Monday, 22 November 2010

Michael Jackson's "new" album.

When I heard about this album coming out a while ago now, I already in my mind prepared myself for not buying it. The reason why is that I felt it always took so long for Michael to give out anything, partly because he was a perfectionist. As soon as he dies an album comes out the next year. Does. Not. Compute.
I know a lot of fans are happy about this, and don't get me wrong - it will be cool to hear some "new" stuff! But what gets to me is that I feel there's a reason why these songs have been unreleased all these years, and I think it's a bit fishy that everything is tumbling really fast forward suddenly.
I don't feel that's it's truly a Michael Jackson album that he has put his soul in. Of course, I haven't heard it yet and my view might change.

I haven't been writing about the upcoming album here yet, because I wanted to get it a bit on a distance to get more of a fresh view on it.
There's been a lot of debate about this album and a certain song called "Breaking News" in it, especially from Michael fans. I've seen that many of them have been something like this:

-"It's not him! You should be able to hear the difference between Michael Jackson and an impersonator! You're not really a fan!"

-"It's him! Don't be so negative! It's sounds exactly like him, how can't you tell? You're not really a fan!"


My view on it is this: I agree that it doesn't sound like him. However, I know that if he would have wanted to, it wouldn't have been the least difficult for him to manipulate his voice in the studio.
What DID put me off though, wasn't his voice, but the lyrics of the song. What his singing doesn't sound like something he would write and the pronunciation of certain words sounds wrong.

Here is the song. You see what you think. Feel free to comment.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows! (SPOILERS!)

First of all, I'd like to say to all people who haven't read the book and will see the film, NOT to read this post.

I have read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as soon as it came out, but it was so detailed that I must admit that I don't remember too much of it. In a way it was good, because when I saw the film in wednesday with a friend, I saw it with almost fresh eyes.
I didn't know what to expect with it, but I wasn't THAT impressed with the latest films. All the bad reviews didn't effect me much though, as I don't read or trust them at all.

I wasn't dissapointed. In the beginning I thought it was very slow and was wondering when the action was gonna start, but as the film went on, I enjoyed the psycological effect the slow pace feeling made. The waiting and waiting that Harry and his friends were feeling, before the big fight was really well done, and I loved it! One of the best Harry Potter films in a long time.
The tension between Ron and Hermione was much more real than before, when it's only been sort of snapping at eachother. Of course hardcore fans like myself know's that they're in love with eachother, and I loved the scene where the Horcrux that they need to destroy makes Ron see Harry and Hermoine naked together and kissing. Powerful and real.

The only real problem I have with the newest Harry Potter films is actually Voldemort. I think it was a big mistake to show him in such detail like the directors have chosen to do after "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire".
When I read the books, Voldemort always terrified me. I imagined a terrible creature that coulnd't even fully mold in my mind. However, when I saw the way he's shown in the films, it all changed. He has a sweet voice and eyebrows that makes him look vulnurable and almost apologetic for his own existence. That's not Voldemort.
I think he should have been hidden more, always in the shadows so that you bever see him completely and fully. You would always wonder what he really looks like and he would be more of a threat. The more you show, the less you need to wonder and less is left up to your imagination.
I think Hollywood is struggling with this. The power of the mind is forgotten.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Partying with Lisa Simpson!

Yesterday was probably the weirdest monday I've had in a long time.
After a busy weekend, which didn't really feel like a weekend at all, the new week started with a party.
FS Film had it's 10 years birthday party, and of course Simo and I "had to" go. I didn't mind actually, but I had forgotten that it was so late in the evening. I went home after work and put on my new dress and fixed my hair. I was ready to go and called Simo to decide where to meet in the center.
"It's not before two hours", he said. "Have you forgotten when it was?"
Indeed I had.
So after surfing on the net for what seemed like an eternity, I went to the center and met Simo. The party was great; free drinks and free food. And not just food; SUSHI! Yay! I met some of Simo's colleagues that I hadn't met before and had a really good time. And the fact that the Simpsons family and the Chipmunks were hanging around in the place didn't make it less eventful either.

Party on!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Reality crossovers.

I like to have the TV on just when I do stuff around the house, or even when I surf on the net. I would say that most of the shows that are on TV now are reality shows. I don't usually like them very much, but I can see how people can get really addicted to them. I prefer the ones that are on Discovery or Animal Planet, but I must admit that interior reality shows tickles me as well.
One pattern I have seen in shows with a lot of men in them is that they have to have their arms folded for some reason. Especially the cooking shows. Why is that?

