Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's halloween guys, and I have done nothing to celebrate. Expect for being a Jedi at work on friday, halloween has been slow this year.
No kids on trick or treat and no zombies to hang out with this weekend. Slow.

I went to the center with a friend and saw the new Woody Allen film "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger" though. The film was pretty boring to be honest, it wasn't anything but a typical Woddy Allen film, without the neurotic guy.

One thing that HAS been scary though, was to read (and finish) "The Lord Of The Flies" by William Golding. THAT was a real halloween experience. It's one of those books that almost everyone has read, but no one remembers, because when they DID read it it was forced upon them in school. Therefore they half-read it and remembers it with a certain dread.
I enjoyed the book, eventhough the feeling of it kept me in a terrified state. It was so real that you completely forgot that the story was about CHILDREN and the hope and light in the tunnel was just not very positive.
If you haven't read it, you should.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Thrill The World Helsinki 2010.

As I have hinted before, saturday was a pretty crazy day, with work, almost choaking on dinner and zombies! If you have been wondering what all the zombies have been upto it was "Thrill The World" again, a once a year dance event all over the world. It is organized in 30 countries, and has people dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller at the exact same time. Unfortunately, the time zones make Finland dance at 02.00 in the morning...
So after eating out with Simo we went home and I changed before going back to the center to meet the dead gang. We met at 22.00 outside the railway station, and I was already WAAAY overtired.
Getting eyeballed at every corner we passed and having Mc.Donalds with a bunch of zombies didn't exactly put a stop to my laughingfit, and I must say that I sure had a great time.

I didn't dance this year (again), I'm real chicken that way. Come to think of it, I don't think anyone would have noticed my bad dancing: a couple who obviousely just decided the same day that they wanted to be a part of this danced so badly that they destroyed the whole performance. The man was worst - whenever the dancers were down, he was up and vice versa. It was so embarrassing that I was really happy to film for a friend and be spared the worst of it.
However, through my view of the camera, I DID notice a drunk idiot coming into the dance towards the end, but what I DIDN'T notice was that he was wearing sort of a penis costume or something like that (only saw it on the video afterwards). Elengant.
When Vincent Price finished off with his laughter, the guy felt that he also had to "finish off" and did a grand jerking off simulating finale.
I'm so happy that the families and children that wanted to see the dance were there at the rehearsal at 10.00 and not then.
Disrespectful. All of the dances around the world was recorded and was to be put on youtube. Unfortunately Finland cannot be shown.

But all the same, a great time it was!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

A bit disoriented...

It's sunday. Right?
The weekend has gone by like lighting (again), but not because of doing nothing this time, but rather too much.
Yesterday I spent my saturday morning at a work seminar. I treasure my weekends, so I told Simo that we had to do something after the seminar so that I would feel as if I've had a real one. I met him in the center after a short trip to the gym and we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant here in Helsinki called Santa Fe. I have just discovered a REALLY good beef steak they have, "Pedro's Blackened Steak", a cajun style and REALLY hot steak. So hot infact, that when I was almost finished eating and got a peice in the, tube, I thought I was gonna explode!
The weirdest thing was that my EARS were hurting like hell and I was trying very hard not to make a scene.
Atleast I survived, which isn't as much as I can say for the zombies I met later that night...

Wanted: DEAD.

It's not everyday you get to go to a bar on a saturday night and have a cup of warm chocolate with a zombie. Fortunately, I have friends in low places and therefore I get to enjoy my saturdays in a way that many can not. Going out with zombies, dancing at 02.00 in the center with zombies, late night conversations (laughingfits) with zombies, and actually LIVING to tell the tale the day after - well, that's just a normal night for a person like me.


Beautiful jewelry!

I got a letter the other day that I didn't expect. It was a pair of ear rings that I had ordered from a friend around summertime. Considering that in itself, I should maybe have exptected that letter...but surprises are so much fun anyways (good ones).
My friend makes jewelry for a living and has always been very artistic and talented, and we have a lot of the same taste in art, history and music.
When I saw a pair of ear rings with dogs that she had made on her facebook site, ordered them right away. I love them, they're one of my favourite peices of jewelry already.

Friday, 22 October 2010

3,096 Days.

The words of Natascha Kampusch as she describes eight years of imprisonment by her kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil deeply touched me.
The story of abuse, harrassement and starvation got to me, but the part that made my anger boil the most was when she in her own words wrote about her treatment by the media and common people after she escaped.
She was met with hatred because she didn't fit the perfect role of a victim, and mostly of all because she rose above. The jealousy of people who experience pain by people who succeed in something continue to amaze me as one of the most twisted things in humans. One of them.

This book is also very interesting because it focused on the victim, not the kidnapper. Seeing it from her side, and reading WHY she didn't cross the road that day, eventhough she saw a man infront of her that gave her chills down her spine.
I think everyone who has the slightest interest in the human mind should read it.
I think everyone who are judgemental should understand it.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

It's christmas in heaven and all the angels sing...

Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year, and now even before Halloween.
- "But Elise, we don't celebrate Halloween in scandinavia."
I'm not scandinavia.
You pretty much know that christmas is around the corner when you haven't even thought about it really, and the big malls start to slowly, but surely remind you that "TIME IS RUNNING UP!" I'm in a hurry to buy a december calendar, we're already in october! *panic*
Good thing I came across the huge sale in a toystore a few weeks ago and already bought two christmas gifts. Otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

Have mercy on my music taste!

