when I called 10 minutes after I SHOULD have been there, and no children had arrived. The alarm is ringing now, but it's terrible when you feel unsure if it REALLY will...let's hope.

A co-worker made fun of my hightech phone that freakes out by new numbers and a new year, and I felt a real urge to defend it! My love. My preciousssss...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Boys and Girls Alone.

I read something on the norwegian news website the other day that really bothered me. Of course, considering that it's coming from england I'm not so surprised, since in my eyes no other country is a better expert on creating scandales.
They have a reality show there called "Boys and Girls Alone" where the concept is that girls and boys from the age of 8 to 12 is alone in a little village without parents for two weeks. This is very shocking to me.
Already from the beginning it went to hell, with separate boys and girls camps, they have to find and make food themselves and make adult decitions. With the boys not planning ahead, just eating chips and playing waterfight, started little by little to lose energy and good behaviour. The girls manage to find food and cook, but refused to share the food with the girls who are too young to do it themselves.
The "show" showes the weaker children crying of starvation. Their parents can watch everything on a screen and stop whatever they find too out of hand.
But my question is, what kind of parents let their children go through this for the world to see? What are their motives? Money? To teach children to be strong? Stupidity?

This show is the couse of great debate now, especially in England, and Swedish Channel 4 claims that that's their motive to show this show in Sweden, nothing more. "It would be interesting for people to see what the debate is really about." Sure. Without thinking of ratings of course.
I am very proud that Norwegian channels have refused to show this, and I hope that will continue.
In my opinion, this is childabuse on TV.