I wonder; is it a fear of exposing yourself? Of showing sensitivity? YOU'RE ON A REALITY SHOW!
Is it to show how strong you are, no fear? WE'RE WAITING FOR YOUR FALL!
You pretty much can't expose yourself more to the world than be in a reality show, especially since the editing will make sure that you will be respresented in the most dramatic way possible. It's no time to be hard to get or secretive. You're not.

It's interesting how the women-judges in these shows have to be tempting, as if THEY are the food to be eaten, and the men are the stove that you might get burned on.
"Don't even THINK about messing with me! We make food in this place!"

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Every girl's nightmare.

About a week ago I was just wandering in the center without a goal or meaning, minding my own business. Suddenly I got the brilliant idea that I needed a new dress for christmas, since we're spending it in Finland this year, and I can already feel how desperate I am for catching that christmas spirit.
So eventhough I don't usually like their style, I drifted in to Mango to have a casual look. In the very back on the store I saw something sparkeling, and God knows that that's pretty much what's need to catch my eye, so I went over.
It was a beautiful (and expensive) strapless golden dress with patterns that looked elegant and well done. I decided to try it. In my size I might add. Yes, no ego-size. My REAL size.
So it was a real horror to discover that the zipper of the dress was completely stuck once it was on me! Not only that, but I had put it on back to front (without a bra on) and was now completely helpless where I stood. I tried everything, but the point of the dress was to be tight and there was no way I could get it off in any way.
Only one solution: call a person who works there. Great.
So after explaining my situation (and putting on my bra), I stood there, looking ridiculous with half a dress on. She asked me if there was anything I could do to get it off, but alas, no.
She told me to wait (as if I could go anywhere in a costume that looked like a MTV music video-hoe outfit) and came back with something in her hand. Scissors. Crap.

I don't know if you can see it in this bad picture, but the dress of 89 Euros was completely demolished with the zipper hanging down from the beautiful fabric.
Every girl's nightmare.

Monday, 8 November 2010

A visit from dad.

I have been spending some quality time with my dad this last weekend. He came here on friday since we probably won't go to Norway for christmas this year. The plan was to go shopping all weekend for some christmas gifts. The day before he came I learned that it's a holiday in Finland on All Saints Day (I think it is?) and therefore, pretty much everything was closed...bummer.
We still decided to go to the center though and have dinner and rent some films.
We ate at a chinese restaurant that was pretty small and completely PACKED! We kinda sat on top of people while eating and it always felt like the people coming in the door looking for a place to sit always singled you out as the perfect spot. The food was nothing very special, but completely edible.

We went to the renting place that I like to shop my candies, and rented "The Book of Eli" with Denzel Washington and "Shutter Island" (eventhough I've seen it twice already). The Book Of Eli was one of the best films I've seen in a long time. Very little explained, you just believe in whatever you're being told by the big black box right away.

After he tried a surround sound system room in Norway, dad has been possessed by the thought that Simo and I desperately need this. And yes, that might very well be true. Especially now that we got one, I can see it even more how we needed it.
So ironically, on sunday when everything was open again, we went to hunt for the perfect system. We found it at last (literally) and got it hooked up to the TV now. The sound is awsome! And best of all; it's got a iPhone/iPod connection as well, which I have been wanting for a long time.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Steppin' out with my baby!

I have a cold. And I know why.
I was swettin' and walking around an overcrowded maze with crazy-eyed winetasting adults on saturday to an extent that I felt dizzy eventhough Simo did the winetasting.
The fair that we so bravely went to was called "Food, wine and the good life" and "the good life" was music and books. I heard about if from a friend at work and I was especially exhited about the books and food (especially since I had been to the gym the same day and held my empty stomach for later).
So we started off with some - "Where's the food?"
There wasn't much food, mostly it was very small tasting samples around here and there, so by the time we got to an oyster stand our greediness and hunger was living it's own life.
The oysters actually looked like something you want to eat where they layed...resting in their coffin that had once been their home. F*ck it. Oysters it is.
I've only had oysters once before, in Nice, and somehow that kind of food always gives you such a rush when you eat it that somehow it blocks out the memory of what it actually tasted like. However I do remember that I liked it.
And right I was, because after having one each I couldn't stop thinking about them. The oysters were dancing in my mind.

Simo went to buy some "wine-tickets" so that he would be able to do some tasting, and I sort of tagged along, looking at all the least I had my say in what a wine bootle should LOOK like and I think the direction of which wine to taste was affected by it.
So we were walking around, trying to figure out what's next to eat and ended up with a snailrisotto. I like snails, but this was kinda tasteless and boring. So we went straight back to the oysters and had another handful of them. The guys started to recognize us after a few times back and forth between the wine and the oysters.

But at least we ended up with something we could bring home:

But now I am sick. I have a cold from the wine frenzy.