I go to two artclasses a week, one on thursday and one on friday.
The one on thursday is maybe the most serious of the two, in the sense that the teacher has a spesific job for us (which is models, but I always do my own thing) that has a certain deadline.
The one on friday is more relaxed and we just go with the flow. We started listening to music in that class last year, and it was really nice, so we continued with it. We decided that everybody should bring their own music in turns and we should listen to it. Cool.
So it's been everything like classical mostly a jazz going on, but the time before last friday, everything was quiet. Or so I thought. In the silence of the evening, coming out from my toiletbreak, I heard an animal in great pain. I just thought that "Okay, it's probably just a weird course goin on here again", and let it go, but as closer and closer I got back to the classroom, the screams became louder.
As I walked inside the classroom I discovered that the screams came from the CD player and it was infact some "classical" music...well, actually sounded as if it was a funeral going on there, with many many highpitched children singing, wagging from side to side, while staring red eyed straight into your eyes. All dressed in white. But no angels.

So the evening/night till friday I sat up, frantically trying to make a CD with my favourite music that I paint to. I like to dance a bit when I paint (yes, you heard me!), so I tried to find some Stevie Wonder and Motown music that wouldn't be too brutal for the classic people. I ended up with what I thought was the most quiet of the quiet from Des Ree, Robert Downey Jr, Simon and Garfunkel, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Jackson 5, Paul Simon, Renaud, The Jacksons and The Temptations.
It started off with some soft music, and when Stevie Wonder came on a friend of mine came to the class and said "Oh what nice music". A few minutes later, she said while the same song was playing that "Oh nononono, Elise, that's not good music to paint to. You need quiet and instrumental music." Eh okay. Nobody's ever told me that.
People kept saying that it was too loud, and we turned it down until you could barely hear the vocals anymore. STILL I could see the twitch in their eyes when The Temptations came on with "Since I Lost My Baby". It was a bit, "poppy".
Eventhough I had two CD's I didn't put the other one on when the first was finished, and told my friend to put hers on with intrumental. I like that music too, and certainly did everyone else too when the vibe of the room chanced and everyone commented on how nice the music was. What happened to the groove ya'll? What happened to gettin' it ooon?
I realized how young I am, when The Temptations is too poppy around me...

(Quote of the class:
Woman: Who's those people singing now?
Elise: Oh, that's Michael Jackson.
Woman: Who?
Elise: Michael Jackson.
Woman. Oh.
Woman: He sounds just like a woman. *laughing*


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Another day, another shot!

When you take the Hepatitis A and B shot, you should do it 3 times. That way you'll have it for about 20 years. If you take it once, you'll have it for that certain trip, and twice, you'll have it for about a year.
So when I called the health clinic to get it done, I wasn't so nervous, eventhough I have a fobia for needles. Doesn't matter how often you do it; if you have a phobia, you have a phobia.
I liked the nurse that I've been to before, she had everything ready, was quick and talked a lot. I told her the first time that I wanted her to be the one to vaccinate me everytime, and she said that she's the only one who does the vaccinations for trips and so on.
So it wasn't without reason that I felt a certain panic rise within me when the woman on the phone told me that that woman didn't work there anymore, and I'd get a new one.
Oh great.

I haven't been nervous at all about this before the very moment I sat outside the nurses door today. I came really early, so I had a good time to start thinking about how that needle felt like the last time, and wasn't it pretty bad after all?
So it didn't help that the nurse walked by and dropped a needle she had on the floor...and that when I came in she didn't have anything ready.
I babble when I'm scared, so I told her pretty much right away before even saying hi that I was scared, and had a phobia.
She was nice about it and I liked the fact that she was normally dressed - no white coat. She didn't talk much though, but luckily she didn't give me enough time to start a conversation before she gave me the shot. She used more time than the other nurse and said 3 times that it was soon over before it was.

Now I've decided to take it easy for the rest of the day and went to bed already at 20.30 (in perspective, that is like lunchtime for me!).

Monday, 11 October 2010

Time to return some bottles soon...?

Something is lurking in the corner of the kitchen. Something that's growing. It can't speak, not even think, but still it keeps kicking me in the ass. And growing. Every day.

I have no idea how long this has been accumulating on the floor, but something tells me that if I can't remember, it can't be good.
Time to go to the store and "get rich" maybe?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

A wonderful day...

Yesterday was Simo's 30th birthday.
I had no idea what to get him, since he's not so easy with stuff like that. He's very honest with the fact that he has pretty much what he needs, and he doesn't like just STUFF. (So, we're not Ebay soulmates...) So since he's been talking about that he's had a headache and haven't felt so good lately, I though I should find out what these so-called "SPAAAAAAHS" really are about.
I ordered an hour of back, neck and head massage for both of us, and didn't tell Simo about the day before we got there.
We went to the Helsinki Day Spa and got placed in a lounge with slippers and a bathrobe on. What to do? Keep underwear on or off? On.
We waited there while eating nuts and drinking water.
I got a really nice masseuse who was half french, so obviousely we chatted a lot. Simo got a finnish one. And didn't say a word.
After having my head stuffed inside a pillow with a hole for about an hour, trying to talk without drooling on the floor, we felt refreshed, yet a littlebit dizzy, but still decided to wobble on the whole 10-ish km. back home. On the way we stopped at one of our favourite restaurants to eat, but was dissapointed when we saw that they had renovated it from a cosy old fashion pub like Lord of the Rings setting (OK, not THAT greasy) till' a MTV Cribs rapper's-lets-have-nothing-on-the-wall stipped naked without a soul restaurant. But at least the food had stayed the same.